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ISIS Terrorists Take Over Palmyra Museum

Includes comments from Dr. Maamoun Abdulkarim, the distinguished head of Syria’s Directorate-General of Antiquities and Museums. See also: Israelis By Chance ‘Discover’ Gold Coins and Other Archaeological Treasures Have Pillaged Iraqi Artifacts Ended Up in a Museum in Israel?

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‘Nailed to a Cross’? World Bank Warns of Impact of Israel’s Siege on Gaza

Forty-Four percent unemployment, people can’t get proper medical care, while reconstruction from last summer’s 50-day bombing campaign still has not gotten off the ground due to Israel’s ongoing blockade–this, as the video above shows, is the grim reality of life … Continue reading

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Another US Regime Change Effort? Soros Foundation Reportedly Involved in Macedonia Unrest

The US never seems to tire of meddling in other countries and trying to overthrow democratically elected governments that refuse to bow to its will. This seems to be more or less what’s happening now in Macedonia.

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Interview with American on Board Iranian Aid Ship Headed for Yemen

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German Woman Defies Holocaust Denial Laws in TV Interview

“If we want a future that is humane and sustainable, then we can’t get there with lies.” Ursula Haverbeck has faced the wrath of the German legal system on occasions past for expressing her “revisionist” beliefs about what did or … Continue reading

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The Power of Love: Syria’s Grand Mufti Speaks With Australian Priest

Dr Ahmad Badreddin Hassoun, Syria’s Grand Mufti, is shown here in an interview with Australian priest Father Dave. If you watch the video as well as read the accompanying article all the way through, the picture that emerges is of … Continue reading

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Hellstorm: The Demise of Germany, 1944-47

Warning: contains extremely graphic footage The history of World War II and its aftermath has been written and told largely by the victors, which of course is the way it always goes in wars. This video, however, offers the other … Continue reading

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The Origin of ISIS

ISIS was created by means of “direct action” of America, says Ben Swann. Reposted from Uprooted Palestinians

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Hezbollah, Lebanese Christians, Unite in Fight Against ISIS

On the above video, a hat tip goes to Uprooted Palestinians, which posted it today. The International Business Times has published an article headlined, “Christians Threatened by ISIS in Lebanon Turn to Hezbollah for Help.” Here’s an excerpt:

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Jesus in the Talmud

(h/t Ariadna )

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