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Political Parties in Britain, Canada, Launch Attacks on Their Own Supporters

I guess you know you’re not in Kansas any more when political parties in two Western countries begin launching attacks–not against their opponents but at their own party members.

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Assad Says the Terrorists in His Country are the ‘Tools’ of Zionists

The Washington Times today posted a report on an interview with Syrian President Bashar Assad which aired last night over Al Manar TV. Here is an excerpt from the Times article, which is written by reporter Guy Taylor:

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British Petition to Arrest Netanyahu Tops 84,000; Israelis Take Notice

Click here to sign the petition! The Israeli government has finally commented on a British petition to have Benjamin Netanyahu arrested for war crimes. In an article posted today, the Jewish Press informs us that the Israeli Foreign Ministry has dismissed the petition as … Continue reading

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ISIS Destroys Ancient Temple in Palmyra, Syria

Irina Bokova, the head of UNESCO, has condemned the destruction by ISIS of the Baal Shamin Temple, an ancient temple in the city of Palmyra, calling it a war crime. You can read her full statement here.

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Israel Attacks Syrian Golan Heights

Haaretz is reporting that Israel has launched an attack in the Syrian-held portion of the Golan Heights, claiming rocket fire, allegedly launched by the Palestinian Islamic Jihad organization “with Iranian funding and direction,” as justification. According to the report:

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High Octane Hate: Israeli Police, Civilians, Attack Hunger Striker’s Supporters

Let me try to explain what’s going on in this video as best I understand it. A group of Palestinians arrives in the Israeli city of Ashkelon to voice their support for Palestinian prisoner Muhammad Allen, who has been on … Continue reading

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Acting Out Their Vengeance Fantasies?

By Richard Edmondson I included this video in a post I put up several days ago, but after watching it a few times, I’ve decided it bears closer consideration, and am reposting it now for that reason. As you view it, … Continue reading

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Meet Israel’s New Ambassador to the UN!

Danny Danon, one of the most far-right members of the far-right Likud Party, has just been appointed to serve as Israel’s ambassador to the United Nations. Danon, who has opposed a two-state peace deal with the Palestinians, last December ran … Continue reading

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Is God a Racist? John Hagee Seems to Think So

“If we take Hagee’s statement at face value, God must be a racist…” Israel is a racist, apartheid state. Not only are racist attitudes widely exhibited by average Israelis, but even Knesset members and other government officials have openly made … Continue reading

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Israeli Police Free Jewish Extremist Who Called for Elimination of Churches in Israel

Benzi Gopstein, who you see handcuffed in the picture above, has been freed after being arrested following remarks, made last week, in which he essentially advocated violence against churches in Israel.

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