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Francis I—A Menorah-Whipped Pope?

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By Ariadna Theokopoulos

Hardly a week passes by without the mainstream media (MSM) lavishing praise upon this Pope: he is modest, fair, just, he loves the poor, he chides the rich, and he is all about “interfaith dialog.” His predecessor could not catch a break. While not actively vilified (certainly not for the Regensburg speech), he was frequently reminded by the MSM about his shameful adolescence: a member of the Hitler Junge, no less!

Catholics are overwhelmed by the sudden change in the MSM attitude. Pedophile priests seem to have disappeared or ceased their leisure time activities, corruption is a thing of the past because this Pope is reforming the Vatican hierarchy, all is well at the Vatican. You would think the Pope has made Catholics feel proud again but some are instead riddled with anxiety.

Pope Francis has not set a foot wrong since he came in, in fact way before that: since he became a cardinal in Buenos Aires. One might think some intrepid journalist would dig into the relationship of the Pope — then Cardinal Bergoglio — with the murderous Argentinean Junta and his alleged connivance with it. Mum’s the word.

He has been praised for his support for “justice” in the AMIA bombing case, in which he had implicitly sided with the Argentinean Jewish claim that the bombing had been carried out by Iranian agents before the case came to trial. He has been praised for his “reaching out”– a term only applied to Christians doing the reaching to the Jews, not vice versa. He would not dream of hurting Jewish sensitivities by mentioning the sufferings of the Palestinians Christians at the hands of the ‘settlers’ and of the state of Israel.

Now he is about to make another fond Jewish wish come true by opening the Vatican’s archives for a Jewish fishing expedition looking to substantiate their  claims that Pope Pius XXII “turned a blind eye” to the Holocaust. From his friend, rabbi Skorka’s comments below, it sounds like this was a promise he made before he became a pope:


Francis Searches for Secrets of Holocaust Pope

The Pontiff wants to open Vatican files to determine whether Piux XII turned a blind eye to genocide…

By John Follian

POPE FRANCIS wants to open the Vatican’s secret archives on Pope Pius XII and the Holocaust before deciding on sainthood for the controversial wartime pontiff, accused by critics of having turned a blind eye to the extermination of six million Jews.

Abraham Skorka, an Argentinian rabbi and friend of Francis, said he discussed Pius XII with the Pope during a week he spent in September at St Martha’s House, the papal residence. It was the first time a pope and a rabbi have lived under the same roof in the Vatican.

Asked whether Francis would open the wartime archives, as Jewish leaders have long demanded, Skorka, 63, told The Sunday Times:

The Pope is consistent with all he said as a cardinal, and as pope he will undoubtedly make happen what he said he would do when he was a cardinal.”“What we said to each other was between us,” said the rabbi.


Pope Pius XII has definitely seen better times. He fared a lot better alive than he does dead.It appears that the Jews who once loved him have had a change of heart several decades after his death. They professed gratitude to him for several acts:

— Before he became Pope Pius XII, Cardinal Pacelli drafted the papal encyclical, MIT BRENNEDNDER SORGE, in which Pius XI denounced Nazi paganism and racism; the document was smuggled into Germany in March, 1937 and read from all Catholic pulpits, which infuriated the Nazis.

–  Jewish scholars like Joseph Lichten of B’nai B’rith praised him for having used the assets of the Vatican to ransom Jews from the Nazis and for running an extensive network of hide-outs. (Even the Pope’s summer residence, Castel Gondolfo, was used to hide fugitive Jews.)

– As a result of the Vatican’s efforts, the Italian Jews in Italy had a far higher survival rate under Nazi occupation than  in other countries [67% were killed in other other countries only 15% in Italy]; estimates of the number of Jews saved by the Vatican’s efforts range up to several hundred thousand. This was one reason why the chief Rabbi of Rome, Israel Zolli, converted to Catholicism at the end of the war and took the baptismal name of “Eugencio,” the Pope’s first name.

– In appreciation of what Pius did for the Jews, the World Jewish Congress made a large cash gift to the Vatican in 1945; in the same year, Rabbi Herzog of Jerusalem sent a “special blessing” to the Pope “for his lifesaving efforts on behalf of the Jews during the Nazi occupation of Italy”; and when Pius died in 1958, Israel’s Foreign Minister Golda Meir gave a him moving eulogy at the United Nations for the same reason.

–  A New York Times editorial on Christmas day, 1942 praised Pius as “a lonely voice crying out of the silence of a continent,” and the NY Times was not referring to the sufferings of the Gypsies.

– The Pave the Way Foundation representative for Germany, historian and investigative researcher Michael Hesemann, discovered a number of very important original documents in his research of the open archives of Santa Maria dell Anima Church, which is the National Church of Germany in Rome. One document notes:

The Pope then sent his nephew, Prince Carlo Pacelli, to meet with Austrian Bishop Alois Hudal. Bishop Hudal, head of the National Church of Germany in Rome, was by some accounts, sympathetic to the Nazi’s and had good relations with them. Prince Carlo Pacelli told Hudal that he was sent by the Pope, and that Hudal must write a letter to the German Governor of Rome, General Rainier Stahel, to demand that the arrests stop.”

Bishop Hudal’s letter to General Stahel stated: “Just now, a high Vatican source […] reported to me that this morning, the arrest of the Jews of Italian nationality has started. In the interest of a peaceful dialogue between the Vatican and the German military command, I ask you with urgency to give the order to immediately stop these arrests in Rome and the surrounding area. The German reputation in foreign countries requires such a measure and also the danger that the Pope would openly protest against it.”

The letter was then hand-delivered to General Stahel by a close confidant to Pope Pius XII, German Father Pancratius Pfeiffer, superior general of the Society of the Divine Savior, who personally knew General Stahel.  The following morning, General Stahel responded by telephone: “I forwarded the affair immediately to the local Gestapo and to Himmler personally, Himmler ordered that, concerning the special status of Rome, these arrests are to be stopped immediately.”

These events are further confirmed by the testimony obtained during the investigation of relator (high Judge) to the cause of Pius XII, Jesuit Priest Father Peter Gumpel.  Fr Gumpel stated that he personally spoke to General Dietrich Beelitz, who was then liaison officer between Kesselring’s office and Hitler’s command. General Beelitz listened in to the Stahel-Himmler telephone conversation and confirmed that General Stahel used a threat of military failure to Himmler if the arrests were to continue.

New York Rabbi David Dalin, a historian of the Holocaust, says,  “The Jewish people had no greater friend in the 20th century” and claims Pius XII saved more Jews than the celebrated Schindler. He argues that Pius XII was not “Hitler’s Pope” as a new book of that title by John Cornwell claims, but “the greatest defender that we Jews ever had, and precisely at the time we needed it.”

So what happened? Why have the Jews forsaken “the greatest defender” they ever had? Maybe it is a generational thing. The Jews who were grateful to him are all dead by now (except for the Holocaust survivors, famous for their longevity but not for their keeping up with the news). Maybe the new generation feels differently about “righteous Gentiles”– still all anti-semites, after all. Schindler’s line in Spielberg’s  movie, lamenting not having done enough, nowhere near enough, echoes in the accusation against Pope XII, since everything he did  still amounted to “turning a blind eye.”

What might  the hunt through his private papers uncover? Perhaps statements in his letters that express his dislike for Jews. The fact that despite this he saved so many thousands of Jews will not exonerate him. First of all, he “did not do enough,” and second, it proves that he was nothing but an “anti-semite.”

What to make of Pope Francis I? He has just declared the Jews’ Covenant with God valid, so the Jews are now Vatican-certified as “chosen,” he is giving kosher-catered soirées to 15 of his best Jewish friends in his private quarters, and now he is about to throw Pope Pius XII in the Colosseum.

The Vatican is now a subsidiary of the ADL and the fight against “anti-semitism” is paramount.

What else has he promised his close friends on his way to the papacy?

MarK Glenn hypothesizes that he will be “good for the Jews” in South America:

“Given the haste with which his predecessor Benedict ‘retired’, coupled with Bergoglio’s origins (Argentina/Latin America, the next major political hemisphere slated to go through the tumult of CIA/Mossad inspired/guided ‘color revolutions’ that will UNDOUBTEDLY be referred to as the ‘Latin American Spring’) my personal feeling is that Bergoglio’s role is to continue on with the program of suppressing the Catholic world’s immune system with regards to the Judaic virus and then at some propitious moment, will lend his credibility behind the various uprisings that will take place in countries such as Argentina, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuado and others who are firmly in the pro-Iran/anti-Israel/anti-JWO camp.”

Perhaps. But he may well be useful globally in the Catholic world.

13 thoughts on “Francis I—A Menorah-Whipped Pope?

  1. yea, i’ve noticed this. its disgusting. this pope spends so much time with jews, most of his meals are probably kosher. granting the jewish bible any legitimacy at all was christiandom’s greatest misfortune. the most barbaric, primitive religion in existence. we would have been just fine if the gospel writers didn’t feel the need to make jesus a relative of king david.

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  3. The faces of the men that run & rape & ruin Humanity and our planet are devilish,
    all look and act like thugs.
    Benedict’s pope face was too much to bear. Francis pope face is a nightmare too.
    No hope for dignity, justice, human felicity on Earth with men in charge of Human affairs.
    To hell with lop sided evil patriarchy!

  4. cg, piggybacking the New Testament onto the Old Testament was indeed a great mistake. As Jesus said, “You can’t put new wine into old wine skins.”

    Anna, the world is indeed run by evil people. Humanity will solve this problem at some point. If not, cockroaches are waiting in the wings to become the next dominant species on earth.

  5. So true Anna; Frederick Nietczhe once said that the Ancient Greeks were superficial because they were profound. These men running the Catholic Church are creeps.It is absolute evil,that this fool of a Pope,darling of the Rothchild owned world media(57 % US Fed/Bank Of England 700 Trillion) has blended Christ, with those who fought ,and crucified him.But remember,Benedict said the Jews did not shout’Crucify him,may the blood of this man,be on us,and our children forever’.”The people did it”.Or “The Romans”-A lie,like the gassing bunk(The International Red Cross in a report written in 1948,that:”No genocidel devices were found at any camp;See Fred Lecther Report,You Tube) but the Jews are out on a limb with that story,and are more exposed than ever. Christ cursed the Jews .’You house shall be made desolate’.And so is the Vatican 2 Catholic Church,run by this creep. See THE BAD WAR.COM. Opus Dei Alert.Com.The Ugly Truth.Com.

  6. Pope Benedict was no Nazi, alright? Like any child, he had no choice to join the hitler youth. But Benedict always chose positions where he didn’t have to be involved with the war. Pope Pius X II was praised by the then rabbi Israel zolli, who was so impressed with the Pope’s protection of jews that he converted to Catholicism, changing his name to eugenio zolli. And no, the catholic church is not involved in conspiracies…the jews and their Talmud recognize in the church their arch rival, therefore their desperate efforts to destroy it , exactly through inter-faith dialogues, to see if they can water down the teachings even more.

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  8. Pope Pius X11 was so evil that Israel named a park after him!!! Its called Pacelli Forest.
    He forged (Lied) about thousands and thousands of J EW baptisms, that never took place to allow them as enemies of Europe, to escape Europe.

    Never once did he condemn Communism, Usury, Marxist J EWs, Jews racial practices-reserved only for Germany who wished to preserve their own kind and culture. So 60 Million died to spread Communism TO 11 nations, create IsraHell, and World Govt.-UN.

    Just Another Shabbos Goy Pope, theyve controlled the Vatican at least since 1820s-Rothschild took over the Vatican Bank, if not sooner with the so called ‘Venetian Bankers’ nee J EWs/Medicis who made fortunes with Usury..

  9. Another worthy induction:
    “Pope Francis — Bishop of Rome, Sovereign of the Vatican City State, His Holiness — has another title to add to his papal résumé: Rolling Stone cover subject.
    The pope graces the cover of the iconic music magazine this week for a “The Times They Are A-Changin’:
    Inside the Pope’s gentle revolution,” a 7,700-word profile by contributing editor Mark Binelli, who went inside the Vatican to report on Francis’ swift break from tradition.
    “In less than a year since his papacy began, Pope Francis has done much to separate himself from past popes and establish himself as a people’s pope,” Binelli writes.”

    [much better yet: the chosen people’s pope….]

    The article goes on to say:
    “publicly scolding church leaders for being “obsessed” with divisive social issues like gay marriage, birth control and abortion (“Who am I to judge?” Francis famously replied when asked his views on homosexual priests) and – perhaps most astonishingly of all – by devoting much of his first major written teaching to a scathing critique of unchecked free-market capitalism, the pope revealed his own obsessions to be more in line with the boss’ son.”

    [Yeah, Jesus was notorious for eschewing “divisive Issues”…. and would have scolded any followers who disproved of abortions and were being unsupportive of gay marriage…. but the bit about scolding the rich, that’s a good one since it may help the rest pass unnoticed]

    and then, in conclusion:
    “Francis has been on other major magazine covers, including Time magazine, which declared him its 2013 Person of the Year last month. (It was the second time in a year Time ran a pope cover.)
    Francis is the first pope to make the cover of Rolling Stone, the so-called “music bible” founded in 1967 by Jann Wenner, something bands including the Velvet Underground, Public Enemy, Sonic Youth and My Bloody Valentine each failed to do.”

    Wow! What next? His Catholicism is so Jew friendly I see him headed for a Nobel Prize for Peace. Kissinger, a former winner, could give an endorsing speech except that he has problems traveling:
    Perhaps he can serve as his advisor as he did for Ratzinger:
    At any rate, Pope Francis is soaring and he has no lack of suitable advisors to hep him avoid ‘divisive issues’.

  10. “What did he do to deserve this?”

    That’s what people must have said 2,000 years ago as they watched Christ hanging on the cross.

    “What did he do to deserve this?”

    That’s what people are asking today, nearly 2,000 years later, as they contemplate the media bouncing about, turning somersaults, lauding, exalting, and praising the new pope.

    Coincidentally the same group of people have played pivotal roles in both. Thanks for sharing this, Ariadna.

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  12. Benedict XVI, formerly Cardinal Ratzinger, was a very knowledgeable (widely read) person. One could benefit by reading some of his writings as Cardinal and then later as Pope. Benedict differed from his predecessor and from his successor by not always being in the public eye and not being so hasty to have something to say about everything. But, he continued this Vatican policy of accommodation with the Jews. We must understand that Christianity did not grow out of what modern Judaism is – Talmudism and Pharisiaism.

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