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The JKF Assassination and the Coming 50th Anniversary


Thinking of the JFK assassination always puts me in a melancholy state, in part because I remember that day very clearly—I was in school in the 5th grade and I remember our teacher leaving the classroom for a moment and then coming back and telling the class the president had been killed and the stunned silence that then ensued—and also because in the decades since then it has become increasingly clear that what took place On November 22, 1963 was a coup d’etat.

It was the year that criminals took over—1963—the year America took a turn for the worse, and the nation has been going downhill ever since. Each successive presidential administration has been more corrupt and devious than the one previous to it. Obama has been worse than Bush II, who was worse than Clinton, who was worse than Bush I…and so on. It is an arching trajectory, and 1963 was the year the arch hit its apex and turned downward, and it is still descending, and I have very little doubt that whoever succeeds Obama will be even more calamitous to the country than he. That is unless we make a change, which doesn’t seem very likely, at least in the near term. As I say, thinking about it makes me sad, but with the 50th anniversary close at hand, thinking about it is kind of inescapable. All over the Internet people are posting stuff on the assassination.

One site which I think is doing an exceptionally good job at this endeavor is Kenny’s Sideshow, which over the past 10 days or so has been posting a variety of information gathered from multiple sources around the web and bringing it all together conveniently into one place. As Kenny, the site’s administrator, puts it:

The mainstream totally controlled media is making an all out attack on the sensibilities of the American people during this 50th anniversary of the assassination. I have the feeling that they want this to be the end of the discussion, the climax and then the letdown.

He is probably right. One of the chief suspects in the murder of JFK has to be Israel’s Mossad. The motive was there—Kennedy was trying to prevent the Israelis from acquiring nuclear weapons—and that Mossad had the capability to carry out the assassination, and plenty of sayanim moles to assist in the operation, can hardly be doubted. One of those moles likely was Jack Ruby, whose real name was Jacob Rubenstein. Among the information you can find at Kenny’s site is the fact that Ruby had dealings with mob boss Meyer Lansky, that Lansky in the 1940s had been active in gun-running to the Jewish underground in Palestine, and that in 1970 he fled the United States to Israel.


Meyer Lansky in Israel,1971

Particularly interesting are comments made by Ruby/Rubenstein just after his arrest as well as later to his defense lawyer, William Kunstler:

According to the Houston Post, and/or Houston Chronicle, after Ruby had finally seized the opportunity to kill Oswald at 11:21 AM on Sunday morning, the 24th, shortly after, he blurted out that he and others were going to be “the cause of the death of 25 million Jews,” meaning …if the investigators could figure it out…

Later Ruby says to his defense lawyer William M. Kunstler that he killed Oswald “for the Jews.” On each of the occasions Kunstler talked to him, Jack Ruby repeated that ‘I did this that they wouldn’t implicate Jews.’ (See: Kunstler, My Life as a Radical Lawyer, 1994, p. 158) and during Kunstler’s last visit Ruby handed him a note in which he reiterated that his motive was to Protect American Jews from a pogrom that could occur because of anger over the assassination. Jack Ruby had a long-standing relationship with the major crime syndicates. On his prison death bed, when a friend asked him to tell the truth before he dies, Ruby said: ‘Listen, you know me well, and you know that I am a reasonable businessman. I wouldn’t have done it if I did not have to.’

If you go to Kenny’s Sideshow you can find all this and a host of other material as well, covering various aspects of Kennedy’s life and death. There is even one particularly interesting theory, which I confess I had never heard before, that Kennedy was having a relationship with a woman who knew Timothy Leary and who was supplying the president with LSD—and that that would account for JFK’s desire to end the Vietnam War and his efforts to seek nuclear disarmament and peace with the Soviets. It’s pure speculation, of course, but there are pictures of the woman (she was quite beautiful), and it’s all kind of fascinating to at least contemplate.

Check it all out here, here, here, and here, or just go to the main web page, here, and scroll down.

8 thoughts on “The JKF Assassination and the Coming 50th Anniversary

  1. It wasn’t just mobsters running guns to israel. I had a jewish acquaintance who told me when he was a kid ( in the 50’s) his dad would go to his ‘Thursday night meeting’ where they would raise money to buy guns for israel. Being a ‘good’ jew depends on you perspective. I’m sure they all insisted they were patriotic Americans as well.

  2. Thanks for the kind words and links over Richard. I think it’s important to remember this most important time in our lives.

    My latest post on JFK’s speech to the Zionists of America in 1960 is different from the others but still a part of the history. We’ll never know how this could have turned out.

  3. listened to conservative radio talker, mark davis, maybe 35th anniversary of jfk assassination.
    his station in dallas had taken over one in fort worth and in that station’s archives were audio tapes from 11-22-63.
    after the shooting, a reporter interviewed a woman along the motorcade.
    to paraphrase her comment to the reporter: i heard shots from over there (meaning the grassy area).
    mark davis returns and attempts to diminish her comment by saying she had bought into the conspiracy theory.
    this was shortly after the murder before any theory was voiced.
    i’d like to hear that tape again.

  4. Helvena, gun-running to Israel still goes on, just in a different form, and instead of being financed by Jews, the American taxpayers pay for it. Kenny, excellent work on the JFK retrospective. We may not know how it would all have turned out, but I think it’s a safe bet to say we would at least have had a more decent country than what we have today. Joe, she bought into the conspiracy theory twenty minutes after the assassination. Yep, sounds like a definite nut job to me.

  5. Hurts the soul to read how the author was in middle school during Kennedy’s assassination. I was in high school during the 9/11 attacks. Yet here we are, different generations of Americans, different sources, research, tech access, and each of us suspects, as millions of Americans too-privately-do, that Israeli elites orchestrated the nightmare on Elm Street in ’63. The funny shoe fits this most serious crime.

    I’d known as a young boy in the ’90s that Jack Ruby was tied to the mob. Thanks mostly to hooplah then surrounding Oliver Stone’s most-curious, labyrinthean JFK blockbuster. Amazingly, I was long out of a respected university before I learned Ruby’s real name, Jacob “Jack” Rubenstein. Even as a boy I had intuited there was something too dang cinematic, on-the-nose about a man named Ruby being involved. Never once, as a news hound, did I come across his real name in MSM headlines, or on talk radio.

    No, I came across “Rubenstein” on a Jewish entertainment website, interviewing an actor Jonathan Silverman (Weekend at Bernie’s). See, Silverman shared that his father had been a rabbi at a Dallas synagogue where both Jack Ruby/Rubenstein and Abraham Zapruder regularly attended. I had less color in my face after hearing this than ole Bernie. I’m convinced the MSM uses Ruby to this day so that preoccupied Americans envision the Italian mob, nicknames like Paulie Walnuts on The Sopranos. And not the Jewish mob. Which even a lot of Boomers seem unfamiliar with (always disheartening to realize).

    Now I learn that Ruby’s attorney William Kuntsler himself wrote about Ruby’s confessions regarding Jewish complicity, in his own autobiography. And it checks out. Page 158, and several others. And thanks to the book ‘Gideon’s Spies,’ I learned that Israel’s Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion cited JFK as an enemy to the Jewish state for ordering Israel to cool their nuke program, even damned his Catholicism, before he resigned a mere couple months before JFK fell in Dallas. Today Israel has its Yad Kennedy monument, a rather prominent structure, allegedly in tribute. What is it poetically shaped as? A chopped down tree trunk.

    I can only hope, no pray, that the next generation of Americans won’t have to be gobsmacked in such isolation by revelations of Israeli crimes against our nation. Perhaps my comment here, and those of others, are small contributions to a digital bridge of truth as we collectively awaken from a tragic sleepwalk.

  6. Thanks for sharing your perspective. I was not aware of the Yad Kennedy monument. I just now looked it up. You’re right. It is shaped like a chopped down tree trunk. Yes, it has been a tragic sleepwalk, and hopefully the collective awakening will reach a defining moment. I believe it will.

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