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Iraeli Settlers, Border Police, Break into House Near il-Ibrahimi Mosque

CPTnet 30 January 2014 PALESTINE: Israeli settlers, accompanied by Border Police, break into house near il-Ibrahimi Mosque

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Israel Reportedly ‘Prepares World Opinion’ for High Civilian Casualties in New War

Middle East Monitor Israel accused Hezbollah on Wednesday of setting up military bases inside residential buildings and threatened that it would target these bases in any future conflict, even if civilians are killed.

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Judge Dismisses Sexual Abuse Case Against Yeshiva University

A lawyer representing former students of Yeshiva University High School for Boys calls a decision by US District Judge John G. Koeltl “a disgrace and an abomination.”

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Are the French People Rising Up Against Jewish Power?

Are the French finally fed up with being threatened with arrest and jail should they question the holocaust? Are they finally fed up with French government officials bowing and kissing the hands of Israeli leaders while issuing harsh penalties against … Continue reading

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Man Killed: What More Do You Need to Know?

The following, posted today, comes from the website Times Warp–dedicated to bringing you “what the New York Times doesn’t tell you about Palestine and Israel.”

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Documents Reveal Zionist Group Spied on US Student Delegation to Palestine

By Asa Winstanley and Nora Barrows-Friedman A right-wing Zionist group in California infiltrated a student trip to Palestine in 2012, a raft of secret documents obtained by The Electronic Intifada shows. The documents confirm long-held activist suspicions that anti-Palestinian political … Continue reading

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State-hired Trapper Eradicates Two Wolf Packs in Idaho

The following was posted last Friday by Defenders of Wildlife, which has been trying to stop wolf eradication measures in a number of western states, including Idaho, where the state, in what seems to be an unprecedented move as well … Continue reading

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Climb of Hope: Two Palestinian Amputees Scale Mt. Kilimanjaro

Take a close look at the above video. It’s about a young Palestinian boy from Gaza named Mutussam Abu Karsh who was injured by an Israeli tank shell and came to America for treatment in 2007.

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Dieudonée’s Humor Test

By Ariadna Theokopoulos With thanks to Paul Eisen (‘The Jews’ complain’) for discovering this short film. This short silent film is called The Anti-Semite, which is what Dieudonée’s detractors have labelled him. In it, Dieudonére is at the Auschwitz Museum, … Continue reading

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Rep. Michael Grimm Threatens Reporter: ‘I’ll Break You in Half’

Michael Grimm, the pro-Israel New York congressman who has been under FBI investigation over alleged campaign finance improprieties, is back in the news today. It seems that last night, just after Obama’s state of the union speech, Grimm granted an … Continue reading

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