How Liberal Zionists Enable Israel’s Genocidal Ambitions

By Rania Khalek

On 1 August, the Internet erupted in outrage at The Times of Israel for publishing a blog post titled “When genocide is permissible.”

Authored by Yochanan Gordon, the piece suggests that genocide against Palestinians is an acceptable price to pay for protecting Israel from rockets.

The Times of Israel quickly removed the piece following a wave of condemnations on social media. The editors claimed it was published because of an oversight and insisted they have zero tolerance for “blog posts that incite to violence or criminal acts.”

That very same day, Times of Israel blogger Irwin Blank wrote a piece likening Palestinians to Amalekites, the Biblical enemies of the Jewish people who had to be exterminated as commanded by God.

Describing Palestinians as “a hateful, hypocritical cabal barking like angry dogs” comparable to “modern day Amalekites,” Blank, a settler living the occupied West Bank, explained that “God had demanded that Saul (or the ‘prime minister’) enter into battle with the Amalekites (Hamas and its savage partners) and destroy them utterly even if that means to the last child, cow and goat.”

The post has not been removed.

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Did Zim Shipping Have Advance Knowledge of the 9/11 Attacks?


The Zim Integrated Shipping vessel Piraeus (ship on the right) continues to sit idle at the Port of Oakland for a third day in a row on Aug. 19.

An Israeli shipping company whose vessel now sits unloaded for a third straight day in Oakland, CA has a peculiar past that raises questions about possible foreknowledge of the September 11 attacks.

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Wish You Were Here: Israeli Ship Blocked at Port of Oakland for 2nd Day

oaklandgazaOakland Dock Workers Honor Picket Line!

The ship owned by the Israeli company, Zim Integrated Shipping, is still encountering rough weather in Oakland, California. This is reported today by Bay City News:

OAKLAND — Dockworkers at the Port of Oakland honored a picket line Sunday night, marking the second day in a row that an Israeli-owned commercial vessel was unable to unload cargo at the port, event organizers said.

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Israeli Ship Blocked from Docking in Oakland, California

According to one report, the ship, which was supposed to have docked at the Port of Oakland on Saturday, still remains at sea today. And see also this report:

U.S. and Canadian activists are planning a series of actions beginning on Saturday to shut down West Coast ports to prevent a commercial Israeli cargo vessel from docking and unloading goods.

The actions come in response to a call from Palestinian and South African unions to hold Israel accountable for what they allege are violations of Palestinians’ human rights — particularly during Israel’s latest offensive in the Gaza Strip, an operation that has killed more than 1,900 Palestinians.

“Palestine is calling us to action! Palestinian laborers [and the] Palestinian General Federation Trade Union have called on workers around the world to refuse to handle Israeli goods,” said a leaflet calling for the actions, collectively called “Block the Boat.”

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Who Are We?

Do we define ourselves by who we are on the inside–or by what we look like on the outside? The people in this video have a genetic condition known as dermatochalasia, which affects their skin’s elasticity. It causes them to look older–dramatically so–than their actual age. Yet as we see, not only does this not diminish their ability to give or receive love, but maybe in a strange way it enhances it.

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Israeli Soldiers Celebrate Shooting Palestinian Youth

On August 9th in Hebron, Israeli soldiers celebrated shooting an 18-year-old Palestinian youth in the leg with live ammunition. The Canadian volunteer, Vern, who witnessed the soldier firing, stated, “After the soldiers left the roof, I went to confront them about why they had fired. One of them said to me that he was the one who fired and that he was proud of his actions. He then asked me to take his picture.”

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‘Good Jew’ Fatigue

gzgen2By Ariadna Theokopoulos

I have “good Jew” fatigue, exacerbated by overexposure to, ‘As a Jew, I condemn what Israel is doing in Gaza, etc…’ public statements being made by a larger than usual number of Good Jews. It is true that this massacre was on a grander scale than most, and its intent more openly articulated by Israel, and also that the global awareness of it has been greater.

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91-Year-Old Dutch Man Who Saved Jews Returns Medal After Relatives Die in Gaza

The above story is also being covered by Jewish media. Here is an excerpt from a piece posted yesterday in The Forward:

Henk Zanoli, 91, returned his medal to the Israeli embassy in The Hague after a member of his family died in an Israeli strike in Gaza, the Haaretz daily reported Friday.

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How Many Jews Can You Count in this Picture?

ISISsyrmassacreISIS, which has yet to carry out an attack on Israel, has reportedly just massacred 700 people in Syria’s Deir ez-Zor province. Why do ISIS members always go about masked? Is it so people don’t recognize them as Jews? Are the Jews in this picture the ones with the white tennis shoes? How do you keep your tennis shoes so white when you’re murdering and beheading this many people? These are just a rhetorical questions, of course. I really don’t expect any Mossad agents in ISIS to comment publicly on the matter.

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Israeli Assault on Gaza by Numbers in 35 Days

euromid35A series of graphs, including the one you see above, have been published by the Euro-Mid Observer for Human Rights and offer some very sobering statistics on Israel’s July-August war upon Gaza.

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