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Why I can No Longer ‘Stand Up’ for Israel

By Christian Stackaruck | Revangelical I have studied, lived, and served in Israel and cannot wait to return to do so again. Further, many of my dearest friends are Israeli or are ardent supporters of Israel. Recently, reading about recent … Continue reading

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Israeli Scholar Suggests Using Rape to Deter Terrorism

Below Ariadna Theokopoulos discusses a recent article in The Forward quoting Israeli academic Mordechai Kedar, who says the only sure-fire way to stop terrorism is by raping the female family members of terrorists. The article doesn’t clearly specify, but it’s … Continue reading

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Photo: Gaza Heroes…plus…Gaza Churches Provide Shelter; Displaced Persons Estimated at 118,000

Palestinian medics have been among those targeted by Israeli forces, and some have been killed. With the death toll in Gaza now surpassing 700, a UN official announced today there is evidence that Israel may have committed war crimes, according … Continue reading

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Media Follow Israeli Line on Captured Soldier

By Jonathan Cook The Israeli media have finally been allowed to partially confirm Hamas’ claim from Sunday that it has captured an Israeli soldier. They are reporting he is missing, presumed dead. Here are three comments on the coverage. First, Oron Shaul’s capture was treated as … Continue reading

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Zionist Has Head Handed to Him on Platter By Arab-American Woman

There are a couple of different ways you can look at this: A) Zionist debates Palestine advocate B) Ashkenazi European debates genuine Middle East Semite

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Worldwide Protests Demand End to Gaza Slaughter

“Rallies in support of the Palestinian victims of Israel’s military onslaught were held across the world’s major cities this week. Thousands marched in France, Germany, Argentina, the US, the UK and other countries.”

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Truth or Consequences: The Cunning Cover for Continued Genocide

By Zen Gardner (H/T Anthony Clifton) These so-called peace proposals are just the same old tactic of these psychopathic rulers. Keep the talking going while the genocide continues, all while any claimed “aggression” by those they’re slaughtering justifies anything they … Continue reading

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Report: Hamas Offers Israel 10 Conditions for a 10-Year Truce

Mondoweiss Hamas is offering Israel a 10-year truce if it accepts 10 conditions. The Jerusalem Post reports, based on an Israeli Channel 2 newscast, that Azmi Bishara announced the proposal on Al Jazeera television today.   Bishara, a former Israeli Knesset … Continue reading

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Video Documentary: AMIA Bombing in Argentina

Well, it seems Iran didn’t do it–I’m talking about the AMIA bombing in Buenos Aires, which took place exactly 20 years ago today. That bombing was widely blamed on Iran–a notion that got plenty of traction in the mainstream media … Continue reading

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US Blames Hamas for Deaths of Gaza Children While Fla. Congresswoman Sides with Israeli Police Against Her Own Brutalized Constituent

Israel has the license to do anything it wants, apparently including murdering children in cold blood, without having to worry about even a mild reprimand from the US. What else can you make of the statements by Jen Psaki, who … Continue reading

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