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The Heart Still Beats: My Heart With Palestine

I Pray Tonight for the children of Gaza and their mothers

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The Pianist of Yarmouk

The Pianist of Yarmouk The pianist of Yarmouk pushes his white piano everywhere on his uncle’s vegetable cart. He knows the symphonies of Beethoven, but the buildings (their eyes) and the alleys (their echo) demand another tune:

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The Plan Underway: Shatter, Destroy, Divide & Rule

Cat’s foot, iron claw Neuro-surgeons scream for more At paranoia’s poison door 21st century schizoid man Blood rack, barbed wire Politician’s funeral pyre Innocence raped with napalm fire 21st century schizoid man Dead sea, blind man’s greed Poet’s starving, children … Continue reading

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Novorossian Poem: ‘No Death for a Warrior’

The poem is by the Russian poet, Nikolai Gumilyov. It is recited here by Gennadiy Dubovoi. Born in Kronstadt in 1886, Gumilyov published his first book of poems in 1905, and fought for Russia during the first World War, in … Continue reading

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Send a Quenelle to Benjamin Netanyahu

You could think of this as a rather interesting juxtaposition of events, and they both occurred today: while Benjamin Netanyahu was being applauded and swooned over in the US Congress, a Palestinian member of the Israeli Knesset found herself under … Continue reading

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World War Three (a poem)

By M. Dennis Paul For the past several weeks, I have been forced to confront a seemingly ceaseless melancholy of unknown origin.

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‘Quickening Steps’: Novorossian Poetry

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Losing in Love

Years ago when we met Into something which passed for love we fell, I was okay with that illusion, and yet For you something was not quite well.

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As America Falls

As America Falls

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The Sound of Elsa’s Breathing

This is a poem I wrote about my German Shepherd, Elsa, who died 16 years ago today. I have a great many memories of hours spent writing (poems, articles, etc.) while she sat curled up on the couch next to … Continue reading

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