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The “D” Word: Are We in a Depression?

Two out of the three economists interviewed on this program seem to think we are. The other supports quantitative easing and wants to keep interest rates at zero.

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Palestinian Women Gang Up on Poor Israeli Soldier

The Israelis are calling this a “violent provocation.” You can go here to see a full report, but it’s quite obvious the poor soldier got a little overwhelmed.

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Congress Gets Obedience Training from AIPAC

I thought I would post this since today is National Dog Day. I don’t know if the person who made this video intended it as an illustration of how AIPAC gives orders to Congress, but that in fact is just … Continue reading

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Why Jeremy Corban Must Be Stopped

Six Links Jeremy Corbyn Doesn’t Want You To Know About By Mark Fiddaman How the mighty have fallen. Just a few weeks ago, Stalinist firebrand, Jeremy Corbyn, was the Golden Boy of the British Left.

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High Octane Hate: Israeli Police, Civilians, Attack Hunger Striker’s Supporters

Let me try to explain what’s going on in this video as best I understand it. A group of Palestinians arrives in the Israeli city of Ashkelon to voice their support for Palestinian prisoner Muhammad Allen, who has been on … Continue reading

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Tenor Performs Schubert During Brain Tumor Surgery

[Ed. – Something a little different here, to say the least–a man singing while doctors perform surgery on his brain. And actually he’s a rather talented singer. The nurse certainly seems to think so. ]

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Israeli Settler Threatens to Kill International Activists

H/T to Greg Bacon for the video above. Meanwhile, Press TV is reporting that a group of suspects arrested in that firebombing of a Palestinian home have been released. The August 1 attack, carried out by Israeli settlers, resulted in … Continue reading

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Song for Hassan Nasrallah

One thing you will notice about this tribute to Nasrallah is that it is taking place for the most part at a church. The Christians of Lebanon know who is killing Christians in the Middle East, and it isn’t Hezbollah.

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Refutation of the Silly Words of a Silly Man

The State Department comes up with some real gems as spokespeople, don’t they? One almost misses the days of Jen Psaki, who was usually good for a few laughs. Now we have Mark Toner and his ludicrous claim, made a … Continue reading

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Israel for Dummies

Succinct but well-stated. You can find Robert Martin’s Twitter page here. (H/T Ariadna)

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