The Dancing Israelis: Trump Was Right About 9/11, but They Weren’t Muslims


There were indeed people celebrating as the Twin Towers were burning, but they were not Muslims. They were Israelis….. A number of cover companies in New Jersey, Florida and also on the west coast served as spying mechanisms for Mossad officers. The effort was supported by the Mossad Station in Washington D.C…

By Philip Giraldi

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Virgina State Sen. Richard Black Interviewed by Pravda

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Virginia State Senator Richard Black

Richard Black is a state senator in Virginia, and his views are decidedly out-of-the-ordinary, at least insofar as US politicians are concerned. I put up a post on Black last year after he sent a letter to Syrian President Bashar Assad thanking him for defending Christians in the Middle East and expressing his support for Syria in its war against ISIS. Black at the time was ridiculed in the mainstream media, but you can go here to see the post I put up on him, which includes the full text of the letter he wrote.

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Jeremy Corbyn and the Pro-War British Media

It seems the British mainstream media are in a feverish quest to get Britain to extend its US-led “coalition” airstrikes in Syria, and to that end they are now publishing unflattering reports about Jeremy Corbyn, who has opposed British involvement in the Syrian conflict. Said reports include this one in the Telegraph, which seems to be trying to make a case that Corbyn’s stance on Syria and other issues has made him “toxic.”  Len McCluskey, leader of a trade union who has come out publicly in support of Corbyn, now too is being pilloried. The Daily Mail has published an article describing McCluskey as a “bully-boy union boss,” and referring to him as “red Len.” Well, that’s what passes for journalism these days in the Western media.

Corbyn is a voice of sanity in British politics–not the only one, certainly, but probably the most prominent at this point. So in his honor I thought I would post the above video. The leader of the UK’s Labour Party had intially issued a directive that all Labour MPs should vote against David Cameron’s proposal for airstrikes. He has since backed down from that position, but he has sent a letter to Cameron calling for a two-day debate on the issue.

‘America’s Rabbi’ Attacks John Kerry in NY Times Ad


Shmuley Boteach, the TV talk show sophist who goes by the name of “America’s Rabbi,” recently took out a NY Times ad attacking John Kerry, accusing the Secretary of State of “moral blindness” and of “devaluing Jewish lives.” There are any number of observations one could make about this, but I’ll limit myself to just a few.

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Tracking ISIS to D.C.’s Doorstep

[Ed. note – As the video above shows, a major German media outlet is now pointing a finger directly at Turkey as a supporter of ISIS. But as the writer of the article below makes clear, Turkey isn’t by any means alone. And if you’re willing to open your eyes and look in the right places, it doesn’t take much to track the trail of support for the terrorist army all the way to Washington D.C.]

By Ulson Gunnar

The problem with America’s “anti-ISIS coalition” is not a matter of poor planning or a lack of resources. It is not a matter of lacking leadership or military might. The problem with America’s “anti-ISIS coalition” is that it never existed in the first place. There is no US-led war on ISIS, and what’s worse, it appears that the US, through all of its allies, from across the Persian Gulf to Eastern Europe and even within Washington itself, are involved in feeding ISIS, not fighting it.

Going from Syria itself, outward according to geographical proximity, we can trace ISIS’ support all the way back to Washington itself. And as we do, efforts like the “talks” in Vienna, and all the non-solutions proposed by the US and its allies, appear ever more absurd while the US itself is revealed not as a stabilizing force in a chaotic world, but rather the very source of that chaos.

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