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Islam Must Be Reformed!

By Ariadna Theokopoulos Transcript of the Address to the Select Committee of (redacted) by (redacted). Mr. President, Mr. Treasurer and Esteemed Colleagues, I stand before you not as an executive but as a colleague willing to speak frankly. Mistakes have … Continue reading

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Did Concept for ISIS Beheading Vids Originate in ‘Istanbullywood’?

By Ariadna Theokopoulos I have received a request to review the trailer of a Turkish TV drama series of the Islamic terrorism subgenre produced in February 2014 by the large and growing Turkish movie industry dubbed Istanbullywood. The Turkish TV … Continue reading

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Palestinians Must Be Stopped!

By Sam Bahour I have had enough of those Palestinians. I think the world in general is also fed up with Palestinians. They have gone too far in demonizing Israelis and must be stopped. The international community must act now … Continue reading

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‘Putin Scares Me’

Now is the time to tell the truth about “the abominable new czar in the Kremlin” By Olivier Berruyer Finance expert and initiator of the Site Published March 27, 2014 at 09.00 in Monde It is high time to denounce … Continue reading

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Danish Zoo Should Euthanize Rasmussen Instead

Anders Fogh Rasmussen Once was a time when people considered Danes to be some of the most humane and progressive people on the planet. But that was some years ago, before an idiotic Danish newspaper decided to publish cartoons of … Continue reading

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The Choo-Choo Train to Ukraine

By Richard Edmondson “Let’s get onboard the choo-choo train!” said Vicky to her playmates.

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Unemployment Insurance Available for Syrian Rebels

By Barb Weir | deLiberation As President Obama’s attempt to pass an extension of insurance benefits for unemployed American failed once again in Congress, he came up with a creative solution for desperate Americans trying to put food on the … Continue reading

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Imagine This!

With the “good” example of Balfour Declaration as a precedent, IMAGINE THIS: Nahida, Exiled Palestinian Declaration Nahida, Exiled Palestinian [who has been languishing in exile for decades, along with millions of exiled Palestinians] view with favour the establishment in Britain … Continue reading

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Stephen Harper Gets Circumcised

His words met with joyful lauds Libations holy to Jews and Sauds Shimmering in the fetid air He sings ‘Hey Jude’ at the fair, One foot slipping in the ooze, Decamping Ottawa to lose No sleep, depravity—vulgar quite— Parishioner of … Continue reading

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Yvette Herrell: the State of New Mexico’s ‘Righteous Gentile’

By Ariadna Theokopoulos These days it is hard for American citizens to sustain their national pride amid the frustrations of seeing this administration behave so disreputably, time and again: turning a deaf ear to its closest friend and ally and … Continue reading

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