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The Corruption of Wikipedia


Is it perhaps time for people to demand that Wikipedia stop masquerading as an “encyclopedia”?

A few days ago, I posted a article about Wikipedia entering into an open collaboration with the Israeli Education Ministry under which Israeli students–perhaps even the very ones in the photo above–will be writing articles to be presented on the Wikipedia website as objective sources of information.

The article, published in the Jerusalem Post, says the aim is to “fill in missing information on the online encyclopedia’s website,” and informs us that already “hundreds of entries are written by university students as part of their coursework in higher-education institutions, often instead of a final exam or project.”

Interestingly, it seems the corruption of Wikipedia has been going on at the very top of the organization, and that it also has been underway for at least the past three years. The following is from a JTA article published in June of 2011. (H/T David Holden).

JERUSALEM (JTA) – Pop star Shakira, comedian Sarah Silverman and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales helped open the third Israeli Presidential Conference with President Shimon Peres.

“The best decisions we can make for a better tomorrow are those about educating and caring for our children,” said Shakira, a Columbian singer whose father is Lebanese and who serves as a UNICEF goodwill ambassador. “Israel is the perfect place to discuss education and our future because it is the melting pot, the location where all nations and religions were born. We are all inheritors of Abrahamic culture, therefore we are all Israel.”

In presenting her recipe for a better tomorrow, Silverman, whose sister lives in Israel, noted that the differences between Israelis and Palestinians is not as great as thought to be.

“My recipe for a better tomorrow would be to raise an entire generation without hate,” she said at the conference, titled “Facing Tomorrow.” “The solution for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a simple ‘buddy movie formula.’ If you have these two hostile entities, find a common goal, and work together to fulfill it, in the end they will realize that they have much in common.”

Wales called for harnessing technology to give the younger generation a voice.

When Wikipedia first emerged as a phenomenon I thought it was a pretty nice idea, but Zionist Jews have managed to corrupt it, as they corrupt just about everything else. The following is a commentary on the matter I am reposting from another blog, the author of which takes the view, justifiably, that Wikipedia’s credibility is pretty much officially dead at this point.


Israeli Propagandists Taking Over Wikipedia?


The Wikimedia Foundation, the non-profit organization that operates Wikipedia and other free knowledge projects, has signed an agreement that will allow Israeli propagandists to promote apartheid Israel and its racist, Zionist policies through the pages of Wikipedia, the world’s largest and most popular free encyclopedia.

The agreement was signed by Rabbi Shai Piron, the Israeli education minister, Jan-Bart de Vreede, the chairman of the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees, Itzik Edri, the chairman of the Wikimedia Israel Board, and Michal Lester, the executive director of Wikimedia Israel.

In an article published on the Wikimedia blog, Edri said:

Through the planned cooperation, history, geography and science teachers will receive special professional training to instruct students on how to contribute to new or incomplete Wikipedia articles for which information is lacking or inadequate.

The Education Ministry will also examine the possibility of integrating Wikipedia writing assignments in the teaching of research and community involvement. They will also consider having students who speak additional languages (primarily English and Russian) write Wikipedia articles about Israel in those particular languages.

The article reminded us that Israelis are already making extensive use of Wikipedia to promote their views.

In the framework of cooperation that is already in place between Wikimedia Israel and the Ministry of Education, several pilot projects are being conducted. The projects involve teacher training in good Wikipedia usage, article composition, Wikipedia article writing by gifted high school students and the teaching of proper Wikipedia usage to elementary schoolchildren. It is worth mentioning that through cooperation with academics in a variety of universities and colleges throughout Israel, hundreds of articles are written each year by students in courses. Thus students write Wikipedia articles as part of their degrees, sometimes even in lieu of exams or final papers…

Last August we reported that Israel was in the process of hiring university students to post pro-Israel messages on social media networks – without needing to identify themselves as government-linked pimps. We cited an Associated Press news agency report, which quoted an Israeli official as saying that a budget of 778,000 US dollars had been earmarked for the propaganda project, and that the national Israeli student association would select participants from a pool of applicants.

Back in 2009 the journalist Jonathan Cook reported that the Israeli Foreign Ministry was creating “a special undercover team of paid workers whose job it will be to surf the internet 24 hours a day spreading positive news about Israel”.

“Internet-savvy Israeli youngsters, mainly recent graduates and demobilized soldiers with language skills, are being recruited to pose as ordinary surfers while they provide the government’s line on the Middle East conflict,” he said.

At the time Cook cited Ilan Shturman, the head of the internet propaganda unit, as saying that high on the unit’s list of target sites for Israeli propaganda will be the BBC News website and Arabic-language sites.

Now it would seem that Wikipedia has been added to the list, under the guise of “education”.

If that’s the case, and it sure seems to be, then all we can say is RIP Wikipedia! Your credibility will now stoop to that of Mark Regev (real name Mark Freiberg), Israel’s Australian-born Joseph Goebbels.

5 thoughts on “The Corruption of Wikipedia

  1. I often turn to Wikipedia for basic info. out of convenience, but usually find it to be a platform for much, much more than that. Rather than just providing the basics, most articles take on the additional responsibility of passing judgements, or repeating them, becoming quagmired in seemingly detailed and legitimate criticism. As soon as the basic, cursory explanation of who or what the article is about finishes, a very lop sided debate ensues regarding the validity of opinions, interpretations and perspectives, leaving the reader who continues through to the end of the article with an overwhelming sense that they stumbled upon someone or something universally embroiled in controversy and unfit for discussion in polite society. Its really fairly obvious when it happens, and can’t be avoided when an “encyclopedia” allows itself to be as much a chronicle of controversy as it is a repository of minimalistic, objective facts.

    Sometimes I’ve thought about trying to edit some things here and there to add some balance or objectivity, but in polemics, championing objectivity is endless and completely unrewarding. Whoever employs the ethno-religious principle (Judaism/Zionism) as both guidance and prize fights from the high ground while its opponents loiter, divided below. “All advertising, whether in the field of business or politics, achieves success through the continuity and sustained uniformity of its application.” -Hitler, Mein Kampf

  2. Excellent article, Brenda. Thanks for sharing the link. Will re-post it if you don’t mind.

  3. If you are doing research,wikpedia is still useful but can not be relied on for empiracle evidence and at this time of infowars,it is been tampered with by various security agencies,to make mischief on people or organisations they dont like,the neocon apparatus,in all its guises uses disinformation as a weapon,to fight growing scepticism of doubting millenial generation,who get their news and information online and non traditional sources,ie news print..

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