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Why Do People Hate Jews? Rabbi Sidesteps Question

By Richard Edmondson Controversy has hit a school near Leipzig, Germany where an entire 9th grade class is reportedly under investigation for openly displaying respect for Adolph Hitler and posting photos of themselves giving Nazi salutes and what-not on social … Continue reading

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The Expression of Hatred for Gentiles

Nahida at Poetry for Palestine has posted a rather remarkable article extensively documenting Jewish hatred of Gentiles, as expressed on certain Jewish websites.

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Jewish Values? Kapparot Chickens Left in Cages to Die

Every year the issue of animal cruelty comes up in connection with Kapparot, a Jewish ritual that involves swinging a live chicken above the head in the belief that somehow your sins are magically transferred into the chicken.

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Jewish Billionaires Make War on Iran

And the United States is Helping By Philip Giraldi There is a group of Jewish American billionaires who are apparently doing their best to make sure than negotiations with Iran go nowhere in the mistaken belief that they are doing … Continue reading

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‘Good Jew’ Fatigue

By Ariadna Theokopoulos I have “good Jew” fatigue, exacerbated by overexposure to, ‘As a Jew, I condemn what Israel is doing in Gaza, etc…’ public statements being made by a larger than usual number of Good Jews. It is true … Continue reading

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‘I was severely tested by the plots of the Jews’

Was the Apostle expressing something that millions–perhaps even billions–of people nowadays could easily relate to? From Venezuela to Ukraine, from Iran to Occupied Palestine, from Syria to Russia, from Argentina to New Zealand—and certainly here in the US—there are, I … Continue reading

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Two ‘Americans’ Serving in Israeli Army Killed in Gaza

The JTA has published a story about two Israeli soldiers–who also happen to be US citizens–that have been killed while participating in the Jewish state’s onslaught against Gaza. The two are identified as Sean Carmeli, 21, of South Padre Island, … Continue reading

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Greta Berlin: ‘Hamas Has the Right to Defend its People’

The right of self defense is a universal one that applies to everyone. Without exception. The leaders of the US and other Western governments, however, for some reason feel that this right does not extend to Palestinians. I suspect that … Continue reading

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Anti-Israel Protests Rock Paris…and a Jewish Convert to Islam!

The tide of public opinion seems to be swinging against the Jewish state, if not in the halls of political power, at least certainly on the streets of a number of countries. RT has published a report on a protest … Continue reading

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Video Documentary: AMIA Bombing in Argentina

Well, it seems Iran didn’t do it–I’m talking about the AMIA bombing in Buenos Aires, which took place exactly 20 years ago today. That bombing was widely blamed on Iran–a notion that got plenty of traction in the mainstream media … Continue reading

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