With Paper Ballots Democracy Triumphs: Greeks Say ‘No’ to Austerity


You’ll notice from the photo above, that they used paper ballots in Greece’s referendum. I suspect that had the referendum been held in the US using electronic voting machines, the results would have been vastly different. Democracy is dead in America, but it’s nice to know it is alive in Greece.

According to a report here, more than 61 percent of Greek citizens voted “NO” on continued EU-imposed austerity measures. Bravo for the Greeks.

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Jewish Artist Creates ‘Superheroine’ Character Who Rips Down Confederate Flag


I came across this item a couple of days ago and thought I would share it. You can go here to read an article about an artist who is very proud of a new cartoon character she has created.

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Huge ‘Oxi’ (‘No’) Rally in Athens


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Top 6 Collisions at Sea: Japanese Whalers Vs. Sea Shepherd

A very interesting video and quite dramatic in places. Japanese whalers, pretending to carry out “scientific research,” are seen ramming vessels of the environmentalist organization Sea Shepherd, which each year deploy to the Southern Ocean to confront the whalers. At least while the brinksmanship is occurring between the two sides, no whales are getting killed.

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Obama Joins Israeli Bandwagon Against BDS Movement

[ Ed. The 2016 election season is upon us, and we now are seeing candidates trying to outdo each other in expressing their support for Israel. But apparently even if you’re a lame duck president with not much ahead of you other than retiring and collecting your pension, you’re still not allowed to get the Zionist collar off from around your neck. Yesterday I posted an article on the Israeli Shurat HaDin Law Center and its plans for doing battle with the BDS movement. Apparently Obama wants to assure them he’s down with the program]

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Buy Zara!


[ Ed. – Zara is a Spanish-owned clothing retailer with stores in a number of countries, including the US. The photo above is of their Los Angeles store, which opened in June of last year. You can visit their US website here. ]

By Ariadna Theokopoulos

Buy Zara!

Support those attacked by Jewish whiners who wail and sue for being persecuted, and by the politically correct thought police and their cultural marxism-infested fellow travellers.

“Jewish employee dismissed by Zara files lawsuit for homophobic and anti-semitic discrimination.”

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Pro-Palestinian Christian Group Gets Lecture from ‘Anti-Zionist’ Rabbi


Check out the article below!

I guess words like “arrogance” or “meekness” or “timidity” would come to mind–arrogance on the part of the Jewish rabbi (pictured above), and timidity and meekness on the part of the Christians who sat and listened to her discordant remarks, apparently without protest or anyone getting up to walk out.

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Zionism’s Ongoing Campaign Against Free Speech

 photo leitner_zps0db2b016.jpg

Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, director of Shurat HaDin, says the fight against BDS must be expanded “dramatically.”

Shurat HaDin, the Israeli legal organization that has used the tactics of “lawfare” to wage battles against Gaza flotillas and others whom Zionists want to put a stop to, is this week holding a training seminar focusing on the BDS movement.

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US, Israel Now Admit to Supporting Terrorists in Syria (2 articles)

 photo syterusis_zpsdhty9xvw.jpg

US Admits Paying Terrorists for Services Rendered in Syria

By Brandon Turbeville

June 30, 2015 “Information Clearing House” – “Activist Post” – When researchers such as myself have reported that the United States is funding al-Qaeda, Nusra, ISIS and other related terror organizations in Syria, we were not kidding. Still, despite the fact that even the U.S. government itself has admitted that it was funding terrorists– directly and indirectly through Saudi Arabia, the suggestion was met with disbelief, ridicule, or either entirely ignored.

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Boycotts and Divestments are not ‘Anti-Semitic’

[ Ed. – Almost every year we see one church denomination or another taking up the issue of whether or not to divest from Israel. Far too often these measures have been defeated, usually narrowly, by Christian Zionist factions with the different denominations. But perhaps that’s starting to change. Let’s hope so.]

The BDS debate can no longer be dismissed as just a campus movement. Even the Vatican has recognized Palestine…

By David Palumbo-Liu

For a long time, the significance of the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions movement (BDS) was downplayed—it was regarded by many as being “merely symbolic.” But now, coming up on the 10th year of its founding, this nonviolent form of lawful protest and advocacy for Palestinian rights has been determined by the Israeli government and also by the U.S. Congress to be a highly significant force. Netanyahu has numerously denounced BDS as a “strategic threat.” As the Guardian notes…

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