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Afghan Doctor Slaughter Pulls Back the Curtain

[ Ed. note – The following comes from a Dec. 31, 2009 CBS News Report: The Afghan government said its investigation has established that all 10 people killed Sunday in a remote village in Kunar province were civilians. Its officials … Continue reading

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Is Israel a ‘Psycho State’? Interview with Ken O’Keefe

See also: 14 Attacks on Red Crescent Staff and Ambulances in 3 Days Israel Bans Palestinians from Jerusalem’s Old City 96 Palestinians Wounded By Live, Rubber Bullets Israeli Army: Rocket Fire from Gaza Hits Southern Israel Israeli Jets Strike Gaza

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Truth and Plain-Spokenness: Assad in Interview with Iranian TV

[ Ed. note – text appearing in green are my own added emphases. Boldface subheading/summations are in the original. ]

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Judaism as Explained by an Israeli Rabbi

A little earlier this evening I posted an article regarding the Jewish War on Free Speech, in which I posited that Judaism, the religion, may be at least as much a part of the problem, if not more so, than … Continue reading

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The Jewish War on Free Speech: America, Germany, and Iceland

The Jewish war on free speech is growing ever more pervasive, as a few recently published articles show. Last month I posted a report about the city council in Reykjavík, Iceland voting to boycott goods made in Israel. The action … Continue reading

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Will Tony Blair Be Hounded by War Crimes Accusations the Rest of His Life? Looks like it’s shaping up that way

Tony Blair is beginning to take on the coloring of one of those figures from Dante’s Inferno. He is in hell, in a manner of speaking–dogged relentlessly by war crimes accusations which have been pursuing him for the past twelve … Continue reading

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Remembering Muhammad al-Durrah

The above image–of 12-year-old Muhammad al-Durrah and his father Jamal, captured just moments before their deaths during the second Intifada–shocked the world when it appeared 15 years ago.

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Houthi Air Force Bombs Wedding Party (at least that’s the Saudi version of the story)

The US has a history of bombing wedding parties in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and now the Saudis seem to be taking a cue. They also seem to be mirroring another long-established US practice as well, i.e. committing an overboard … Continue reading

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Why the West Creates Wars and Muslim Refugees (must read!)

By Xavier Lerma | Pravda, Sept. 28, 2015 Many in America say Obama is a Muslim. Really? Then why has he sent his CIA and military to kill Muslims in North Africa and the Middle East? US involvement has caused … Continue reading

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Is Netanyahu Giving Putin the Finger?

According to reports here and here Israel has launched a new airstrike on Syria. I forget how many Israeli attacks on the embattled nation this makes, but I would say the number is probably now at least a dozen, maybe … Continue reading

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