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Israeli Apartheid Now Applied to Donkeys

Perhaps worth recalling here are the words of the late, not-so-great Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, who once compared Gentiles to donkeys:

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America’s ‘Ironic’ Sanctioning of Venezuela

By Ted Snider America is ruining irony.

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The Dervishes of Damascus

Certainly one of the most memorable highlights of my recent trip to Syria was a tour of the Old City of Damascus. The tour took place in the evening after the first day of the conference and included stops at … Continue reading

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Jewish Non-Profit CEOS Drawing Six-Figure Salaries

Some interesting data on Jewish non-profits compiled and posted by The Forward–data showing that the nonprofits’ top CEOs are quite evidently living the good life, the overwhelming majority of them drawing six-figure salaries.

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New Christian-Produced Film Exposes ‘Complete Fraud’ of Israel

I haven’t seen this film yet, but it  looks like one to watch for when it finally does come out (supposedly sometime this month). You can go here to read more about it. About all I can really say is … Continue reading

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‘They Have Butchered Children’

By Richard Edmondson “The truth is that ISIS was created in Iraq in 2006. It was the United States which occupied Iraq, not Syria. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was in American prisons, not in Syrian prisons. So, who created ISIS, Syria … Continue reading

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Now They’re Calling it “Torture”

The mainstream media could very much be likened to a flock of pigeons. When one veers or swerves, the entire flock, almost simultaneously, does likewise. One thing I have noticed over the past several days is that the entire flock … Continue reading

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The Christian East; the Atheist West

Perhaps it’s just a coincidence–that the US, a country that has largely cast off its spiritual faith, is also an empire in decline. Then again, maybe there’s a cause-and-effect relationship there somewhere.

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Half Moon Over Damascus

Inside the launching pad— Washington and Civilization Recklessly colliding—peace, logistics, And the influential curves of a Bevy of Syrian beauties By Richard Edmondson The above lines are from a new poem I’m sort of working on, tentatively to be entitled … Continue reading

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‘IAEA has No Authority Over Israel’s Nuclear Program’

A complete double standard, of course, and the RT interviewer deserves a round of applause for being persistent about pointing it out.

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