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Kent State Shootings–45 Years Ago

I guess for a lot of us, the shootings at Kent State were the first indication of our government’s willingness to murder American citizens in cold blood. The second indication came along less than two weeks later, when police opened … Continue reading

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Report: Stolen Antiquities Black Market Thrives in London

Press TV has posted an excellent article by Jane Calvary on the trafficking in antiquities that have been stolen or illegally excavated in ISIS-controlled areas of Iraq and Syria. Many priceless artifacts are ending up for sale in London, she … Continue reading

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The Origin of ISIS

ISIS was created by means of “direct action” of America, says Ben Swann. Reposted from Uprooted Palestinians

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Germany to Seek Compensation Over Holocaust Reparations Fraud?

The Jewish newspaper, The Forward, has reported that in December of last year Matthias Hass, Germany’s Minister of Finance, sent a letter to the Jewish Claims Conference (CC), the private organization that administers and distributes the money paid by Germany … Continue reading

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The Unveiling of Israel’s Hidden Alliance With Al-Qaeda in Syria

By Asa Winstanley | April 16, 2015 Middle East Monitor Sedqi al-Maqet, a Syrian activist who lives in the Israeli-occupied part of Syria known as the Golan Heights was interned after a dawn raid on his home by Israeli secret … Continue reading

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The Plan Underway: Shatter, Destroy, Divide & Rule

Cat’s foot, iron claw Neuro-surgeons scream for more At paranoia’s poison door 21st century schizoid man Blood rack, barbed wire Politician’s funeral pyre Innocence raped with napalm fire 21st century schizoid man Dead sea, blind man’s greed Poet’s starving, children … Continue reading

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BBC Foreknowledge of Bldg. 7 Collapse: British Man Wins Lawsuit

[Ed. – This is actually a story a couple of years old, but certainly one well worth keeping in mind ] By EV | Global Research Horsham, UK, 2013 – Tony Rooke, in an act of civil disobedience, refused to … Continue reading

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Russia’s Remarkable Renaissance

[Ed.-a rather upbeat article by William Engdahl on the new Russia, its emerging alliance with China, and its prospects for bringing down the “one world dictatorship” of the global bankers, to the possible benefit of us all…] By William Engdahl … Continue reading

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Gorbachev Says War with Russia is Distinct Possibility at this Point

 Source Ex Russian President Mikhail Gorbachev has said that he believes the United States is attempting to drag Russia into a war and is pulling the European Union into the situation too.

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Report from Debaltsevo Highway; Ukrainian Troops Still Trapped

Apparently the Ukrainian troops trapped inside the cauldron have been trying to break out, but so far in vain.

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