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Israelis Tell Imprisoned Palestinian: ‘We will hit your wife, daughter and kids’

And that very night that’s exactly what they did. Last Sunday I put up a post about an Israeli raid upon the West Bank village of Beit Ummar, where at 2 a.m. on January 14 soldiers broke through the front door … Continue reading

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My Article on Hezbollah Museum Posted at Mleeta Resistance Website

Back on December 23 I posted an article on my visit earlier that month to the Hezbollah Museum, more officially known as the Mleeta Resistance Tourist Landmark, in southern Lebanon. I’m happy to announce that the article has since been … Continue reading

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They Don’t Really Care About Us: Tribute To Michael Jackson

Originally posted on B'Man's Revolt:
I had heard rumors of Michael Jackson’s hatred of Jews over how they manipulated his life for their gain. Some think that his death is related to this hatred. Now, personally, the guy…

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Putin: We urge Israel to stop supporting Syrian terrorists

Originally posted on Uprootedpalestinians's Blog:
Putin: We urge Israel to stop supporting Syrian terrorists 4/1/2015, Moscow – the Russian president openly criticized Israeli policies in the occupied West Bank and eastern Jerusalem in the weekly cabinet meeting in Kremlin.…

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A Message of Hope and Defiance

Originally posted on Poetry for Palestine:
Palestinians, my Beloved I call upon you, my Palestinian brothers and sister to speak up, to raise your voices, to write, to comment, to make videos, to share your suppressed narrative. For many years,…

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Woman who sued convicted billionaire over sex abuse levels claims at his friends

Originally posted on The Ugly Truth:
Editor’s Note (IJ): It should come as no surprise for someone like Alan Dershowitz to be accused of having sex with minors. Considering the fact that he’s the biggest proponent of torture on the war…

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A Look Ahead at 2015 from Various Perspectives

Below are some thoughts on prospects for the coming year from the perspective of several different writes. Views range from the gloomy and grim…to the less grim…to the hopeful…

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Christians Prepped for Wars on ISIS

Originally posted on Mystery Worshiper's Blog:
[MW note: Charles Carlson exposes another Christian fake who wants your money. Please take time to read the entire report. You’ll be much wiser about these charlatans.] Posted by Charles E Carlson  December 5,…

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Professor Alleges Israeli Spy Infiltrated Caltech’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory

By Zen Vuong PASADENA >> A physics professor at the California Institute of Technology filed a lawsuit against the university Thursday, alleging it allowed a potential Israeli spy on campus for two years even after she reported that he violated … Continue reading

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Blameless Whore

Originally posted on Beautiful Life with Cancer:
For the first time, she raised her eyes to look at him.  She only saw his back leaving.  She didn’t even know his name.  But she had seen him before, in the market,…

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