Will the Real President Please Step Forward?


By Richard Edmondson

A week ago Israeli forces fired tear gas and stun grenades at a group of Palestinian children, ages six to twelve, who had gathered on a public street in Hebron to perform a dance.

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Ukraine Inferno: Novorossia TV Documentary

The people of Novorossia have really thrown a monkey wrench into the best laid plans of Western mice and men. This is the case not only on the military front, but in the media front as well. And yes…the monkey wrench also includes full compliance with the Minsk 2 ceasefire.

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Anniversary of Venezuelan Uprising

Today is the anniversary of the initial uprising that led eventually to the Bolivarian Revolution and the rise of Hugo Chavez in Venezuela


In February 1989, thousands of Venezuelans took the streets in a wave of protests that highlighted the right-wing misrule in the country. The protests came to be known as the Caracazo — an uprising that began in the capital Caracas— and ultimately shaped the country’s future.

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Monsanto Chemical Killed Off US Monarch Butterflies, Suit Claims

 photo monbutterfly_zpswcfnck6s.jpg


The Environmental Protection Agency ignored the dangers posed by a widely used herbicide, leading to the devastation of the monarch butterfly population in the United States, an environmental group alleges in a federal lawsuit.

The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) sued the EPA in in US District Court in New York, Reuters reported.

The suit accuses the EPA of failing to heed warnings about the dangers to monarchs posed by glyphosate, the key ingredient in Monsanto’s widely used herbicide Roundup, and other herbicides.

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‘Banksy’ Goes to Gaza and Makes a Video!


The unidentified street artist Banksy has re-emerged in Gaza to create a political mini-documentary about life inside the war-torn region.

In the short film, posted to his official website on Wednesday, the artist appears to enter Gaza via underground tunnels before emerging through a metal door and into the rubble…

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Kerry Bemoans RT’s Influence in Shaping Public Opinion

I’m kind of reminded of the old saying of PT Barnum, I believe it was, that “you can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.” I guess that’s one John Kerry hasn’t taken into consideration. Weapons of mass destruction in Iraq–this, of course, was probably the major whopper that US officials and mainstream media got caught in this century, but of course there have been plenty of others. At some point people begin to consider the source and catch on, which is why PT Barnum made the point he did. And I guess that’s also why Kerry is complaining.

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As Purim Approaches, Zionist Psychopaths on the Prowl

Perhaps it is the effect the moon has on them. When the Purim holiday arrives six days from now it will be full.

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New Video Shows ISIS Destroying Ancient Artifacts in Mosul

Don’t know if this is an authentic video or another staged Hollywood-style production. It’s getting increasingly harder to tell these days. But assuming for a moment that it is authentic, maybe now we know why ISIS has never launches an attack on Israel–they’re too busy destroying ancient artifacts and erasing history. Some of the smashed artifacts reportedly had dated back to the 9th century BC.

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World War Three (a poem)

gzmrg11By M. Dennis Paul

For the past several weeks, I have been forced
to confront a seemingly ceaseless melancholy
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Death: The Only Reliable News in Aleppo

By Suhaib Anjarini

Battles are raging in the Aleppo countryside, but the residents of the city itself have stopped following the news of the fighting. There are many reasons behind this apparent indifference, including the news of more immediate deaths as a result of the shelling of their neighborhoods. Meanwhile, Aleppo natives continue to devise new ways to survive the conflict.

Aleppo appears today like a strange mix of contradictions, war being the only common factor. Its people still come up with new ways to adapt to the death surrounding them. A sense of despair is strong in the city, but it is coated with cynical indifference, sometimes sincere and sometimes made-up. Only hope is absent from Aleppo, the city that appears to have vowed to continuously live in the shadow of war.

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