Coup in Brazil–Rousseff Impeached by Senate


[Ed. note – The global bankers won a victory today in Brazil, where the Senate voted 61-20 to impeach President Dilma Rousseff. Apparently it ain’t over, though. In a surprise move, the Senate voted against a ban that would have prevented Rousseff from ever holding office again, which theoretically means she could run in an election scheduled two years from now.

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Amnesty Condemns Secret Israeli Trial of Christian Charity’s Official


By Electronic Intifada

Israel has begun the secret trial of an official from the Christian global development charity World Vision amid condemnation from human rights defenders.

On Tuesday, Mohammed El Halabi, the organization’s Gaza director, was brought before a pre-trial hearing in Bir al-Saba, a city in the south of present-day Israel.

All media and World Vision staff were prevented from attending the hearing, Halabi’s lawyer told the AFP news agency.

“A trial is legitimate if it is transparent,” World Vision International’s CEO Kevin Jenkins said.

“Secret trials are the most flagrant violation of the right to a public hearing. Holding these court proceedings behind closed doors would render any convictions obtained unsound,” said Magdalena Mughrabi, deputy director of Amnesty International’s Middle East and North Africa program.

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Is the Leader of Canada’s Green Party a Christian Zionist?

 photo emay_zpsdfa1j9qj.jpg

Elizabeth May, leader of the Canadian Green Party

[Ed. note – A couple of weeks ago I published an article in which I discussed the Green Party of Canada and the fallout between the party’s membership and its leader, Elizabeth May, over the BDS issue. At the party’s annual convention, August 5-7, delegates voted in favor of a resolution endorsing boycott, divestment, and sanctions of Israel as a part of the party’s platform. May, however, was outspokenly opposed to the measure and has threatened to resign.

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US Peace Delegation Gives Press Briefing on Recent Visit to Syria

A group of peace activists recently gave a press briefing at the United Nations regarding their visit to Syria where they had a chance to speak with government officials as well as civil society, including members of the legitimate, nonviolent opposition. All give the same assessment: that what’s going on in Syria is not a “civil war” but an invasion by armies of terrorist mercenaries funded and backed by foreign governments.

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