Richard Edmondson

I am a novelist, poet, journalist, and peace activist. My latest book is The Memoirs of Saint John: No Greater Love, a novel about the life of Christ as told from the perspective of John the son of Zebedee, the youngest of the twelve disciples. To find out more about the novel, including reviews and a synopsis, visit the Memoirs of Saint John website.

In this blog much of my focus is on the Middle East, particularly the occupation of Palestine and events as they are now playing out in Syria. While I am a Christian, I am not a Christian Zionist.  The founding of Israel in 1948 was not the fulfillment of God’s prophecy Christian Zionists believe it to be (apartheid and endless occupation are not part of the divine plan), but if you read the second chapter of II Thessalonians you will notice Saint Paul foretelling the coming of a “powerful delusion”–and certainly Israel and its supporters in the mainstream media, to the extent that Paul’s prediction applies here, have practiced the art of deception to a rather stunning degree.

7 Responses to About

  1. HI, interesting website, thanks.
    Check out TheWorldOfTruth.net please, thanks. It contains the Hallett Reports and videos about the Illegitimacy of the Current British Monarchy, which has a lot to do with Israel, as you know.

  2. shmaya meir says:

    Jew hating, bigot turd!!!

  3. Robert says:

    Amazing that someone who disagrees can only be violent and profane and insulting… a product of the Talmud no doubt. Richard, I can’t find an email on you… email me please… would like to share some things with you that I know will be of interest… thanks, Robert

  4. Sai Brace says:

    Hi Richard, just wandering if you’d mind answering the question of whether you’re a holocaust denier or not? I couldn’t see you doing that, but others i’ve seen (on FB) are saying you are.

    Thanks in advance,

    • Richard Edmondson says:

      I’m not a holocaust denier, I’m a truth-seeker. I think all periods of history should be open to historical inquiry without having to worry about being fired from your job or thrown in jail. I don’t know if that answers your question, but that’s pretty much my only position on the holocaust.

  5. ole olesen says:

    Great stuff .. Richard ! If You have not read it ..please do Yourself the favour : “The Controversy of Zion ” by Douglas Reed … it takes some to get shocked these days ..even if one is not a total historical analphabet .. but this book did it ! .. A strong part of the book is its METICULOUS DOCUMENTATION … One thing should be CLEAR for any intelligent person .. not coward .. It is a formidable FOE … Humanity has in front of it … and it will take ALL the COLLABORATE Effort of ALL GOOD People regardless of their views and convictions .. to bring to an ending whjch will NOT BE… the REAL HOLOCAUST !

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