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Afghan Doctor Slaughter Pulls Back the Curtain

[ Ed. note – The following comes from a Dec. 31, 2009 CBS News Report: The Afghan government said its investigation has established that all 10 people killed Sunday in a remote village in Kunar province were civilians. Its officials … Continue reading

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Will Tony Blair Be Hounded by War Crimes Accusations the Rest of His Life? Looks like it’s shaping up that way

Tony Blair is beginning to take on the coloring of one of those figures from Dante’s Inferno. He is in hell, in a manner of speaking–dogged relentlessly by war crimes accusations which have been pursuing him for the past twelve … Continue reading

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US War Theories Target Dissenters

[Ed. – How close is the US to becoming an out-and-out totalitarian military/police state? A legal scholar with a military background offers an analysis on an emerging “Law of War” doctrine under which journalists critical of US foreign policy, including … Continue reading

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A Rather Curious Fact: 9:11 in the Book of Revelation

A rather curious fact here, particularly for those who may place credence in numerology. It pertains to the Book of Revelation, which of course is laden with symbolism concerning numbers.

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Palestinians Do Not Deserve Compensation for Homes Lost in 1948, Say Israelis

I guess it comes from a lifetime more or less of viewing yourself as “chosen.” The Israelis interviewed in the video above overwhelmingly oppose compensating Palestinians for their homes lost in 1948. They all give various reasons why. The interviewer … Continue reading

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Cultural Genocide and the Agenda Behind It

By Maram Susli (AKA Syrian Girl) (H/T Uprooted Palestinians) In what UNESCO is calling ‘Cultural Cleansing’, the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) have begun destroying 2000 year old Syrian statues in the ancient city of Palmyra and are claiming to have … Continue reading

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Boycotts and Divestments are not ‘Anti-Semitic’

[ Ed. – Almost every year we see one church denomination or another taking up the issue of whether or not to divest from Israel. Far too often these measures have been defeated, usually narrowly, by Christian Zionist factions with … Continue reading

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Who Does Jerusalem Belong To?

[ Ed. – Zionists often speak of Jerusalem as the “eternal capital,” etc., of the Jewish people, but actually there are a few problems with that line of reasoning, as the following article points out.] By Juan Cole Far right … Continue reading

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Spewing Obscenities, Foul-Mouthed Israeli Soldiers Hammer Palestinian Man

What you see in this video reportedly took place Friday, June 12, in Jalazone, north of Ramallah, in the West Bank. RT has also posted a report on the incident, including some of the same footage you see here, but … Continue reading

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Political Reforms Made By the ‘Dictator’ Bashar Assad

According to the Zionist media, President Bashar Assad of Syria is a “dictator” who “kills his own people,” and that’s all you really need to know. This of course has nothing to do with reality and everything to do with … Continue reading

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