US Moves to Expand War in Syria; Stage Now Set for Attack on Syrian Army

This is a very serious development, one that could conceivably result in a US attack on the Syrian Army. Just putting two and two together here, the US game plan at this point seems to be: strike a deal with Iran to end the US sanctions–a deal which will put pressure on Iran to back off on its support for Syria–then, once the Syrian government falls, slap the sanctions back on Iran. I could be wrong on that. I hope I am. But the war mongers in Washington are just devious enough to have something like that up their sleeve.

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Death of ‘Hitchhiking Robot’ a Sad Commentary on America


America has a reputation of being one of the most violent nations on earth, and it looks like it has just lived up to its reputation–that is, if you consider the dismemberment of a friendly, hitchhiking robot to be an act of violence.

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Foreign Leader Scheduled to Address a Certain Segment of the American Public

 photo tvwatchers_zps5sk5ewyj.jpg

The leader of a foreign nation will soon, a couple of days from now, be delivering an important address to members of a certain US ethnic group. You might be thinking, “Well, perhaps it’s the president of China, and he has something pressing to say to Chinese-Americans.” But you would be wrong.

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The Circle Unbroken: Jewish Terrorism on the Rise…as AIPAC Tries to Sabotage Iran Deal


Picture of Ali Dawabsha, a Palestinian baby burned to death on Friday

Will the circle be unbroken
By and by, Lord, by and by
There’s a better home awaiting
In the sky, Lord, in the sky

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The Most Hated Dentist in the World

 photo palmer_zpsbbrjiwyw.jpg

To tell you the truth, I would not want to be in Walter Palmer’s shoes. As you can see from his picture, he certainly has a bright smile, but in a relatively short length of time he has managed to turn himself into one of the most hated people in the world– and certainly by far the most hated dentist. In fact, Palmer gives the dental profession a bad name.

Palmer is of course the man who shelled out some $50,000 to go “big game” hunting in Africa, and managed to end up killing, skinning, and beheading the world’s most beloved lion. It’s too bad for Palmer he couldn’t have found pleasure in some less lethal pastime, for he has paid a heavy price. His business is shut and he has apparently felt the need to vacate both of his homes –one in Minnesota and another in Florida.

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A Girl Who Has Come to the Right Conclusion (though not in the view of the Jerusalem Post)


You may recall reading or hearing about Reem Sahwil, a 14-yearl-old Palestinian girl living in Germany, who  in a public forum on July 16 asked Angela Merkel a question and received from the German prime minister a reply that caused her to break into tears.

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Report: Israel Attacks Syria Again

It has been a busy day for Israel. Earlier today the Israeli prime minister announced the “immediate” construction of 300 new settler homes in the occupied West Bank (article below), and now it seems that an Israeli drone has made a raid into Syria and killed several members of the country’s National Defense Forces (video above). Gee! Do you suppose the “international community” will allow the Jewish state to get away with this? Surely not!

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Turkey: Friend or Foe of ISIS?

 photo daash_zps1c9e06fa.jpg

Press TV

Syria has expressed doubt about Turkey’s motives in fighting the ISIL terrorist group in Syria, amid Ankara’s ongoing airstrikes purportedly targeting the Takfiri terrorists in the Arab country.

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Jonathan Pollard to Be Sprung from ‘Camp Fluffy,’ His Country Club Prison

 photo pollardz_zps79dc1ce0.jpgIsraeli spy Jonathan Pollard has been granted parole, and assuming all goes according to plan, he will leave prison in November and fly to Israel, where he will most likely be given a hero’s welcome.

The move is widely seen as an appeasement to Israel following the conclusion of the Iran deal.

A Google Consumer Survey poll found that 67.8 percent of Americans oppose any sort of “special compensation” to the Jewish state over the deal with Iran, but of course what the majority of average citizens wants is not always given top priority in Washington.

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Split in World Jewry: the ‘Diasporas’ vs. the Israelis

 photo jewishsplit_zpssz99p751.jpg

We seem to be seeing a major split in World Jewry over the policies of the state of Israel. A couple of recently-published articles are indicative of this.

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