Lavrov: Americans Not Ready to Admit They Cannot Run the Show

Prepping for a Ukrainian Massacre

“Official Washington is readying the American people to view the slaughter of eastern Ukrainians as justified because they are “terrorists” and linked to the hated Russians…”

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Would it be a Good Thing if the Dollar Were to Collapse?


The question posed in the title is not an easy one to answer. Certainly a loss of the dollar’s status as the world’s reserve currency would lead to severe economic pain here in America. Yet at the same time, it might open the door to meaningful political change in this country, a door which at present is shut.

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Pope Francis Siding with Putschists in Ukraine?

 photo ppefrancis_zpsd4e4b1f8.jpg

By Ariadna Theokopoulos

Judging by the latest news of papal activities published by La Nación, the Pope is making symbolic gestures that speak very loudly indeed: he is siding with the putschists in Ukraine.

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‘Drip Drip Drip’–BDS Movement Scores Hit on Israeli State Water Company


A friend of mine views the BDS movement’s victories against Israel as a “steady drip-drip-drip”, soon to become a rivulet and eventually a torrent. Could be right. We’ll see. But it seems the BDS movement has scored another success–this time against the Israeli State Water company.

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US Diplomat Does the Cha-Cha with Chabad

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It looks like the Obama administration has settled upon  the “perfect choice” for the next US ambassador to Russia–the distinguished career US diplomat John Tefft. The following comes from the Moscow Times:

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Mother Agnes to Speak in California Bay Area

The following announcement is from Dr. Hisham H. Ahmed, professor and chair of the Department of Politics, St. Mary’s College, in Moraga, California.

Dear Friends,

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Of Passover, Exile, and Deliverance

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I just ran across this (alas, a few days late), but decided to go ahead and post it anyway. The irony, of course–Jews (Khazars actually for the most part) celebrating their “exodus” from slavery while Palestinians (whose numbers possibly include some of the real biblical Jews) still await theirs–is kind of obvious. Maybe no need to point it out…but, well, thought I would anyway.

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O World

O World

O human

O creation of the Most Merciful

O masterpiece of the Most Compassionate, Most Sublime

Good Morning

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Over 1,000 protest ‘price tag’ attacks in Umm al-Fahm

Ma’an News

BETHLEHEM (Ma’an) — Over 1,000 Palestinian citizens of Israel in Umm al-Fahm protested Monday against “price tag” attacks after a mosque in the town was vandalized by suspected Jewish extremists days before.

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‘Living Water’–Easter Message from a Palestinian Quaker


19 April 2014

 photo zaru_zps7ac1d263.jpgDear Friends,

It has been an exceptionally cold winter in Palestine. One of the harshest in recent history. And yet, spring has arrived. How challenging it has been to watch spring emerge, to feel the sun warm our land, while the oppression of it and my people still lingers on. It tastes very bitter to live through this period of history –a modern time, yet a time when some life continues to be valued more highly than other.

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