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ISIS at Lebanon’s Border; Christians Fear Attacks

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CNN Nailed at Ferguson Protest

The last time I worked for a large mainstream media outlet was back in the early 80s, and I can’t imagine what it would be like now, showing up to cover an event, and facing public taunts and ridicule such … Continue reading

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Discussion on False Flags by Adrian Salbuchi

One of the recurring themes in the New Testament is the existence of “signs.” Meaning… signs that we should endeavor to be alert to, to be cognizant of, and ever watchful for. For instance, in Matthew 16:2-3, Jesus says the … Continue reading

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MH-17: The Untold Story

RT has posted a video on the MH-17 crash showing evidence strongly suggesting that the Malaysian airliner, rather than being hit by a single surface-to-air missile reputedly fired by pro-Russian separatists, was brought down by repetitive gunfire from a 30mm … Continue reading

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Kurdish TV Parodies ISIS

The Kurdish heroes of Kobani seem to be earning the world’s respect. Not only are they great fighters, but they also aren’t exactly slouches when it comes to humor and satire. ‘They Milk the Goat, Even if it’s Male': Kurdish … Continue reading

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The Deported

Does anyone out there still harbor the illusion that we, Americans, live in the “land of the free”? If so, this documentary might change your mind. Always important to keep in mind is that these dramatic curtailments in our freedoms … Continue reading

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The Myth of the ‘Moderate’ Rebels

If the US truly wants to defeat ISIS, then the best way to go–perhaps even the only way to go–is for us to join forces with what in essence is the only viable force for “moderation” in the region, and … Continue reading

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Beware of the Word ‘Natural’ on Food Labels

While certainly opposition from Monsanto is, as the RT reporter notes, one of the big reasons we don’t have mandatory GMO labeling in the US, it should be mentioned that Monsanto seemingly gets a big boost in this regard from … Continue reading

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The Birthing of the Frankenstein Monster: Video on Covert Origins of ISIS

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Has World War III Already Begun?

Would it not be ironic if the Nobel Peace Prize president turned out to be the man responsible for starting World War III? The “alien anthropologists” spoken of by Roger Waters in his song “Amused to Death” would certainly scratch … Continue reading

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