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Israel Losing War on Social Media

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Ukraine Caught Trying to ‘Frame Russia’ for Downing of Malaysian Flight

H/T to Ariadna on the video, plus this from RT: Putin: West Should Demand Kiev Obey Ceasefire During Plane Crash Probe Russian President Vladimir Putin believes it is necessary to call on Kiev to observe the ceasefire, which should last … Continue reading

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Galloway: ‘Settler-Gangster-Terrorist State’s Days are Numbered’

The guy on the right is reportedly a former spokesman for Ariel Sharon.

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Terror and Death in Shujaya–Video and Photos

The Israeli shelling of Shujaya, a neighborhood in eastern Gaza City, began last night and has continued through much of the day today. The video above was uploaded today.

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Zionist Has Head Handed to Him on Platter By Arab-American Woman

There are a couple of different ways you can look at this: A) Zionist debates Palestine advocate B) Ashkenazi European debates genuine Middle East Semite

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Video Documentary: AMIA Bombing in Argentina

Well, it seems Iran didn’t do it–I’m talking about the AMIA bombing in Buenos Aires, which took place exactly 20 years ago today. That bombing was widely blamed on Iran–a notion that got plenty of traction in the mainstream media … Continue reading

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The Vortex

Is the shoot-down of the Malaysian airliner a false flag operation to be blamed on Russia? That would be my guess at any rate, but one thing is for certain: it has been a bad year for Malaysia Airlines.

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‘That does look tragic’…but…’we respond to Hamas terrorists,’ says Israeli spokesman

A spokesman for the Israeli military responds to a question about the deaths of four Palestinian children hit–apparently intentionally–by Israeli artillery shelling of a Gaza beach.

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Video: Children Found Murdered on Gaza Beach

Warning: graphic. Click here to view. (H/T The Ugly Truth) Update: Below apparently is the story that goes with the video: Israeli Naval Ships Attack Children on Gaza Beach, Killing Four IMEMC An Israeli naval ship fired multiple artillery shells … Continue reading

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And the World Wonders Why They Fire Rockets

A few months back, when we had a Zionist hasbara troll coming around here leaving comments, I posted the following reply to one of his cacklings:

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