‘Jewish Values’ on Parade? Israel Threatens Int’l Criminal Court


Israel has been threatening the International Criminal Court with retribution should it continue with an investigation into alleged war crimes committed during its summer of 2014 carnage in Gaza; plus a new poll has turned up some rather interesting attitudes in the Israeli Jewish public–with 53% supporting on-the-spot killing of alleged terrorists and 80% favoring the demolition of family homes of Palestinians who have murdered Jews. Ah, but what about Jewish terrorists who murder Palestinians? Should the homes of their families be demolished as well? The same poll found 53% of Israeli Jews answering “no” to that question.

Links to these and other stories are below. Perhaps you could think of what follows as a “parade” of Jewish values, I guess kind of like a Thanksgiving Day parade…

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Israeli Rabbis Debate Whether to Kill Wounded ‘Terrorists’


In the above picture, which figure exhibits the greatest degree of humanity?

[Ed. note – A friend emailed me the article posted below along with the following comment: “If you sense this ‘rabbinical debate’ is cold-blooded, the public comments are worse (not included). Rabbis offer no context, no recognition of the origins of this intifada.” The origins of the present intifada of course include last summer’s war on Gaza, which killed more than 2,000 Palestinians, as well as the more recent attacks on the Al Aqsa mosque by Jewish settlers. You could probably also throw in land theft, endless occupation, and bulldozing of homes as causes as well.

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Judaism as Explained by an Israeli Rabbi

A little earlier this evening I posted an article regarding the Jewish War on Free Speech, in which I posited that Judaism, the religion, may be at least as much a part of the problem, if not more so, than Zionism, the political ideology. This is contrary to the way most people view the situation in the Middle East, but it’s important to reflect on the fact that it was Zionism that grew out of Judaism, and not the other way around.

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The Jewish War on Free Speech: America, Germany, and Iceland

The Jewish war on free speech is growing ever more pervasive, as a few recently published articles show. Last month I posted a report about the city council in Reykjavík, Iceland voting to boycott goods made in Israel. The action gave rise to the typical Zionist furor we have all come to expect, and now it seems the city government in Reykjavík has been forced to rescind the measure. You’ll see a report on that below as well as a report on similar attacks against a mayor in Germany.

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Killing the Prophets?


The Mysterious Disappearance of Israeli Dissident Roi Tov

By Richard Edmondson

There is a legend regarding the prophet Isaiah. This ancient Jerusalemite, who so graphically and vividly predicted not only the coming of Christ but even the manner of his death, is said to have been sawed in half after angering the Israelite King Manasseh.

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Palestinians Do Not Deserve Compensation for Homes Lost in 1948, Say Israelis

I guess it comes from a lifetime more or less of viewing yourself as “chosen.” The Israelis interviewed in the video above overwhelmingly oppose compensating Palestinians for their homes lost in 1948. They all give various reasons why. The interviewer doesn’t ask them how they feel about discontinuing holocaust reparations to Jews, which Germany continues to pay even now, 70 years after the war. Too bad he didn’t. It might have made for an interesting follow-up question. I have a strong feeling they all would have offered justifications for why the German taxpayers should continue to pay up.

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Jonathan Pollard to Be Sprung from ‘Camp Fluffy,’ His Country Club Prison

 photo pollardz_zps79dc1ce0.jpgIsraeli spy Jonathan Pollard has been granted parole, and assuming all goes according to plan, he will leave prison in November and fly to Israel, where he will most likely be given a hero’s welcome.

The move is widely seen as an appeasement to Israel following the conclusion of the Iran deal.

A Google Consumer Survey poll found that 67.8 percent of Americans oppose any sort of “special compensation” to the Jewish state over the deal with Iran, but of course what the majority of average citizens wants is not always given top priority in Washington.

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Pro-Palestinian Christian Group Gets Lecture from ‘Anti-Zionist’ Rabbi


Check out the article below!

I guess words like “arrogance” or “meekness” or “timidity” would come to mind–arrogance on the part of the Jewish rabbi (pictured above), and timidity and meekness on the part of the Christians who sat and listened to her discordant remarks, apparently without protest or anyone getting up to walk out.

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