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Foua and Kafarya: latest updates on villages under NATO/Saudi mercenaries’ assault

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Originally posted on In Gaza:
*Ahmed Tabara, who Twitter feed “Kafarya Alfoua” reports was killed by NATO-backed terrorists in their assault on Kafarya and Foua in northern Syria Al Masdar News reported on Aug 31 that “Al-Qaeda affiliates – led…

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International Outcry Over Demolitions of Palestinian Homes: Silence in The NY Times

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The United Nations has called for a freeze on Israeli demolitions of Palestinian homes, dozens of aid agencies and the European Union have joined in the protest, and even the U.S. State Department has voiced its…

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Jeremy Corbyn Vs. Bernie Sanders

Jeremy Corbyn…Bernie Sanders. One takes an open, principled stand on foreign policy; one does not. Guess which one is which…

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Residents in Manhattan Call for an End to Jewish ‘Chicken’ Ritual

Source: Uprooted Palestinians Originally published: NY Post Feathers flew in Manhattan court Tuesday as a group of residents demanded that a judge stop the “unsanitary’’ Jewish religious ritual of slaughtering chickens on the sidewalk during Yom Kippur.

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The “D” Word: Are We in a Depression?

Two out of the three economists interviewed on this program seem to think we are. The other supports quantitative easing and wants to keep interest rates at zero.

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Palestinian Women Gang Up on Poor Israeli Soldier

The Israelis are calling this a “violent provocation.” You can go here to see a full report, but it’s quite obvious the poor soldier got a little overwhelmed.

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Why We Should Be Concerned About Christian Zionism

A very powerful letter from a Palestinian Christian to a conservative Christian broadcaster in the US. The letter is addressed to Raymond Arroyo, of the Eternal World Television Network,  which is a Catholic broadcast network. Back in January of this … Continue reading

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note on credibility and lack of impartiality of those making anti-Syria allegations

Originally posted on In Gaza:
So today, coming across yet another tool of the Imperialist/Zionist war on Syria who is sharing propaganda photos and posts which purport the depicted people to be victims of the Syrian Army, we dug a…

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Switzerland Regrets Cartoon Showing Doves Defecating on Netanyahu

Switzerland expressed regret on Friday after its ambassador to Iran displayed a cartoon depicting two doves defecating on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s head, at an event promoting Iranian business opportunities. Ambassador Giulio Haas showed the image during a speech to … Continue reading

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Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites

Originally posted on Mystery Worshiper's Blog:
[Thanks to RadicalPress for highlighting this book. MW] Published on 14 Aug 2015 Ashraf Ezzat’s new ebook “Egypt knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites” published on Kindle. “Egypt was never the land of the…

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