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Another Zionist Media Blooper

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BREAKING NEWS: 1st Israeli Casualty Following Direct Hit by Hamas Rocket

Mainstream media reportedly outraged!

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Smarter Than Christian Zionists

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Helping Out a Friend…

If your best friend asked you for a ride, you’d stop and give him or her a lift, would you not? And if your mode of transportation was a bicycle and your best friend was a goat–well, that wouldn’t matter, … Continue reading

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Rap News 24 Hosts Middle East Peace Talks

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George W. Bush Takes Up Painting

Former President George W. Bush has a new hobby–painting!–and he’s showing off some new watercolors of the undead Iraqi boy who lives in his nightmares. Read more

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Israel Revealed–Extraordinary Act by Yahoo News!

By Ariadna Theokopoulos Yahoo News had a brief report (below) today, announcing Kerry’s declared fatigue and frustration with the “peace process” between Israel and the PA.  Right next to it, however, there was this illustration: Clicking on it takes you … Continue reading

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‘It Cannot Stand’–Senator Yulia McCain

A new fashion statement, maybe? Senator John McCain–loyal, avid supporter of Israel and champion of “democracy” in Ukraine–stood before his fans at the AIPAC convention on Monday and barked, “This is a blatant act on the part of Vladimir Putin … Continue reading

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Can Too Much Plastic Surgery Over-tighten a Person’s Brain?

A friend of mine emailed me these pictures of John Kerry yesterday, along with the following comment: “Do you think TOO much plastic surgery can over tighten one’s BRAIN?? But I guess what good is all that Heinz 57 moolah$ … Continue reading

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