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Thousands Still Homeless in Gaza as Donor Pledges Go Unfulfilled

Jewish Terrorists Who Burned Palestinian Boy Alive Recount Their Crime By Khalid Amayreh | June 4, 2015 The three Jewish terrorists who last year abducted and burned alive a young Palestinian boy from a refugee camp near Jerusalem on Wednesday … Continue reading

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The 51-Day Genocide: Living Amongst the Ruins…One Year Later

By David Swanson Max Blumenthal’s latest book, The 51 Day War: Ruin and Resistance in Gaza, tells a powerful story powerfully well. I can think of a few other terms that accurately characterize the 2014 Israeli assault on Gaza in addition to … Continue reading

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Pro-Palestinian Christian Group Gets Lecture from ‘Anti-Zionist’ Rabbi

Check out the article below! I guess words like “arrogance” or “meekness” or “timidity” would come to mind–arrogance on the part of the Jewish rabbi (pictured above), and timidity and meekness on the part of the Christians who sat and … Continue reading

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Zionism’s Ongoing Campaign Against Free Speech

Shurat HaDin, the Israeli legal organization that has used the tactics of “lawfare” to wage battles against Gaza flotillas and others whom Zionists want to put a stop to, is this week holding a training seminar focusing on the BDS … Continue reading

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Boycotts and Divestments are not ‘Anti-Semitic’

[ Ed. – Almost every year we see one church denomination or another taking up the issue of whether or not to divest from Israel. Far too often these measures have been defeated, usually narrowly, by Christian Zionist factions with … Continue reading

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Who Does Jerusalem Belong To?

[ Ed. – Zionists often speak of Jerusalem as the “eternal capital,” etc., of the Jewish people, but actually there are a few problems with that line of reasoning, as the following article points out.] By Juan Cole Far right … Continue reading

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The Flower of Elegance…and the Angel in the Desert

The Pentagon Goes Nuclear on Russia ‘…Nuclear madness is now at five seconds to midnight.’ By Pepe Escobar We all remember how, in early June, President Putin announced that Russia would deploy more than 40 new ICBMs “able to overcome … Continue reading

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Spewing Obscenities, Foul-Mouthed Israeli Soldiers Hammer Palestinian Man

What you see in this video reportedly took place Friday, June 12, in Jalazone, north of Ramallah, in the West Bank. RT has also posted a report on the incident, including some of the same footage you see here, but … Continue reading

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A ‘Jewish and Democratic State’ Debates a Bill to Force-Feed Prisoners

By Richard Edmondson A bill to allow the force-feeding of prisoners has been approved by the Israeli cabinet. In order to become law, it will require passage on two more readings in front of the Knesset, which has approved the … Continue reading

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Israeli Forces Attack Palestinian Family, Demolish Their Home

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