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Israeli Facebook Page Calls for Murder of Palestinians


Yesterday I reported on the mass insanity enveloping Israel over the abduction of three Jewish teenagers, but apparently the madness is even deeper and more widespread than I realized.

A Facebook page, mainly in Hebrew, has been put up calling for the mass murder of Palestinians (one every hour), and as you can see from the above photo, which I snipped just a few minutes prior to posting this, the page has so far garnered more than 19,400 “likes.” The Electronic Intifada has published an article on the site, including English translations of some of the posts, that makes for eye-opening reading. H/T to Brenda.

15 thoughts on “Israeli Facebook Page Calls for Murder of Palestinians

  1. somehow i doubt this would bother chief operating officer of Facebook, Sheryl Sandberg, cwho said ‘Facebook was started not just to be a company, but to fulfill a vision of connecting the world”. massive ethnic cleansing and assassinations are somebody’s ‘vision of connecting the world”

  2. If it were calling for the murder of Jews you can bet it would have been taken down. The positive side to it is that in leaving it up Facebook is highlighting Israeli depravity as well as its own hypocrisy.

  3. Haaretz reports simply “Facebook administrators rejected a request made by an Israeli journalist” (16 June, http://www.haaretz.com/news/diplomacy-defense/1.599180). I can’t seem to find any detail on the request. But it does call to mind that when Israeli officials “demanded” in 2011 that FB remove a Pro-Palestine Third Intifada page, it did: http://www.haaretz.com/news/diplomacy-defense/facebook-removes-page-calling-for-a-third-palestinian-intifada-1.352623

  4. This is a lie obvious to anyone who can read Hebrew.

    They said terrorists should be shot. Not any arab.

    in America you execute murderers. in Israel there is no capital punishment. But it’s time we make one.

  5. ah, ‘terrorists,’ not arabs; that’s entirely different. you’re saying it could mean the idf. i agree.
    capital punishment would be inconvenient for israel’ it presupposes some sort of trial; it would hamper assassinations — faster work and an israeli specialty.

  6. Wow, Anonymous, that post is strangely similar to one on the Electronic Intifada report. (Was it, by chance, on the list of talking points?) Let me reiterate my reply to that comment–it refers to the original EI report, but the principle carries over. (http://electronicintifada.net/blogs/patrick-strickland/kill-palestinian-every-hour-says-new-israeli-facebook-page)

    One, as the article’s discussion makes clear, the commenters on the FB page clearly view “Mechablim/terrorists” as synonymous with “Palestinians,” as they call for the destruction of entire Palestinian communities. This stance is supported by the FB page administrators when they fail to remove comments such as those cited by EI as examples.

    Two, the page administrators may be specifically targeting imprisoned Palestinians for execution, as they criticise the “weak” Israeli government for releasing prisoners, but the administrators also leave the door wide open to extending that policy to all Palestinians in saying “The only way to bring the teens back is to instill fear in our enemies and make them understand that they will suffer” (“about” section, in English). “Our enemies” will suffer—not the terrorists will suffer.

    Three, does the FB page anywhere specify that ONLY convicted “terrorists,” and NOT random Palestinians, are to be executed? Not that I can find.

    Four, even if we accepted the notion that imprisoned Palestinians labelled “terrorists” by the Israeli government were justly convicted (just to play devil’s advocate for a moment), are they all subject to the death penalty under Israeli law? If so, why have they not been executed by the law? Indeed some were even released, a point the FB page administrators complain of. The FB page is advocating illegal vigilantism, a practice hardly known for making keen distinctions.

    Lastly, the one “like” from this FB page declares “Death to all terrorist enemies of Israel!” and has 68,000 likes. The theme in both pages is that anyone who does not support Israel is thus an enemy of Israel is thus a terrorist and is thus a bonafide target for execution. You don’t need to speak Hebrew to see that. Besides, as this EI article makes clear, Israeli forces are already redoubling their efforts to to make their enemies suffer, having quickly killed two Palestinians. And they weren’t in prison as terrorists.

  7. Yes, terrorists. People who intentionally kill civilians with the intent of causing terror.

    Like the sniper who murdered the 3 month old baby Shalhevet Paz.
    Like the one who murdered dozens at the Sbaro restaurant in Jerusalem while they were eating pizza.

    Like the 19 Muslims who flew two planes into the World Trade Center.

    Do you think it’s ok to kidnap three teens off the street?

  8. Or like dropping incendiary white phosphorous bombs on civilians. Or bulldozing people’s homes. Are you so blind you can’t conceive of the reality that Jews, including Israeli soldiers, are capable of terrorism? Is that part of your “eternal victimization” complex–that the word “terrorism” only applies to others? As for the “19 Muslims who flew two planes into the World Trade Center,” you might be interested to know that three, not two, buildings collapsed at the World Trade Center that day, and there is considerable evidence that all three were brought down by controlled demolition. See our The Real 9/11 Museum.

  9. you didn’t answer my questions

    do you it’s ok to kidnap 3 teenagers?
    do you think it’s ok to shoot a little baby?
    whay do you think should be done to someone who does that?

  10. ‘People who intentionally kill civilians with the intent of causing terror.’
    yes, like deir yassin, to cite an early one.

    which 19 muslims are we talking about — the legendary boys withe magic box cutters led by the tall, skinny diabetic wizard who lived in a cave, died and was reincarnated in a younger, fat self who made many hit videos… i never got enough of that story. much better than the one about the gas chambers. more dynamic.

  11. You’re still stuck in your victimization complex and you’ve still got your blinders on. You’re not acknowledging the far greater wrong that has been done to the Palestinians by Israel rather than vice versa–the far greater numbers that have been killed, including Palestinian children, made homeless, or thrown into prisons (essentially kidnapped). Until you can be honest enough to acknowledge these things, it’s worthless having a conversation with you.

  12. what kind of person would even mention the thousands of palestinians in israeli jails, including hundreds of children, or the israeli kidnappings of palestinian youngsters as regular occurrences, to distract our attention from the 3 missing israeli teenagers and a jewish baby who was killed, as anonymous tells us.
    only someone like richard who does not understand that there is no difference between occupied and occupier, executioner and criminally resistant victim because after all both sides are human, aren’t they
    only someone like richard who does not understand the proper equation of the value of human lives, as the good rabbi explained,
    “One million Arabs are not worth a Jewish fingernail,” said Rabbi Yaacov Perrin in his eulogy of Dr. Baruch Goldstein (news article, Feb. 28). The original Hebraic phraseology comes from the Midrash to Deuteronomy which, typically, elaborates on the sparse biblical description of the death of Moses.’
    go, anonymous, enlighten us more

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