RT Publishes Report on Serena Shim’s Death; Western Media Largely Ignore the Story

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The Western media seem  largely to be ignoring the death of Serena Shim. Apparently in evaluating the “newsworthiness”  of the story, news editors and media owners in the West have decided that her job as a reporter for Press TV outweighs any considerations of her having been a US citizen. The only Western media outlet that has run a story on her death, at least as far as I’ve been able to tell, is the UK Daily Mail, and the tone of its coverage projects a certain air of skepticism in places.

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Kurdish TV Parodies ISIS

The Kurdish heroes of Kobani seem to be earning the world’s respect. Not only are they great fighters, but they also aren’t exactly slouches when it comes to humor and satire.

‘They Milk the Goat, Even if it’s Male': Kurdish TV Turns to Musical Parody in Battle with ISIS

My suggestion to Kurdish TV: make your next parody on Erdogan.


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Press TV Reporter Killed in Car Accident Following Threats by Turkish Intelligence

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A few days ago I put up a post that included a report from Press TV journalist Serena Shim reporting from the Turkish-Syria border. Shim is an American citizen, and the report she filed included an interview with a Kurdish refugee who spoke of ISIS terrorists in Kobani first raping, and then decapitating, a young girl.

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Obama Fights Ebola with a Czar and Soldiers

By Paul Craig Roberts

ATLANTA, October 17 (RIA Novosti) – The public continues to be reassured that Ebola is not a problem for the US, but CNN reports that Obama has appointed an Ebola Czar. The Czar is not a medical person but an insider lawyer who served as chief of staff to Vice President Biden.

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Bats in the Belfry

The absurd twists and contortions of US logic in blaming Russia as the “aggressor” in Ukraine are put on display in this video.

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The Deported

Does anyone out there still harbor the illusion that we, Americans, live in the “land of the free”? If so, this documentary might change your mind. Always important to keep in mind is that these dramatic curtailments in our freedoms and constitutional rights, seen over the past 30 years or so, have evolved simultaneously with the further entrenchment in power of the Zionist lobby in Washington. In fact, both shifts in American life–the erosion of freedoms and the rise of Jewish power–have followed the same arc and have unfolded concurrently. That’s always a useful thing to remember when watching documentaries like this or when reading about the latest judicial abuse or police lockdown in this or that city.

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Exposing the Zionist Hidden Hand Ruling Britain and the United States

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[This is an article by journalist Christopher Bollyn that was written in 2007, yet it still remains pertinent today. The faces in Washington have changed, but the policies remain the same. ]

By Christopher Bollyn

For all practical purposes, the United States and Britain are Zionist-occupied nations. Because the American and British people are generally ignorant of what Zionism is, the meaning of this statement is not widely understood or appreciated.

The lack of understanding by the public, however, doesn’t change the fact that these once great nations have become Zionist-controlled states. The evidence is clearly seen in the self-destructive foreign policies these nations have pursued for the past 40 years or so.

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Avoidable Humanitarian Crisis at Lebanon Border Crossing Sparks Anger in Syria


Tents providing shelter for Syrian refugees were burned in the Lebanese town of Ersal.

By Franklin Lamb

Syrian Immigration HQ, Damascus neighborhood of Marjeh

Chest high metal crowd control barriers manned by armed guards—since late September they have stood outside the Arrivals Hall on the Lebanon side of the Masnaa border crossing with Syria. For Syrian and Palestinian refugees fleeing the continuing violence next door and trying to get into Lebanon the message is clear:

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Update on David Brooks’, NPR’s, Bias on Israel

gzmrg4In what would appear to be a clear violation of its own code of ethics, National Public Radio (NPR) continues to employ David Brooks to provide commentary on the Israel-Palestine conflict–without disclosing that Brooks’ own son serves in the Israeli Army. Alison Weir reports.

NPR’s Standards Editor & Ombudsman Minimize and/or Ignore NPR Ethics Requirements Regarding David Brooks

By Alison Weir

In recent weeks I’ve phoned and emailed the NPR ombudsman’s office several times about commentator David Brooks’ conflict of interest – Brooks’ son has been serving in the Israeli military while Brooks has been commenting on Israel without divulging that his son was in the Israeli army. Ombudsmen are charged with publicly addressing ethical breaches by a news organization’s journalists.

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Mosque Burned in Apparent Price Tag Attack

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15th October 2014 | International Solidarity Movement, Nablus team | Aqraba, Occupied Palestine

In the early hours of Tuesday morning, a group of Zionist settlers from the illegal settlements close to Aqraba near Nablus, set fire to a mosque in the outskirts of the village.

The investigation so far shows that the building was set on fire at approximately 02:00 when a molotov cocktail was thrown through a window on the ground floor, into the women’s prayer room. Hours later, neighbouring villagers observed the flames and managed to put the fire out. The fire caused severe damage inside the mosque.

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