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Solidarity with Palestinians Begins in Lebanon’s Camps

By Franklin Lamb UN ESCWA HQ, Beirut As the latest Zionist aggression continues unabated in its slaughter of the defenseless population of Gaza (for the fourth time in ten years, no less!) one of course might simply sit back and … Continue reading

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Israel is not Simply ‘Defending Itself’

The little girl in the above photo is two and a half years old. Her name is Nema Abu al-Foul. She and others were playing in front of her family home when a missile from an Israeli F-16 struck. Seven … Continue reading

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Why Did Bernie Sanders Get Gaza so Wrong?

 By James Mark Leas  All 100 Senators, including Vermont’s Bernie Sanders and Patrick Leahy, joined in passing a Senate resolution on July 17, 2014 supporting “the State of Israel as it defends itself against unprovoked rocket attacks from the Hamas terrorist organization.”

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Zionist Ambassador Says Israeli Military Should Get Nobel Peace Prize

In a speech in Washington on Tuesday, Ron Dermer, the Israeli ambassador to the US, asserted that because of the “unimaginable restraint” it is now exercising in Gaza, the Israeli military should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The funny … Continue reading

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‘Samson Option’ Proponent Gets Up and Walks Out of RT CrossTalk Show

It isn’t mentioned in the above video, but Martin Van Creveld, the Israeli guest who angrily gets up and stalks out at about eight and a half minutes into the program, made the following comment in 2003: “Most European capitals … Continue reading

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Why I can No Longer ‘Stand Up’ for Israel

By Christian Stackaruck | Revangelical I have studied, lived, and served in Israel and cannot wait to return to do so again. Further, many of my dearest friends are Israeli or are ardent supporters of Israel. Recently, reading about recent … Continue reading

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Israeli Scholar Suggests Using Rape to Deter Terrorism

Below Ariadna Theokopoulos discusses a recent article in The Forward quoting Israeli academic Mordechai Kedar, who says the only sure-fire way to stop terrorism is by raping the female family members of terrorists. The article doesn’t clearly specify, but it’s … Continue reading

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Poetry for Palestine

Do You Hear My Pain? My rose

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Photo: Gaza Heroes…plus…Gaza Churches Provide Shelter; Displaced Persons Estimated at 118,000

Palestinian medics have been among those targeted by Israeli forces, and some have been killed. With the death toll in Gaza now surpassing 700, a UN official announced today there is evidence that Israel may have committed war crimes, according … Continue reading

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Ukraine’s False Flag Shoot-Down of Malaysian Plane

(H/T Ariadna) When one lie becomes hard to maintain, the liar’s reflex is to attempt to buttress it with another and another, hoping at least some of them would stick, or at least create confusion — a medium that is … Continue reading

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