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Why Do People Hate Jews? Rabbi Sidesteps Question

By Richard Edmondson Controversy has hit a school near Leipzig, Germany where an entire 9th grade class is reportedly under investigation for openly displaying respect for Adolph Hitler and posting photos of themselves giving Nazi salutes and what-not on social … Continue reading

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S. Arabia Responsible for Stopping Takfiri Thought: Hezbollah

[ Ed. note: Is there any substantial evidence that Israel is genuinely concerned about ISIS? I’ll get back to that question below, but first consider the words here of Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah concerning the ISIS, or Takfiri, ideology.

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Israel Kills Another American Citizen

A funeral was held today for Orwah Hammad, a 14-year-old Palestinian boy who was shot and killed Friday by Israeli soldiers. Hammad was a US citizen–and not the first to die at the hands of Israeli soldiers. According to a … Continue reading

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Discussion on False Flags by Adrian Salbuchi

One of the recurring themes in the New Testament is the existence of “signs.” Meaning… signs that we should endeavor to be alert to, to be cognizant of, and ever watchful for. For instance, in Matthew 16:2-3, Jesus says the … Continue reading

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Chaos and Breakdown in the Sinai

By Mohammed Omer For the last 10 years, Walid Ibrahim’s challenge as a taxi driver has been to find the shortest distance between point A and point B for his customers. He works between El-Arish, driving through Sinai to Cairo, Alexandria and … Continue reading

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People Burned in Ovens in Adra: RT Report from December 2013

Yesterday I posted an article by Franklin Lamb on the horrific events that took place in Adra, Syria, starting in December of last year, when the town was overrun by militants from al-Nusra and other groups.

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Two Perspectives on the Possibility of a Coming World War

Yesterday it was reported that Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has called for a “reset” in relations with the United States. I’m not sure why Lavrov, who I normally respect, would engage in such silliness unless it was to stall, … Continue reading

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Christian Evangelicals Increasingly Support Palestinian Human Rights

By Alison Weir An article in Middle East Quarterly, a pro-Israel publication, reports that support for Israel is eroding among American evangelical Christians, with only 30 percent currently stating support for Israel above Palestinians. This trend is even more pronounced … Continue reading

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Is ISIS Good for the Jews?

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Anglican Church Fires the Wrong Guy!

By Richard Edmondson What do you call a man who heads a major Christian denomination but who doubts the existence of God? Words like “fraud” or “charlatan” would probably come to mind.

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