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Holocaust Industry Hits Up Germany for More Money

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It’s amazing how they’ve located yet another group to be compensated. Also take note: the aged, decrepit holocaust survivors (who, despite being aged and decrepit, still apparently number in the millions) now have a “union.” The following comes from the JTA:

(JTA) — More than 1,000 people have applied for new compensation money from Germany for labor performed in Amsterdam’s Jewish ghettos during the Holocaust.

The compensation offers a one-time payment of $2,700 to people who lived in three districts of the Dutch capital that served as ghettos for the city’s Jewish community during the German occupation and performed voluntary labor there, the ANP Dutch news agency reported Monday.

The distribution of money for the labor was announced this week by the Dutch Union for Holocaust Survivors, which is known in the Netherlands by its Dutch-language acronym, VBV.

Do you suppose we’ll ever see Israel ordered to pay reparations to all the Palestinians who have been forced to perform “voluntary labor”? The story goes on to inform us that the poor Jews in the ghettos of Amsterdam “often did random chores such as sewing bags to feed their families.” Technically speaking, it wasn’t forced labor, but because the Jews were “coerced to live in the ghettos” they are presently deemed deserving of compensation.

So what about the 1.7 million Palestinians now coerced to live in Gaza? Are they going to be paid $2,700 each? Or what about the hundreds of thousands who were driven off their lands in 1948, or all the ones since who have  had family members killed or tortured or who stood helplessly by and watched their homes bulldozed? Do you suppose we’ll ever see any reparations paid to them?

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5 thoughts on “Holocaust Industry Hits Up Germany for More Money

  1. There’s more! Lots more…
    In an act of generosity and consideration towards the American taxpayers, advocates of securing help for the ‘survivors’ in the US who, as it turns out, have been living in dire poverty all along, are asking Germany to pay:
    “WASHINGTON — Holocaust survivors in the United States face severe health problems and often-grinding poverty…
    Led by survivor Jack Rubin of Boynton Beach, Fla., Holocaust survivors and family members told the Senate Special Committee on Aging that money made available to Holocaust survivors didn’t come close to paying for home health care services, hearing aids, dental care and the other costs of the aging population.

    Witnesses told Sen. Bill Nelson, the Democrat from Florida who leads the committee, that there are about 500,000 Holocaust survivors worldwide, about 110,000 of them in the United States, with big concentrations in New York, South Florida, Los Angeles, Chicago and a handful of other cities.
    The percentage of those survivors living in poverty ranged from 25 percent and up, according to differing estimates. The most recent survey of survivors in South Florida was in 2003, and it found that 39 percent of them lived below the official poverty line, according to testimony submitted to the committee.

    But Rubin emphasized that he was not asking U.S. taxpayers to foot the bill for additional services. An organization called the Claims Conference has for decades negotiated with the German government to provide for payments to survivors. But the amount of money so far made available through that system doesn’t go far enough to tend to the needs of current survivors, Rubin said.

    “We don’t want anything from the United States government. They did enough for us. They opened their doors. They gave us a new life,” Rubin said, adding later that, “Long-term care should be taken care of by Germany.”


    • Yes, Shoa is a great business and much more. It is the justification for Israel’s existence as “safe heaven” and most of all it is the powerful newest religion the Goyim in the Western world must adopt on pain of economic ruin and imprisonment in Europe and ostracism and even loss of employment in the US. Don’t touch the Shoa!
      The French comedian Dieudonée took a popular children’s song about “hot chocolate” and changed its lyrics to ” hot pineapple”– in French ‘chaud ananas’ sounds like Shoa, nah, nas or the equivalent of Shoa, neah, neah! to protest against the oppressive official indoctrination with the “mankind’s greatest suffering” mantra. The song also uses the word “reparations”….oh, no!
      His hundreds of thousand of fans have taken to wearing pineapple masks. Fined close to 100,000 Euros for his thought and speech crimes grotesquely categorized as “incitement to racial hatred” and “anti-semitism,” ha has been banned form performing anywhere in France.

      Dieudonée said his comedy act, his song and the famous gestures he invented — ‘la quenelle’ (meant to signify “I’ve had it up to here, up yours”) are not anti-semitic but anti-establishment. http://www.boldfacenews.com/french-resistance-jewish-power/
      But who is the establishment? The Prime Minister, the Foreign Sec’y and the Mayor of France are all zionist Jews and the Minister of the Interior, married to a zionist Jewish woman, publicly declared, “Through my wife I am eternally tied to Israel.”
      Forget the side jokes this has engendered in a country where marriage is hardly viewed as “eternal,” how does such an “eternal” tie to a foreign state qualify him to serve the French people?

  2. Uh-oh. Sounds like the Germans are about to get hit up yet again. I guess they’ll be funding retirement villas in Florida next.

  3. isrealhell is the biggest welfare fraud collecting the most money from the most countries in the history of the world and getting worse

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