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Olive Harvest in the Gaza Strip, 2013

International Solidarity Movement

Palestinians in the Gaza Strip harvest olives during the month of October. Several years ago, a large amount of land was planted with olive trees. They were completely destroyed by Israeli bulldozers, and Palestinians were prevented from replanting them by the so-called “green line.” Today the olive oil industry is a small part of the local economy. The export of this olive oil is also prevented as a consequence of more than seven years of the Zionist blockade.

3 thoughts on “Olive Harvest in the Gaza Strip, 2013

  1. For many years International Solidarity Movement peace volunteers from many countries would come to the occupied Palestine in fall, at harvest time and, dressed in recognizable red vests marked ISM, they would form a circle by holding hands around an olive orchard while the Palestinians would harvest the olives. The reason the squatters would descend upon the Palestinians with bats to prevent them from harvesting also had a legal underpinning. By Israeli law (never mind that it is against international laws for the occupier to make such laws in an occupied territory), a field or an orchard that has not been harvested for two successive crops is declared ‘abandoned” and confiscated by Israel.
    That clearly was too much time to wait for the Israelis, plus it entailed occasional complications, like some of the ISM volunteers beaten by the squatters under the eyes of the IDF managed to make their complaints made public internationally. Their peace volunteers vests gave them no protection…
    Clearly bulldozing the orchards is far more efficient.

  2. I’m kind of surprised Israel hasn’t bombed their olive processing facility. Give them time, they probably will.

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