Is Support for Israel Plummeting in US Academia?


The answer is it that it does seem like it. The photo above was taken at the conference of the American Studies Association, held recently at the Hilton in Washington DC. Specifically it is from the conference’s Town Hall Meeting on Palestine. The accompanying article below, originally posted at Mondoweiss, is written by a young Palestinian student who attended the event, and what it tells of is her experience staffing a table at the conference at which BDS (Boycott Divestment Sanctions) literature was made available.

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Views of Pre-1948 Palestine (exposes the ‘land without a people’ lie)

Gathered within this 10-minute video are some rather amazing snapshots showing life in pre-1948 Palestine. Some of the pictures date as far back as the 1880s, though most are from the first half of the twentieth century. You’ll see photos of Jerusalem Girls College in 1920; Red Crescent doctors, nurses and other staff in Jerusalem in 1917; women painting pottery in Nazareth, 1932; families having fun at the beach in Haifa in 1942. There are also wedding photos, pictures of large and small families and individuals, some of whom are identified by name. The red lettering describing each photo is kind of hard to read, and you might want to pause the video along the way to give yourself time to make out what the words say. In the last minute or so are some sad pictures from the Nakba.