No Apartheid in Israel? Jewish State’s Supreme Court Upholds ‘Admission Committees’

aparthisrael“The upholding of this law means that the Israeli court system, along with the state, supports the practice of segregation within Israel and against Israeli citizens of Palestinian origin. For state-sanctioned and partially controlled committees to be able to deny residence within communities to certain citizens effectively based on their religion, race or ethnic origin is unthinkable in the United States – such a racist law would be shot down by the US Supreme Court because of constitutional guarantees against discrimination. But it has now been approved by the highest court in Israel. The talk of ‘shared values’ grows more farcical and the mask covering the face of an Apartheid system falls further by the day, making the ugly reality easier for the world to see.”

–Yousef Munayyer

Supporters of Israel often tell us (against all logic and reason) that apartheid doesn’t exist in Israel, and that Israel should not be compared with apartheid South Africa. Zionists will point to things like Palestinian citizens of Israel having the right to vote as evidence that the analogy doesn’t apply, this while ignoring or glossing over institutional racism or the comments of public officials who demean Palestinians with such terms as “little snakes” and what-not.

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Anglican Church Fires the Wrong Guy!


Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby has a feeling there may not be a God, but heads the Anglican Church.

By Richard Edmondson

What do you call a man who heads a major Christian denomination but who doubts the existence of God? Words like “fraud” or “charlatan” would probably come to mind.

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Did Concept for ISIS Beheading Vids Originate in ‘Istanbullywood’?

By Ariadna Theokopoulos

I have received a request to review the trailer of a Turkish TV drama series of the Islamic terrorism subgenre produced in February 2014 by the large and growing Turkish movie industry dubbed Istanbullywood. The Turkish TV drama was called Valley of the Wolves and it has been well received by the public.

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Gazans Trying to Escape

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The Origins of Hamas

netcartBack in late July, when Israel’s invasion of Gaza was in full swing, the Washington Post published an article headlined “How Israel Helped Create Hamas.”

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Ken O’Keefe Calls For US Military to Refuse Orders to Attack Syria

In this video former US Marine and Iraq war veteran Ken O’Keefe discusses the funding of groups like ISIS and al-Qaeda as well as the “state of perpetual war” that is being fostered by those presently running Israel and America–and then at the end of the video he issues  a dramatic call for the US military to refuse orders to attack Syria.

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Syrian Refugees Find Assylum in Latin America

BOGOTÁ — Before he came to Colombia, all that Mohammed had ever heard about the country was “violence, drugs, and war.” Certainly, when the 28-year-old Syrian fled Damascus just over a year ago, Colombia did not register as a possible place to resettle. “I never thought about South America at all,” Mohammed says, sitting in an upscale apartment in Bogotá where he offers visitors coffee, vodka, Oreo cookies, and yogurt. He speaks in a mix of heavily accented English and halting Spanish. “The idea to be a refugee here was so far from my mind.”

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$6 Billion Gaza Reconstruction Project Will Benefit Israeli Companies


A Palestinian boy in Gaza surveys the rubble of his bombed neighborhood.

“It is outrageous that a country which has just demolished 25,000 houses is demanding that their construction industry benefit from rebuilding them at the expense of the international community”, one Western diplomat told EurActiv.

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15 Palestinian Migrants Dead After Boat Capsizes Off Egypt

Ma’an News

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Fifteen migrants from Gaza died on Saturday after a boat they were riding in capsized in the Mediterranean sea off the coast of al-Ajami near Alexandria in northern Egypt, Egyptian military sources said.

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ISIS, Syria, and a ‘Make or Break’ Moment for the US Empire

 photo isishaines_zpscfc6097a.jpg

By Richard Edmondson

As you no doubt have heard by now, ISIS released its third beheading video over the weekend–or was it the fourth? One loses track.

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