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Hassan Nasrallah Al Quds Day Speech

The Hezbollah Secretary General discusses the assault upon Gaza and the true aims of Israeli leaders;  he also tackles ISIL and the so-called “Islamic Caliphate,” and condemns the persecution of Christians in Mosul.

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US Senator Calls for More Money for Israel as Palestinian Death Toll Exceeds 1000

Press TV US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says Israel urgently needs more financial aid from the United States for its offensive against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

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Boycott Apartheid Genocide

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Shujayya: Massacre at Dawn

(h/t Mark Elsis)

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Jewish Vulture Capitalists, Armed with US Court Ruling, Target Argentina; Country’s Bankruptcy Said Possible

[ Ed. note: No one seems to be posing this question, including the author of the otherwise very informative piece below, but I will pose it here: is the economic assault upon Argentina motivated strictly by greed on the part … Continue reading

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Putin Vilified By Mainstream Media

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Gaza Neighborhood in Ruins…Along With Ceasefire

Imagine walking down your own street in your own neighborhood and seeing this…

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Family with 1-Year-Old Baby Killed by Kiev Troops in E. Ukraine

From RT: At least 13 civilians and likely dozens more have been killed by continuing artillery barrages, as government troops close in on militia positions around the city of Gorlovka in eastern Ukraine. A 1-year old – killed next to … Continue reading

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World Council of Churches Letter to Obama: ‘Enough’ in Gaza

World Council of Churches July 23, 2014 It is time for the U.S. to condemn Israeli bombardment of civilian centers and the blockade just as strongly as it has condemned indiscriminate rockets from Hamas and other Palestinian militant groups into … Continue reading

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Two ‘Americans’ Serving in Israeli Army Killed in Gaza

The JTA has published a story about two Israeli soldiers–who also happen to be US citizens–that have been killed while participating in the Jewish state’s onslaught against Gaza. The two are identified as Sean Carmeli, 21, of South Padre Island, … Continue reading

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