ISIS Executes at least 150 Women for Refusing to Marry its Militants

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) executed at least 150 women who refused to marry its militants in the western Iraqi western province of al-Anbar, Iraq’s Ministry of Human Rights said.

According to a ministry statement released Tuesday, ISIS militants carried out a number of attacks in Fallujah and buried the victims in mass graves in one of the city’s neighborhoods.

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Israeli Apartheid Now Applied to Donkeys

Perhaps worth recalling here are the words of the late, not-so-great Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, who once compared Gentiles to donkeys:

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America’s ‘Ironic’ Sanctioning of Venezuela

 photo bolivuniv.jpg

By Ted Snider

America is ruining irony.

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Love Among Penguins

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The Dervishes of Damascus

derv8Certainly one of the most memorable highlights of my recent trip to Syria was a tour of the Old City of Damascus. The tour took place in the evening after the first day of the conference and included stops at the Great Mosque as well as the local Caravanserai, where we were treated to stunning performances by a group of traditional Syrian musicians and a remarkably talented troupe of whirling dervishes.

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Jewish Non-Profit CEOS Drawing Six-Figure Salaries

wojewrusSome interesting data on Jewish non-profits compiled and posted by The Forward–data showing that the nonprofits’ top CEOs are quite evidently living the good life, the overwhelming majority of them drawing six-figure salaries.

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New Christian-Produced Film Exposes ‘Complete Fraud’ of Israel

I haven’t seen this film yet, but it  looks like one to watch for when it finally does come out (supposedly sometime this month). You can go here to read more about it. About all I can really say is it would probably be impossible to overstate the importance of critical perspectives like this, voiced by American Christians, and I imagine Zionists are apprehensively doing their calculations now trying to determine how much time is left on the clock before their last major support base here in the US begins to melt down completely.

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Chabad to Pay $850,000 for Misappropriating Homeland Security Funds


Dec. 13, 2014

Chabad misappropriated U.S. federal funds and must pay nearly $850,000 in damages, an American federal court ruled, the LA Times reported Saturday.

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The New Cold War Policy has Backfired

putinBy Michael Hudson

The world’s geopolitics, major trade patterns and military alliances have changed radically in the past month. Russia has re-oriented its gas and oil trade, and also its trade in military technology, away from Europe toward Eurasia.

The result is the opposite of America’s hope for the past half-century of dividing and conquering Eurasia: setting Russia against China, isolating Iran, and preventing India, the Near East and other Asian countries from joining together to create an alternative to the U.S. dollar area. American sanctions and New Cold War policy has driven these Asian countries together in association with the Shanghai Cooperation Organization as an alternative to NATO…

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Camps and Cities: The Experience of Displaces Syrians in Jordan

 photo zatari_zps166d430a.jpg

Zaatari Camp in Jordan

by Matthew R. Stevens

The treatment of Syrian refugees living in urban centres in Jordan is changing radically. New laws, passed in July, are placing strict new limits on who can receive services and support from UNHCR, agencies, and the government.

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