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New Video Shows ISIS Destroying Ancient Artifacts in Mosul

Don’t know if this is an authentic video or another staged Hollywood-style production. It’s getting increasingly harder to tell these days. But assuming for a moment that it is authentic, maybe now we know why ISIS has never launches an … Continue reading

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Ukraine…It’s a Heist!!! (must watch video)

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Sex, Blackmail and Theft: Leaks Detail Israeli Spy Operations

By Asa Winstanley Yesterday Al Jazeera began to unveil what the channel is promoting as “the largest intelligence leak since Edward Snowden,” the NSA whistleblower. The most widely-covered story revealed that only weeks after Israeli Prime MinisterBenjamin Netanyahu’s 2012 speech to the … Continue reading

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‘Poroshenko Has Betrayed His Soldiers, Betrayed Ukraine’

I’ve seen this guy in so many videos now I almost feel like I know him. Alexander Zakharchenko is his name. Prime Minister of the Donetsk Peoples Republic. Technically that makes him a head of state. You may not recognize … Continue reading

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Enforcing Holocaust Denial Laws (animated parody)

This is in French, but to get English captions click on the “CC” icon at the bottom right of the frame. If you don’t see the “CC” icon here, then follow the link to You Tube and it will show … Continue reading

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Interview with DPR Prime Minister Zakharchenko

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Debaltsevo Sweep: ‘Betrayed and Abandoned’

A lonely German Shepherd caught up in the conflict in Ukraine, finds a hand of friendship extended.

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Ukrainian Squad Surrenders at Debaltsevo

Putin Says West Already Arming Kiev, but still he is optimistic RT Vladimir Putin said that Kiev is being armed by Western allies, according to Moscow’s information, but insisted he was “optimistic” about implementing the Minsk agreement, noting that the … Continue reading

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Civilians Liberated from Debaltsevo; ‘Angel’ Now Slapped with EU Sanctions

A unit from the Novorossian Armed Forces known as the “Ghost Brigade” managed to get inside of Debaltsevo and rescue more than 130 civilians who were trapped there. In the latter part of the video above you will see an … Continue reading

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Why Did ISIS Target Coptic Christians?

Have you ever read the Gospel of Thomas? We might not have that Gospel today had not Coptic Christians in the fourth century translated the text from Greek into Coptic, thus preserving it for future generations.

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