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French Politicians Attack Internet Freedom in Proposed Law

Recently in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attack, French comedian Dieudonne posted on the Internet, “I feel like Charlie Coulibaly.” Apparently under a new law being considered in France, comments like this will be interpreted as an “apology” for … Continue reading

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Cognitive Dissonance: Captured Ukrainian Soldiers Get Dose of Reality

The gentleman who figures prominently in all three videos below is Alexander Zakharchenko, head of the Donetsk People’s Republic. His demeanor toward the captured Ukrainian soldiers is one of magnanimity. For the soldiers, however, it is obviously not an enjoyable situation.

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Hillary Clinton Does Putin Impersonation

MOSCOW, January 22 (Sputnik) — Addressing the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce in Manitoba, Canada on Wednesday, former Secretary of State and Democratic Presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton extolled the virtues of American democracy while imagining what Vladimir Putin’s internal thought process might be like.

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Iran Campaigns for Animal-Free Circuses

A national campaign for removing animals from circuses has gained fresh momentum after more provincial departments of environment endorsed the plea. A spokesperson for Iran’s Animal Rights Watch announced Saturday that environmental departments in 21 out of 31 Iranian provinces … Continue reading

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Jewish Power Broker Arrested on Corruption Charges

New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who early last year launched a legislative assault on the movement to boycott Israel, has been arrested by the FBI on corruption charges.

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Hamas Minister’s Car Bombed in Gaza

By Mohammed Omer Gaza City – The Palestinian de facto authorities in Gaza have opened an investigation into a blast that targeted the car of a senior security official in the coastal enclave. The blast, which shook al-Sheikh Radwan neighbourhood … Continue reading

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Muslims, Christians, One Million Strong, Unite in Grozny Against Hebdo Slurs

  The Saker Over a million people – Muslims and Orthodox Christians – have taken to the streets of Grozny to protest against the caricatures of Prophet Mohammed by the Charlie Hebdo magazine. Their slogans were: “We love Prophet Mohammed” … Continue reading

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Churches Torched in Niger Amidst Charlie Hebdo Violence

At least seven churches were burned down in Niger’s capital of Niamey on Saturday, January 17, amid anti-Charlie Hebdo protests. [[[Ed. note: Apparently the protesters in Niger are unaware that Charlie Hebdo also insulted Christians as well. But as a friend … Continue reading

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Mayhem in Rahat–More Barbaric Behavior from Israeli Police

Suppose the police in Ferguson, Missouri had behaved in the manner that Israeli police did last week in this town in the Negev Desert? I suspect we would not hear the end of it. In a post yesterday I talked … Continue reading

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Night Raid in Village: Israelis Ransack Homes, Slap Pregnant Woman

I doubt this is one the International Criminal Court will prosecute, or that the mainstream media will bother to report on, for in fact there’s nothing really out of the ordinary here. Just typical behavior from Israeli occupation forces–ransacking homes in … Continue reading

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