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‘A Danger Unprecedented in History’

This speech by Hassan Nasrallah marks the 15th anniversary of Israel’s retreat from southern Lebanon. The Hezbollah leader discusses the historic Israeli occupation of Lebanon as well as the challenges faced today, including that posed by ISIS–“a danger unprecedented in … Continue reading

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‘Judaism is not Zionism’

By Ariadna Theokopoulos “Judaism is not zionism” is a categorical statement on which avowed anti-zionist progressive Jews, many of them self-declared atheists, agree completely with avowed anti-zionist religious Jews — mostly the “Torah Jews.” The more outrage is generated worldwide … Continue reading

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Today is Nakba Day in Occupied Palestine

Today is Nakba Day in Occupied Palestine. Israelis marked the occasion by spraying people with skunk water and firing live rounds, tear gas, stun grenades and rubber-coated steel bullets. The ISM website has posted a report on the day’s events

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A Love Affair With Apartheid? PEN America Gets Israeli Seal of Approval

Back in late April, I put up a post entitled Hypocrisy Run Amuck: PEN Writers Organization to Honor Charlie Hebdo, which discussed a controversy engulfing PEN America over its decision to bestow its literary “courage” award to the French magazine … Continue reading

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‘Shell Shocked’–Gaza Journalist Chronicles 2014 Assault in New Book

Book description: Operation Protective Edge, launched in early July 2014, was the third major Israeli assault on the Gaza Strip in six years. It was also the most deadly. By the conclusion of hostilities some seven weeks later, 2,200 of … Continue reading

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The Day After Damascus Falls

[ Ed.-In the article below, Robert Parry discusses why he feels the collapse of the Assad government in Syria, should it in fact occur, could spell doomsday for the U.S. republic. As usual in Parry’s narrative, the villains are the … Continue reading

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The Disaster that Judaism Won’t Survive

Reposted from The Ugly Truth website… Both internationally and in Israel itself the distinction between the state’s Jewish character and its democratic regime is growing more acute. ed note–a fascinating read, for several reasons– Continued here

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Picture Proof that Israel Deliberately Targets Palestinian Children for Execution

Greg Bacon has posted an article on a recently-released report by Defense of Children Internationa-Palestine on the deaths of Palestinian children in last summer’s Israeli attack upon Gaza. The post, which can be accessed here, includes graphic photos.

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Obama Approves New F-35 Fighter Jets for Israel–as Jews Chant ‘Death to Arabs’

An excellent discussion on the announcement by the US government that it will make advanced F-35 fighter jets available to Israel–this of course despite the recent friction between the Obama administration and the Netanyahu government. What to make of it? … Continue reading

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SONY CEO on Middle East: Let Them All Kill Each Other (Except Israel)

Do you suppose Michael Lynton, the CEO of SONY, whose leaked emails are now making international headlines, never really heard of the Oded Yinon plan? Below are the first two paragraphs of a story published today by Sputnik. It’s got … Continue reading

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