Report: Israel Attacks Syria Again

It has been a busy day for Israel. Earlier today the Israeli prime minister announced the “immediate” construction of 300 new settler homes in the occupied West Bank (article below), and now it seems that an Israeli drone has made a raid into Syria and killed several members of the country’s National Defense Forces (video above). Gee! Do you suppose the “international community” will allow the Jewish state to get away with this? Surely not!

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Turkey: Friend or Foe of ISIS?

 photo daash_zps1c9e06fa.jpg

Press TV

Syria has expressed doubt about Turkey’s motives in fighting the ISIL terrorist group in Syria, amid Ankara’s ongoing airstrikes purportedly targeting the Takfiri terrorists in the Arab country.

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Jonathan Pollard to Be Sprung from ‘Camp Fluffy,’ His Country Club Prison

 photo pollardz_zps79dc1ce0.jpgIsraeli spy Jonathan Pollard has been granted parole, and assuming all goes according to plan, he will leave prison in November and fly to Israel, where he will most likely be given a hero’s welcome.

The move is widely seen as an appeasement to Israel following the conclusion of the Iran deal.

A Google Consumer Survey poll found that 67.8 percent of Americans oppose any sort of “special compensation” to the Jewish state over the deal with Iran, but of course what the majority of average citizens wants is not always given top priority in Washington.

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Split in World Jewry: the ‘Diasporas’ vs. the Israelis

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We seem to be seeing a major split in World Jewry over the policies of the state of Israel. A couple of recently-published articles are indicative of this.

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Pilot Whales Slaughtered in Faroe Islands (Graphic Footage)

Human beings are probably the only species on earth that kill for fun, or simply because it’s a “tradition.”

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Jewish Founder of Leukemia Charity Accused of Fraud

A Brooklyn man has been arrested and charged with raising millions of dollars to fight leukemia but then pocketing a good portion of the money himself. The man’s name is Zvi Shor. He is the founder of the National Children’s Leukemia Foundation. What you see above is an old clip, apparently of Shor appearing at a World Wrestling Federation event. The WWF, it appears, helped Shor raise money for his charity, and as you’ll observe in the video, a t-shirt is what they got for their trouble.

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Surprise! State Dept. Calls on Israel to ‘Refrain’ from Demolishing Village!


Will wonders never cease?

A few days ago I posted an article about an international campaign that has been launched to try and save the Palestinian village of Susiya from demolition. Apparently the campaign is picking up steam.

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Cultural Genocide and the Agenda Behind It

 photo antiqdesttr_zpsjctknqsx.jpg

By Maram Susli (AKA Syrian Girl)

(H/T Uprooted Palestinians)

In what UNESCO is calling ‘Cultural Cleansing’, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) have begun destroying 2000 year old Syrian statues in the ancient city of Palmyra and are claiming to have rigged the ancient ruins with explosives. This follows the systematic destruction of historical sites across the Middle East. So far ISIS has destroyed several sites across Iraq, which includes the destruction and looting of Mosul Museum, the destruction of the 3000 year old Assyrian city of Nimrud and the bulldozing of the 2000 year old fortress city of Hatra. Recently ISIS militants threatened to destroy Egypt’s Sphinx and pyramids.

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Call to Action to Save Palestinian Village from Demolition


Yet another Palestinian village  is on the verge of being demolished by Israeli bulldozers. The village is called Susiya and is located in the West Bank, in Area C, which is under full Israeli occupation.

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President Assad Performs Eid Al-Fitr Prayers

 photo assadfitr_zps3tsmer7j.jpg

Al Manar

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad attended Eid al-Fitr prayers on Friday in a Damascus Mosque, State news agency, SANA, reported.

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