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Jewish Blogger Justifies Genocide in Gaza

Controversy has erupted over a post by a Jewish blogger that essentially builds a case for genocide of the population in Gaza. The article, written by an American Jew named Yochanan Gordon, was initially posted on the Times of Israel … Continue reading

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More Money for Israel-Less Money for Americans-‘And They All Shook Hands Afterwards’

This morning, not terribly long after the latest Gaza “ceasefire” was violated, the US Senate approved an additional $225 million for Israel’s ‘Iron Dome’ missile system. Interestingly, however, the passage didn’t come without a fight on the Senate floor.

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This Is What Genocide Looks Like

All the evidence that we are seeing now points to a campaign of genocide being waged in Gaza. Below are a couple of stories that would support that conclusion, the first regarding a leaked account of “revenge attacks” being carried … Continue reading

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Graphic New Video of Shujayya Massacre Shows Ambulances Being Bombed

In the above video we see arriving ambulances being bombed–clearly a war crime. Also, in case you haven’t heard, news came out several days ago that Micky Rosenfeld, the public spokesperson for the Israeli police, has admitted to a BBC … Continue reading

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Gaza Catholic Church Told to Evacuate Ahead of Israeli Bombing

Independent Catholic News The Holy Family Latin Church in Gaza has just received an evacuation order warning them that Israei is planning to bomb their neighbourhood tonight.  In a message,  a priest writes: ” The church of Gaza has received an … Continue reading

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Gaza’s Christians, Muslims Grow Closer in Defiance of Israeli Attacks

By Mohammed Omer GAZA CITY – Without prior warning, an Israeli missile hit the house of the Ayyad family last Saturday. The Ayyads, who are Christian, were the first family among the tiny minority in Gaza to be targeted since … Continue reading

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Gaza Journalist Rami Rayan Killed

Rami Rayan was a 23-year-old Gaza journalist who worked for a local website…

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They Are Targeting Children

Gaza journalist Mohammed Omer, appearing on Democracy Now, says that Israel is targeting children in Gaza. He also mentions a bombing attack upon a Gaza cemetery, following which he observed a Palestinian woman gathering the bones of her son who … Continue reading

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State Department’s Geoffrey Pyatt Behind Satellite Images Supposedly ‘Proving’ Russian Artillery Fire

Most people may remember Geoffrey Pyatt as Victoria Nuland’s sidekick. That’s him in the photo above when he and Vicky went handing out cookies in Kiev’s Maidan Square in November of last year.

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US Senator Calls for More Money for Israel as Palestinian Death Toll Exceeds 1000

Press TV US Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says Israel urgently needs more financial aid from the United States for its offensive against Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

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