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Palestinian Football Association Withdraws FIFA Ejection Proposal on Israel

Israel Retains FIFA Standing Despite Shootings of Palestinian Football Players The Palestinian Football Association today withdrew its measure to have Israel suspended from FIFA, the world football association whose top officials are now under indictment by the US government.

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Drone Footage of Hezbollah Attack on Al Nusra Terrorists

It has been common knowledge for a while that Hezbollah has drones. In fact, when I visited the Mleeta Tourist Landmark in southern Lebanon last year (also known as the “Hezbollah Museum”) they had a couple of resistance-built drones on … Continue reading

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US Attacks FIFA Just Days Before Vote on Israeli Suspension from the League

By Richard Edmondson Is the US prosecution of FIFA politically motivated? If so, the message being transmitted isn’t very subtle.

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The Good Samaritan: Finding Common Ground Between Christians and Muslims

A very beautiful video and and very inspiring message from Australian priest Father Dave. My own personal view is that Christians have far more in common with Muslims, who revere Jesus–not as the son of God, certainly, as do Christians, … Continue reading

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‘Nailed to a Cross’? World Bank Warns of Impact of Israel’s Siege on Gaza

Forty-Four percent unemployment, people can’t get proper medical care, while reconstruction from last summer’s 50-day bombing campaign still has not gotten off the ground due to Israel’s ongoing blockade–this, as the video above shows, is the grim reality of life … Continue reading

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A New Bi-Polar World: Zionism/Anti-Zionism?

The following article is from Egalite & Reconciliation, the website of French dissident Alain Soral. It was translated into English by Ariadna Theokopoulos. The opening editor’s comment is also by Ariadna.

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‘Judaism is not Zionism’

By Ariadna Theokopoulos “Judaism is not zionism” is a categorical statement on which avowed anti-zionist progressive Jews, many of them self-declared atheists, agree completely with avowed anti-zionist religious Jews — mostly the “Torah Jews.” The more outrage is generated worldwide … Continue reading

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Is Fukushima The Wormwood of Biblical Fame?

[Ed.-an interesting article posted today at Sputnik. If you’re interested in consulting the biblical passage in question, it’s Revelation 8:10-11, which reads: The third angel sounded his trumpet, and a great star, blazing like a torch, fell from the sky … Continue reading

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Where’s Your Cross, Cardinal Dolan?

[Ed.- I have said numerous times that “interfaith dialog” between Christians and Jews serves no purpose whatsoever (and is in fact damaging to the Christian faith), and should be put to an end. Here is an article that does a … Continue reading

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Shepherds in Palestinian Village Appeal for International Help

Recently the Vatican officially recognized Palestinian statehood. This is not a radical step by any means. The Vatican is simply taking the same action which the UN General Assembly already took several years ago.

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