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Foreign Leader Scheduled to Address a Certain Segment of the American Public

The leader of a foreign nation will soon, a couple of days from now, be delivering an important address to members of a certain US ethnic group. You might be thinking, “Well, perhaps it’s the president of China, and he … Continue reading

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A Girl Who Has Come to the Right Conclusion (though not in the view of the Jerusalem Post)

You may recall reading or hearing about Reem Sahwil, a 14-yearl-old Palestinian girl living in Germany, who  in a public forum on July 16 asked Angela Merkel a question and received from the German prime minister a reply that caused … Continue reading

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Report: Israel Attacks Syria Again

It has been a busy day for Israel. Earlier today the Israeli prime minister announced the “immediate” construction of 300 new settler homes in the occupied West Bank (article below), and now it seems that an Israeli drone has made … Continue reading

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Jonathan Pollard to Be Sprung from ‘Camp Fluffy,’ His Country Club Prison

Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard has been granted parole, and assuming all goes according to plan, he will leave prison in November and fly to Israel, where he will most likely be given a hero’s welcome. The move is widely seen … Continue reading

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Split in World Jewry: the ‘Diasporas’ vs. the Israelis

We seem to be seeing a major split in World Jewry over the policies of the state of Israel. A couple of recently-published articles are indicative of this.

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Surprise! State Dept. Calls on Israel to ‘Refrain’ from Demolishing Village!

Will wonders never cease? A few days ago I posted an article about an international campaign that has been launched to try and save the Palestinian village of Susiya from demolition. Apparently the campaign is picking up steam.

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‘Yahud’ or ‘Israeli’?

Apparently the children of Gaza are too busy running and dodging Israeli attacks to worry about observing the niceties of political correctness.

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Al-Quds Day Speech By Nasrallah: ‘Israel is the Source of All Terrorism’

In a speech given today, Hassan Nasrallah, the Hezbollah secretary-general, addressed a wide range of issues, from the war in Yemen, to the support given by Israel to Al-Nusra terrorists in Syria. With regard to the Yemeni war, he said, … Continue reading

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The Futility of ‘Blessing’ Those Who Curse You

A lesson here for Christian Zionists, though likely the lesson will go straight over their heads (what can you do?). At any rate, in Genesis 12:3, the unknown writer (it wasn’t really Moses, take my word for it) creates a … Continue reading

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Thousands Still Homeless in Gaza as Donor Pledges Go Unfulfilled

Jewish Terrorists Who Burned Palestinian Boy Alive Recount Their Crime By Khalid Amayreh | June 4, 2015 The three Jewish terrorists who last year abducted and burned alive a young Palestinian boy from a refugee camp near Jerusalem on Wednesday … Continue reading

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