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Two Perspectives on the Possibility of a Coming World War

Yesterday it was reported that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has called for a “reset” in relations with the United States. I’m not sure why Lavrov, who I normally respect, would engage in such silliness unless it was to stall, … Continue reading

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Shell-Shocked Syrian Town Freed After Savage Massacre and 291 Days of ‘Islamic Justice’

(No thanks to the Americans) By Franklin Lamb With the Syrian Army, northeast of Damascus In the early hours of Thursday, 9/25/2014, after five days of fierce firefights with advancing Syrian troops, approximately 1,000 Jabhat al-Nusra and Liwa al-Islam (Army … Continue reading

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Media Agog Over Chelsea Clinton’s Baby

Sure, Israel’s committing genocide in Gaza people all over the place are dying in US wars instigated under false pretexts, but never mind all that. Chelsea Clinton had her baby!

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TSA Hypes Latest Terrorist Bogeyman…

…or is it a genuine threat? Thanks to its policy of bombing and invading country after country after country over the last dozen years or more, the US certainly has no shortage of enemies. Trouble is, the US government these … Continue reading

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Scenes from a Damascus Neighborhood

By Franklin Lamb Barzeh neighborhood, Damascus Changes are underway in Damascus’s suburban neighborhoods. In some of these neighborhoods there are few families left—only fighters. But in others, residents are trickling back in (or in some cases never even left) despite … Continue reading

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ISIS and the American People Agree: Obama Worst President Ever

By Richard Edmondson Back in the days of the George W. Bush presidency (which today seem almost halcyon by comparison), the view was oft expressed that Bush was “the worst president ever.” The idea was first given voice by the … Continue reading

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Is ISIS Good for the Jews?

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Ebola in West Africa: Nature, Accident or Intentional?

Here is an interesting little news item from a few days ago: CONAKRY, Guinea — The team of health officials accompanied by journalists came to the village to educate people about how to avoid contracting Ebola. Instead, a group of … Continue reading

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US Launches Air Strikes in Syria

What to make of the insistence by military strategists that “boots on the ground” will be needed to defeat ISIS–combined with the refusal of the Obama administration to commit such forces? It’s an interesting question to ponder and poses a … Continue reading

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No Apartheid in Israel? Jewish State’s Supreme Court Upholds ‘Admission Committees’

“The upholding of this law means that the Israeli court system, along with the state, supports the practice of segregation within Israel and against Israeli citizens of Palestinian origin. For state-sanctioned and partially controlled committees to be able to deny … Continue reading

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