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‘She kept screaming,’ says father of two-year-old killed in Israeli airstrike

[Ed. note – Killing two-year-old children, of course, is what the Israelis so often excel at. Let’s keep in mind also that Bernie Sanders is a supporter of Israel, and that any politician who votes aid to Israel is complicit … Continue reading

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Liberation and Death: Entering a Syrian Village Vacated By ISIS

“Do you realize what you’ve done?” –Vladimir Putin, speech at the UN The video shows a recently liberated Syrian village and the terror left behind by ISIS. Apparently when they kill people, they don’t often bother to bury the corpses. … Continue reading

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At Least Six Palestinians Shot Dead on Friday

With all the clashes taking place in Occupied Palestine, it’s kind of hard to get a precise figure on the death toll. The report from Telesur’s correspondent in Gaza (video above)  says “up to six” Palestinians were killed there today. … Continue reading

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Report: Zionist Settlers Kill Palestinian Woman After Trying to Remove Her Hijab

Al Manar Zionist settlers killed a Palestinian woman in al-Quds (Jerusalem) on Wednesday after trying to remove her Hijab. Palestinian sources said that when two terrorist settlers tried to strip the woman of her Hijab, she defended herself by trying to … Continue reading

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RT Tracks Down Head of the ‘Syrian Observatory for Human Rights’

The Western media’s primo, go-to source on the war in Syria turns out not to be quite as “authoritative” as he is portrayed. And see also: RT Outs Rami Abdulrahmn (SOHR), Source of Lies and Vitriol Against Syria

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ISIS Destroys 2000-Year-Old Monument in Palmyra

RT The iconic arch at the UNESCO heritage site in Syria’s Palmyra has been blown up by ISIS jihadists engaged in a “cultural cleansing” of the Middle East. The latest grievous loss of an ancient artifact was confirmed to Reuters … Continue reading

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Is Israel a ‘Psycho State’? Interview with Ken O’Keefe

See also: 14 Attacks on Red Crescent Staff and Ambulances in 3 Days Israel Bans Palestinians from Jerusalem’s Old City 96 Palestinians Wounded By Live, Rubber Bullets Israeli Army: Rocket Fire from Gaza Hits Southern Israel Israeli Jets Strike Gaza

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Truth and Plain-Spokenness: Assad in Interview with Iranian TV

[ Ed. note – text appearing in green are my own added emphases. Boldface subheading/summations are in the original. ]

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Houthi Air Force Bombs Wedding Party (at least that’s the Saudi version of the story)

The US has a history of bombing wedding parties in both Iraq and Afghanistan, and now the Saudis seem to be taking a cue. They also seem to be mirroring another long-established US practice as well, i.e. committing an overboard … Continue reading

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Is Netanyahu Giving Putin the Finger?

According to reports here and here Israel has launched a new airstrike on Syria. I forget how many Israeli attacks on the embattled nation this makes, but I would say the number is probably now at least a dozen, maybe … Continue reading

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