Some Things to be Thankful for, and one of them is Vladimir Putin


First of all, I hope everyone likes the new look to the site. I had a lengthy chat yesterday with a WordPress “happiness engineer” by the name of Gracie, who recommended the new theme. It’s called “My Life,” and was designed by Justin Tadlock. I’m still a little hesitant about the purple background. It was not, I should mention, the default background that came with the theme.

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Was it a Planned Provocation? Sure Looks Like It, says Lavrov

The downing of a Russian warplane in Syria by Turkey appears to be a pre-planned provocation, the Russian Foreign Minister said. Ankara failed to communicate with Russia over the incident, he added.

Lavrov added that many Russian partners called the incident “an obvious ambush.

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NATO: We Fully Support Turkey’s Decision to Shoot Down Russian Jet

The Footprints of Gog and Magog, and a Turkish Civil War: Commentary by Imran Hosein

One might be tempted, I guess, to think of the New York Times as Gog and Magog’s “Newspaper of Record.” The Times published a report today on the downing of the Russian Su-24, a report in which the pilots of the aircraft are said to have been warned “10 times in five minutes” to steer away from the Turkish border. This at any rate is the claim made by Turkish President Recep Erdogan, and the Times seems to give it full credence, even going so far as to inform us that the allegation was “later confirmed” by the Pentagon.

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Palestinian Women in Front Lines as Struggle Intensifies

Cooking the Books for Israel: How the NY Times Plays a Numbers Game

By Barbara Erickson | Nov. 23, 2015

Jodi Rudoren today in The New York Times puts up a numbers barrier to hide the reality of Palestinian casualties in the latest spate of violence in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories. The aim, as usual, is to maintain the claim of Israeli victimhood and to obscure the criminal brutality of the occupation.

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Palestine Solidarity Activists Disrupt Israeli Official’s Talk in Bay Area

Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely was an invited speaker at the Zionism 3.0 conference in Palo Alto, California on November 22. Hotovely is a member of the right-wing Likud party and has called for assassination of Palestinian leaders and annexation by Israel of all the land “between the [Jordan] River and the [Mediterranean] Sea.” As she began to speak, five activists rose from the audience to declare her under citizen’s arrest, in keeping with warrants recently issued for Israeli officials in Spain, South Africa and Turkey.

Turkey has Destroyed Russia’s Hope of Western Cooperation

By Paul Craig Roberts

Turkey’s unprovoked shoot-down of a Russian military aircraft over Syria raises interesting questions. It seems unlikely that the Turkish government would commit an act of war against a much more powerful neighbor unless Washington had cleared the attack. Turkey’s government is not very competent, but even the incompetent know better than to put themselves into a position of facing Russia alone.

If the attack was cleared with Washington, was Obama bypassed by the neocons who control his government, or is Obama himself complicit? Clearly the neoconservatives are disturbed by the French president’s call for unity with Russia against ISIL and easily could have used their connections to Turkey to stage an event that Washington can use to prevent cooperation with Russia.

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US-Backed Rebels in Syria Fire on Russian Helicopter

[This comes on top of the shooting down of a Russian military jet by Turkey. Click here for RT’s live coverage on that story, and here for additional coverage and commentary. Obama has weighed in on the issue here, urging calm but insisting that Turkey “has the right to defend its territory and its airspace.” Of course, there was no Russian attack on Turkey. It was vice versa. ]

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‘Stop that journalism shit’…Filmmaker Discusses Trials of Working in Occupied Palestine


A Flawed Model? Or the Only One That Now Works?

New Film Tells the Story of the Occupation Through the Eyes of Israeli Jews

What if you had filmed a documentary on life under Israeli occupation and then later, after the documentary was released, one of the Palestinians you had interviewed, and who had appeared in your film, was shot by Israeli soldiers, presumably in retaliation? How would it make you feel?

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