So did anyone actually see this glass of water being drawn out of a Flint tap?

We are told that President Obama drank a glass of Flint city water. So did anyone actually see the water drawn from the tap? And why wasn’t that part shown on TV? You’d think, if the president wanted to reassure the people of Flint, he would have made certain the cameras verified the authenticity of the demonstration by showing beyond any doubt that it was genuine tap water. I mean after all, the only thing we see is a glass with some water in it–which could have been bottled water, for all we know.

Do I sound like a cynic? Maybe…but it kind of reminds me of six years ago when the media published photographs purportedly showing the president and one of his daughters swimming in the Gulf of Mexico–this designed to reassure the public that the Gulf was safe to swim in following the BP oil spill.

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Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina–The Marriage Didn’t Last Long

It seems like just a week ago Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina got hitched. Oh wait! It was just a week ago! Last night, only six days after announcing Fiorina as his running mate, Cruz exited the presidential race. I guess that’s the way it is with these modern day romances. Some people just aren’t in it for the long haul.

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360-Degree Video of Easter Service in Moscow

I tried to publish this yesterday, but after I got it posted, discovered that the 3-D effect I had observed on YouTube wasn’t working here on the embed. Or at least it wasn’t showing up on my computer. So I took it down to try and figure out why it wasn’t displaying properly. About the only thing I can come up with is that the scan-the-crowd capability works better when the video is displayed at a larger size. Maybe they’ve still got a few bugs to work out of this technology, or maybe I just haven’t learned the art of embedding it properly. At any rate, click on the video. If you’re not able to view the entire panorama, then click the link to view it on YouTube, and it should work for you there.

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US Defense Secretary Issues Bellicose Warning to Russia

 photo acarter_zpsw8zfuxku.jpg

[ Ed. note – US Defense Secretary Ashton Carter has ramped up the anti-Russian rhetoric another notch. In comments made today in Stuttgart, Germany, Carter not only reiterated his previous claim that Russia is “nuclear saber rattling,” but also accused the Russians of “going backward in time,” and vowed that the US will “defend our allies.”

Carter made the remarks at a ceremony in which U.S. Gen. Curtis M. Scaparrotti was installed as the new NATO commander in Europe, replacing Gen. Philip Breedlove. The latter was know for his outrageous, over-the-top comments about Russia, and his replacement, Scaparrotti, seems to exhibit a similar level of lunacy.

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Kerry Warns of ‘Repercussions’ if Assad Doesn’t Step Down

The “bellicose” rhetoric I described here isn’t, of course, limited to Ashton Carter. Secretary of State John Kerry has now jumped out into the spotlight with some threatening discourse of his own, vowing that Syrian President Bashar Assad must accept a “transitional” government (that is to say, he must, in effect, step down) or there will be “repercussions.” Here is what Reuters reports:

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How The NY Times Whitewashes the Scandal of Israel’s Child Prisoners

Separate court systems for Palestinians and Israelis–and the NY Times can’t bring itself to use the “A” word (“apartheid”). Abuse of children during night raids, arrests, and interrogations, and the NY Times can’t bring itself to use the “T” word (“torture”). I think the NY Times is running a close race with the Nobel Peace Committee in terms of who has the lowest credibility these days.


Dima al Wawi, 12, was released from an Israeli prison last week, and according to The New York Times, her experience there was not all that bad. She played shuffle ball and went to classes, and when she came home after more than two months, she remained her spunky self.

This is the tenor of a piece by Diaa Hadid that ran on page one recently under the headline, “As Attacks Surge, Boys and Girls Fill Israeli Jails.” The tone here is in stark contrast to other accounts. The Daily Mail, for instance, ran the story with this title: “Haunted face of a 12-year-old girl broken by jail.”

A YouTube video of Dima’s reunion with her family also reveals a stony-faced child with dull eyes, and her mother speaks of her dismay at seeing her like that: “It seems like she is living in another world, in shock…

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