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The Bankers Want Putin’s Head

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By Ariadna Theokopoulos

The international bankers want Putin’s head and they have $20,000,000,000 painful reasons. A recent revelation by a French source details Putin’s incredible double coup that made Russia gain $20 billion in a few days and recover most of the shares owned by West European and American investors in Russia’s largest energy companies.

The foreign (American and European) ownership of a large portion of shares in the energy industry meant that almost half of the revenues of the gas and oil industry did not go into the coffers of the Russian Federation, but into the pockets of Western financial ‘sharks,’ as the French commentator says.

At the beginning of of the Crimean crisis, the rouble started to fall but the Central Bank of Russia did nothing to prop it up. Rumors started spreading that Russia simply did not possess the reserves necessary to maintain the rouble.

These rumors and Putin’s declarations of intent to support the Russian-speaking population of Ukraine led to a plunge in the price of the shares in Russian energy companies, which made the “sharks” rush to sell their shares before they might lose their entire value. Putin waited a whole week, apparently doing nothing but smiling at press conferences (which was interpreted as trying to show a brave face), but when the shares almost touched bottom he gave instructions to rapidly buy them up from European and American owners.

When the “sharks” realized they had been had it was already too late: the shares were all in Russia’s hands. Not only did Russia gained $20 billion in only a few days, it also brought home the market shares of its industries. Now the revenues from oil and gas will not stay stay in Russia rather than run abroad but the rouble has been restored without having to touch Russia’s gold reserves and the “sharks” have been thwarted.

64 thoughts on “The Bankers Want Putin’s Head

  1. And what on earth could the antiquated and underfunded MI6 do against such a clever player as Putin? He has outplayed, outsmarted and outguessed the west in every single dodgy manoeuvre they have tried…Thats the master at work.

  2. The author of the piece speaks fluent English, even though it’s not her first language. I think the meaning is pretty clear: the Wall Street criminals have met their match.

  3. Let us not forget that he was once upon a time a member of the KGB, very highly ranked at that. He is well aware of most if not all of the tricks they use.

  4. Whew! Thank God. I thought you were going to tell me he had once been part of the Israeli Mossad.

  5. With you RIchard, I always look for content over spelling, and am humbled by folks who speak more than one language…

  6. I KNOW he was in KGB for many years, and a Communist Party member
    I KNOW he was a Colonel in KGB as well.
    I KNOW he was allowed to be (s)elected the President of Russia.
    I KNOW Russia IS the #1 oil producer and has been for over 100 years.
    I KNOW the jew(talmudists) bankers have been in control of Russia since 1917.
    I KNOW the same jew(talmudist) bankers remove leaders all over the world.

    Now, I THINK the article is bullshit. It served its purpose. It got your attention. You looked at the site. You may not have bought the IDEAS…. but others have and will.

    And even if I am wrong…so what?

    His biography supports my claims… even the flawed parliamentary elections which could not happen in a vacuum.

    Vladimir Putin has been the President of Russia since 7 May 2012. He previously served as President from 2000 to 2008, and as Prime Minister of Russia from 1999 to 2000 and again from 2008 to 2012. During his last term as Prime Minister, he was also the Chairman of the United Russia political party.

    For 16 years Putin served as an officer in the KGB, rising to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel before he retired to enter politics in his native Saint Petersburg in 1991. He moved to Moscow in 1996 and joined President Boris Yeltsin’s administration where he rose quickly, becoming Acting President on 31 December 1999 when Yeltsin resigned unexpectedly, forced to allow Putin in.

    Putin won the subsequent 2000 presidential election and was re-elected in 2004. Because of constitutionally mandated term limits, Putin was ineligible to run for a third consecutive presidential term in 2008. Dmitry Medvedev won the 2008 presidential election and appointed Putin as Prime Minister. He won the election in March 2012 and is serving a six-year term.

    Many of Putin’s actions are regarded by the domestic opposition and foreign observers as undemocratic. The 2011 Democracy Index stated that Russia was in “a long process of regression which culminated in a move from a hybrid to an authoritarian regime” in view of Putin’s candidacy and flawed parliamentary elections. In 2014 Russia was excluded from the G8 group as a result of its annexation of Crimea.

    [Everything below here means more money for jew(talmudist) bankers]

    During Putin’s first premiership and presidency (1999–2008), real incomes increased by a factor of 2.5, real wages more than tripled; unemployment and poverty more than halved, and the Russians’ self-assessed life satisfaction rose significantly. Putin’s first presidency was marked by high economic growth: the Russian economy grew for eight straight years, seeing GDP increase by 72% in PPP (sixfold in nominal). As Russia’s president, Putin had passed into law a flat income tax of 13%. His energy policy has affirmed Russia’s position as an energy superpower. Putin supported high-tech industries such as the nuclear and defense industries. A rise in foreign investment contributed to a boom in such sectors as the automotive industry.

    Putin IS a Communist **player**…playing the world.

  7. Mixing lies and truth together to advance a certain political argument or ideology is a classic propaganda tactic. I find it highly suspect that you express all this outrage over Putin while saying nothing about the crimes being committed, even as we speak, by the leaders of the US and Israel.

  8. Thanks to everyone who took the time to post a comment. It seems clear that the present “unipolar” nature of the world is dissolving. Western banksters, Wall Street criminals and their stooges in Washington are having to come to terms with the fact that a new power configuration is taking shape in the world, and I suspect this may be the source of some of the angst visible in a few of the comments. Let’s hope we’re in a transition to a better world.

  9. Thanks for posting my comment…and the reply.

    I left them for others to list, since the list would fill ten Superdomes. All leaders are criminals, and always have been. Only the biggest criminals get (s)elected.

  10. Seems like Mr. Putin has successfully studied the Rothchild’s methodology, and beat them at their own game ! Well done sir !!

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  12. ‘Putin IS a Communist **player**…playing the world.’
    you either are honestly without a clue what ‘communist’ means or are tendentiously using the term to slam him

  13. a better world for Russia maybe, not for us here in America thanks to the banksters and Industrial Military Complex that are swallowing us up.

  14. not so fast, sophisticated analyst –despite the name you chose for yourself–
    1. ‘All leaders are criminals, and always have been. Only the biggest criminals get (s)elected’ you say
    the ‘knowing’ cynicism you sport would have one believe it it is all the same for russians if they are led by a russian patriot who has recovered russia from the clutches of international predators and has embarked upon restoring the russian culture and traditions to the center of russian life where they belong or by a tribal pack of hate-filled, greed-motivated destroyers of the nation. facts contradict you.
    2. ‘The article was about Putin…not israel criminals or us criminals.’
    it is about putin thwarting the plans of the cabal, which he keeps doing masterfully with respect to syria, iran,etc. he is neither operating in a vacuum nor fighting windmills.
    cackling ‘communist’ does not cut it.

  15. Nice try, ariadnatheom but way off the mark with your darts..

    Putin thwarted no plans!! His Russian government owned Rosneft, Russia’s largest… is doing even MORE business with Goldman-Sachs’s BP and Rockefferer’s Exxon-Chase.

    Please…get up to speed quickly if you are going to race with me. Research rather than guess.

  16. I suggest you go start your own anti-Putin website and post away till your heart’s content.

  17. boetian genius says, mixing lies and truth just as richard remarked;
    ‘Putin thwarted no plans!! His Russian government owned Rosneft, Russia’s largest… is doing even MORE business with Goldman-Sachs’s BP and Rockefferer’s Exxon-Chase.’

    it surewly thwarted them and how….
    as for ‘more business’, it is simple, hasbara breath-
    before, when jewman sachs et all–who own the global financial system– also owned almost 50% of russia’s energy companies, russia had only 50% of the proceeds to pass through their system. now that he recovered russia’s ownership they have ‘more’ proceeds to pass through — all the european payments, etc.
    big clouds on the horizon, hasbarnik — the epochal accord with china will not be transacted through your boys.
    as for ‘enlightening’ you on what ‘communism’ actually means, no go. you don’t want to be enlightened, you have your spiel and run with it.
    one thing worth noting–putin’s restoring russian national pride, traditions and christianity, and kicking cultural marxism in the teeth is the farthest thing from jewish bolshevism.

  18. enjoed reading the dialogue……..all your comments, a crook is still a crook……is he on his way too New Zealand or Aotearoa? I hope not.

  19. The West is certainly not perfect and a great deal of terrible mistakes have been made, but to Hold this man as a mashia to all the West ills is foolish! He is more or less unaccountable to anyone (free journalism literally died in Russia!. President- Prime Minster-President- Prime Minister- joke! West is fuckec but there is so much worse out there

  20. “Certainly not perfect” is a gross understatement. How many countries has Russia invaded, in comparison to the US, in the last 20 years or so? How many people have been killed by Russian drones flying over their villages and communities? How many have been tortured and humiliated and photographed naked by Russian military forces? Where are the Russian military detention camps where people are held indefinitely and force fed if they go on hunger strike? Look, I’m not holding Putin up as an embodiment of holiness, virtue and perfection, but he has not exhibited anywhere near the inclination toward evil we see routinely from our own leaders, the ones you call “certainly not perfect.” You say there “is so much worse out there,” but I’m not too sure you are correct in that. Death on a scale such as that inflicted by the US in places like Iraq is pretty hard to top.

  21. All I can say is thank God for the internet with ALL IT’s information — all sides. At least I can read and decide for myself what to believe. Truth will always win eventually, and EVIL WILL GO DOWN ( I have read The Book and know the ending ). Peace and love to you all, humble yourselves, look up GOD IS GOD, get over it and accept His grace – it’s wonderful. Aussie Don

  22. President Eisenhower was the last honest broker to be called a Republican and Ana O you are absolutely right The poor will inherit what is left of the Earth.

  23. I used to blame the int. bankers and the government for all the ills and evils of this world but ive come to conclusion that its my own subjectivity that is the cause for all the worlds problems…I’ve read Marx and many other works and it’s quite obvious to me that the wealthy elite of this world are wealthy in rights, not money or $. Todays capital assets are financial assets, not means of production anymore, which are based on obligations. The whole system is being enforced in equity, the jurisdiction of obligation, even if you dont realize it.

    I dont see people asking questions such as ‘how did banks get their capital to being with?’ ‘how can i exist without using the banks?’, ‘how can i lessen my burdens on government? ‘why can’t I alter a contract with a corporation for my basic necessities?’, ‘how do muslims obtain finance?’…the fact is if anyone has a bank account, especially one bearing interest then you are contributing to the game. One only need to read the history of banking and taxation legislation up to today to realize this. Banks have a legislative purpose to fulfill, and that is to lend out what people deposit into them, even if it is fictitious electronic fiat money backed by nothing, and to generate profits for their investors (which they are mandated to do under trust law) which includes for all those trust funds providing for your mandatory retirement funds which must be set up because we lack the basic skills to provide for our own retirements; and governments must tax people in order to provide for their needs, including the taxation of money flowing in and out of the banking system. If we continue to blame shift and express that we cant exist without the banks then maybe we’ve missed the whole point that when we burden others then something eventually must burden us back.

    I know most wont agree with me but after 10 years of studying everything I can get my hands on, I cant come to any other logical conclusion. My frustration comes from good people such as yourself who have the burning desire to make change, esepcially for our children, but cant see past their own burdens they have been creating which begins from the moment your mother registers your birth. Is there anyone out there who understands where Im coming from?

  24. So what is your answer to the questions you pose, particularly, ‘how can i exist without using the banks?’Do we close our bank accounts and horde our savings in a shoe box?

  25. It’s fine to encourage personal responsibility as long as it doesn’t just lead to moralism or guilt-tripping – which your message essentially does, although I don’t think that’s your intent – because that just distracts people from understanding the incentives that drive the system, and therefore what alternatives might look like. It’s the difference between saying, for instance, “People should stop being greedy,” and asking, “Why do people sometimes behave greedily? Under what circumstances? Can those circumstances be changed? How?” There are interesting, compelling answers to those questions, but we’ll never find them if we keep telling other people to change their behavior, rather than asking what it is about our societies that compel people to behave in those ways.

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  27. “while saying nothing about the crimes being committed, even as we speak, by the leaders of the US and Israel.”

    What crimes are being committed by the leaders of Israel?


    Whats the matter, you approve of Putin stealing THIRTY BILLION from his own country and giving Iran nukes (may Iran drop one on Moscow), but a Jew who wants to build an extra bedroom in his homeland is an “imperialist”?


  28. les legato mixes the typical whining –oy, vey, we are persecuted just for ‘being jewish’ –with the expected lies, oxymoronic hasbara — ‘judeo-christian’ — and full-throated hatred and all that is par for the course in the usual drivel posted by the defenders of the indefensible crimes of the chosen. occasionally it is even funny.
    nevertheless the kind of gutter language used by this poster seems unacceptable and a good reason to delete the comment and ban this disgusting poster.

  29. See an exorcist and see if maybe something can be done for you. You know, your spewing of blasphemies brings to mind some of the grotesque scenes depicted in the Book of Revelation. In case you’re not familiar with that book, the text also makes reference–not once but twice, no less–to a “synagogue of Satan.” Kinda makes you wonder if the writer wasn’t talking about the future state of Israel.

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  31. You said what I was going to. If the grammar police want to be taken seriously, they need to run Spellcheck. Lol!

  32. You raise a good point, aa. It seems like these days everyone has answers to questions they never asked to begin with. And these answers never seem to include any measure of personal responsibility for the problems that exist in our world, or any need to change personally to assist in resolving them.

    Why do people behave greedily? I don’t know why other people do, but I know why I have (very recently) decided to allow greed and selfishness to dictate my actions in business with others going forward. It suddenly occurred to me that greed is essential for survival in this world. Throughout my adult life thus far I would exhibit my clear intentions to honesty and good faith in my business dealings with others, believing I was creating a setting of trustworthiness to be used and followed by both sides in the transaction. I would later look back, smarting from the beating I took, and note how doing so put me at a clear disadvantage because the other party did not bind themselves by the same rules of engagement. I was “playing fair” and they were “fighting dirty”. I was essentially hanging a giant sign on my back that said, “KICK ME, PLEASE!” and then wonder why I got kicked.
    My new modus operendi will be one of shrewdness and greed. It is a little sad that my innocence and belief in humanity has been lost along with the tens of thousands of dollars I worked hard for that have been unfairly been stolen from me in the long line of business associates, partners, employees, employers, agents, strangers, acquaintances, friends and even family members who have enriched themselves at my expense throughout the past 20 years. But maybe that is what we are here to learn. We all come into this world with innocence and trust. It comes naturally to small children. Perhaps acquiring greed is an essential part of maturing, necessary for personal survival and that of our offspring. I know I will never again have to forego a birthday present for one of my children because someone just took me for an expensive ride. I have learned my lesson. I will cross my fingers behind my back while I’m shaking hands and always look out for number one. If I don’t I will be living paycheck to paycheck for the rest of my life if I’m lucky. It’s simple financial Darwinism.

  33. Jenn, your idea of ‘personal responsibility for the problems that exist in our world’ is odd. You appear to have arrived independently at the apology for greed of Ayn Rand, the Jewish goddess of the global financial system. To have been duped so many times as you say you have been requires not only greed and dishonesty on one side but also a certain amount of gullibility on the other — ‘fool me once…’ etc. Don’t go for greed and dishonesty because it seems that you are never likely to be a smart enough selfish crook.

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  35. ……Most of Russia’s Oil and Gas belongs to the Republic of Siberia…………

    Loskutov said the Novosibirsk protest was meant to both ridicule the Kremlin’s hypocrisy on self-determination in Ukraine and to raise the issue of Siberia’s delayed development. Most of Russia’s oil and gas output comes from western Siberia, but the region lags behind Moscow, St Petersburg and some southern areas in quality of life ratings.

    “It’s using the rhetoric that our government and their propaganda use,” Loskutov said. “They decided to tell us how great it is when some republic moves for self-determination. Okay, well let’s apply this to other regions. Can Siberia allow itself this same rhetoric? It turns out it can’t.”

  36. Old news, democracy lover. Are you recycling?
    Artyom Loskutov, what do you know, is an “artist” known for organizing an annual absurdist rally called Monstration…. Suitable material to do a Sorosian “open democracy” shindig, I think. He applied for a permit to organize a new “march” in Novosibirsk (largest Siberian city) on August 17 (is it still $20 for 3 hrs for each shouting participant carrying signs in English or has the price gone down with the dip of the ruble?)
    The theme this time was going to be the need for Siberia to secede or get autonomy by ‘federalizing” because Russia is exploiting it.
    His Novosibirsk protest was meant to both ridicule the Kremlin’s hypocrisy on self-determination in Ukraine and to raise the issue of Siberia’s “delayed development.”
    The mayor of Novosibirsk denied him the permit based on Russia’s law prohibiting actions against inviolability of the constitutional order, territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Russian Federation.
    The comparison with Crimea and eastern Ukraine is apt but it works agains your thesis: they are ALL Russian lands with centuries of Russian history, long before Ukraine was invented. If Putin opposes secession of Siberia he is not being hypocritical but rather consistent.
    It is also apt to have this discussion under “The Bankers Want Putin’s Head”: if they can’t start a color revolution in Russia, they scrape the bottom of the barrel to find pretexts to rail against Russia and Putin.

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  38. The history of Trusts , Cestui Que Vie and others stemming from the original Unam Sanctum , Law , and who wields it and by what authority , and study of remedies ; you may find interest in the writings of Frank O’Collins .

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