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Another Sick Israeli T-Shirt

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Gaza Everywhere

Follow the link below, type the name of your city into the search bar, and watch what happens. Now imagine 1.8 million people are there, walled in, no escape in any direction, no help, bombed night and day for a … Continue reading

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Israel Mows the Lawn

By Mouin Rabbani In 2004, a year before Israel’s unilateral disengagement from the Gaza Strip, Dov Weissglass, éminence grise to Ariel Sharon, explained the initiative’s purpose to an interviewer from Haaretz:

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Family of Dr. Mona El-Farra Slain By Israeli Artillery Fire

I will stand by Israel for a lot of personal reasons but certainly for political reasons. And I have no hesitation in declaring to the world that’s how I feel. –Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid Well might it be worthwhile … Continue reading

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Public Relations…Israeli Style!

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Solidarity with Palestinians Begins in Lebanon’s Camps

By Franklin Lamb UN ESCWA HQ, Beirut As the latest Zionist aggression continues unabated in its slaughter of the defenseless population of Gaza (for the fourth time in ten years, no less!) one of course might simply sit back and … Continue reading

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Why Did Bernie Sanders Get Gaza so Wrong?

 By James Mark Leas  All 100 Senators, including Vermont’s Bernie Sanders and Patrick Leahy, joined in passing a Senate resolution on July 17, 2014 supporting “the State of Israel as it defends itself against unprovoked rocket attacks from the Hamas terrorist organization.”

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Zionist Ambassador Says Israeli Military Should Get Nobel Peace Prize

In a speech in Washington on Tuesday, Ron Dermer, the Israeli ambassador to the US, asserted that because of the “unimaginable restraint” it is now exercising in Gaza, the Israeli military should be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. The funny … Continue reading

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Poetry for Palestine

Do You Hear My Pain? My rose

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We’re accustomed to this

Originally posted on In Gaza:
Tawaadna, she said. We’re used to this. My young friend, in her early twenties and about 5 months pregnant, called me this evening, after I’d spoken with her husband earlier. Her voice was tired, at…

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