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‘Samson Option’ Proponent Gets Up and Walks Out of RT CrossTalk Show

It isn’t mentioned in the above video, but Martin Van Creveld, the Israeli guest who angrily gets up and stalks out at about eight and a half minutes into the program, made the following comment in 2003: “Most European capitals … Continue reading

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Why I can No Longer ‘Stand Up’ for Israel

By Christian Stackaruck | Revangelical I have studied, lived, and served in Israel and cannot wait to return to do so again. Further, many of my dearest friends are Israeli or are ardent supporters of Israel. Recently, reading about recent … Continue reading

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Photo: Gaza Heroes…plus…Gaza Churches Provide Shelter; Displaced Persons Estimated at 118,000

Palestinian medics have been among those targeted by Israeli forces, and some have been killed. With the death toll in Gaza now surpassing 700, a UN official announced today there is evidence that Israel may have committed war crimes, according … Continue reading

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Message of Solidarity to the People of Gaza from Shatila Camp in Lebanon

For Immediate Release Media Advisory from Zeinab al Hajj, Executive Director, The Sabra-Shatila Scholarship Program, Beirut Lebanon-Washington, DC Shatila Camp Lebanon July 23, 2014 The Executive Director of the Beirut-Washington DC based Sabra-Shatila Scholarship Program (SSSP) and the American Friends … Continue reading

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Report: Israeli Forces Stole $3 Million in Cash, Property from Palestinians During West Bank Raids

Euro-Mid Observer for Human Rights Ramallah- During the course of Israel’s three-week campaign of mass arrests in the West Bank, ostensibly to search for the killers of three settlers, the Israeli military and police conducted an average of 18 raids … Continue reading

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Greta Berlin: ‘Hamas Has the Right to Defend its People’

The right of self defense is a universal one that applies to everyone. Without exception. The leaders of the US and other Western governments, however, for some reason feel that this right does not extend to Palestinians. I suspect that … Continue reading

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Israel Losing War on Social Media

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Disgusting Reactions to Gaza Slaughter in New York–Including from the NY Times

The video you see above was, of course, filmed in Gaza. It shows a Palestinian man shot down while searching through the rubble of Shujayya for his family. Two more bullets hit him after he is prone on the ground. … Continue reading

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Galloway: ‘Settler-Gangster-Terrorist State’s Days are Numbered’

The guy on the right is reportedly a former spokesman for Ariel Sharon.

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Report: 505 Palestinians Killed…as World Opinion is Mobilized Against Israel

As you will see from the video above, the tide of  public opinion seems to be turning against Israel throughout much of the world. There apparently was even a sizable protest in Washington D.C. over the weekend.

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