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Is Israel a ‘Psycho State’? Interview with Ken O’Keefe

See also: 14 Attacks on Red Crescent Staff and Ambulances in 3 Days Israel Bans Palestinians from Jerusalem’s Old City 96 Palestinians Wounded By Live, Rubber Bullets Israeli Army: Rocket Fire from Gaza Hits Southern Israel Israeli Jets Strike Gaza

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Jewish Settlers Compared to ISIS

Interesting comment from a guest on Press TV, likening ISIS to Jewish settlers in Israel. It doesn’t come until near the end of the video, but her other comments are pretty much spot-on as well.

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Remembering Muhammad al-Durrah

The above image–of 12-year-old Muhammad al-Durrah and his father Jamal, captured just moments before their deaths during the second Intifada–shocked the world when it appeared 15 years ago.

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How the Children of Gaza Bear the Brunt of Israel’s Barbarism

By Dan Cohen and Rebecca Pierce While the children of Gaza’s physical wounds have healed since the war of 2014, they live with enduring psychological trauma.

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CUFI Night to Honor Israel with Dennis Prager to be Challenged

By Charles E. Carson Subject: CUFI Night to honor Israel, featuring Dennis Prager What:    Vigil to Challenge CUFI “NIght to Honor Israel” Event Where:  Faith Bible Chapel – 6250 Wright St., Arvada, CO 80004 When:    Sunday, Oct. 11, 2015 – 4:30 … Continue reading

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Israeli Official Calls Reykjavík Boycott Vote a “Volcano of Hate”

Israel has responded to a vote taken by the city council of Reykjavík, the capital of Iceland, to boycott goods from Israel. That measure was approved Tuesday, September 15, and you can go here to access an article I posted … Continue reading

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Palestinian Fired in Israel…for Being Palestinian

The “only democracy in the Middle East,” we’re told… Abdullah Sabih had been on the job a mere one day when his employer told him he just wasn’t suitable. He reportedly had been asked to change his name to a … Continue reading

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Meet the Pro-Israel Supporters at Anti-Netanyahu Protest in London

A couple of days ago I put up a post entitled, Fear and Loathing: Trump Supporters Surveyed on their Attitudes to Muslims. The video it included was shot at a recent Tea Party protest in Washington hosted by Donald Trump … Continue reading

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UK Arrests Own Citizens While Welcoming War Criminal Netanyahu

If you wanted to see an example of Jewish power and the toxic effect it has on democracy you could ask for no better one than this. More than 109,000 UK citizens have now signed a petition calling for the … Continue reading

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Congresswoman Urges State Dept. to Investigate Killing of 2 Palestinian Boys

[Ed. – I posted several articles on these two Palestinian teens shortly after they were shot in cold blood (on video, no less) during a protest outside of an Israeli prison in May of last year. In one of the … Continue reading

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