Report: Israel Attends Nuke-Free Mideast Meeting

It seems pressure may be mounting on Israel over the issue of its nuclear weapons. If the following report is true, a great deal of the credit would surely have to go to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Times of Israel is reporting the following:

Senior Israeli officials reportedly held a rare meeting last week in Switzerland with representatives from an array of regional states — including Iran — and other major powers to discuss convening an international conference on making the Middle East a region free of weapons of mass destruction.

The story goes on to say that the US, Russia, and the UK are “working to bring the conference to life” and were also represented at the meeting in Switzerland. Israel and the US, of course, have always opposed calls, from Iran and others, for a nuclear free Middle East. What has changed? Well…the election of the new Iranian president, for one, along with the Obama administration’s willingness to enter into talks with him. But so far, up until now, Israel has stubbornly resisted such talks, its prime minister even launching an aggressive attack against President Rouhani following his speech at the UN in September. As I say, the lion’s share of the credit for this new development, assuming it is true, probably goes to Putin—but is it possible the Obama administration has mustered some spinal fortitude and actually begun to apply pressure to the Zionist state? Stranger things have been known to happen.

Murder on the Zionist Express


Life in Occupied Palestine often seems to be a daily diet of murder. Perhaps that is the nature of occupation, and perhaps this is all the more so when an element of religious supremacism is factored into the equation. The blog Failed Messiah has posted a story about a savage attack upon a Palestinian man carried out by a group of American Jewish students attending a yeshiva in Jerusalem. Allegedly the man broke into a dorm room. Reportedly the students responded by chasing him down, beating him, and stabbing him—apparently to death, though there seems to be some confusion on the latter. At any rate, the level of zeal exhibited by God’s chosen yeshiva students is almost phantasmagorical and quite suitable for a Halloween tale.

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Syrian Christians Targeted for Supporting Assad

“Such conditions have prompted some Christians to take up arms and fight against the Takfiris along with the Syrian army. Most of the Christian volunteer soldiers are battling in ranks known as “National Defense Committees”, which were created by the Syrian army…”

By Tahmineh Bakhtiari

While Syria has turned into the scene of deep and spiteful aggression by the United States and its allies, Christians in this country are facing very difficult conditions…

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Christian Zionists Plan to Open University in Nazareth


Nazareth Academic Institute as it exists today

Christian Zionists are apparently planning to bring “enlightenment” to the poor, benighted indigenous inhabitants of Occupied Palestine. Governor Rick Perry of Texas, with help and assistance from John Haggee of Christians United for Israel, has struck a deal whereby Texas A&M University will open a branch campus in Israel.

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