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Mass Execution Photos Published

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“Mass execution photos of Iraqi soldiers/civilians by jihadi savages.”

Those are the words used by the website Global Research to describe a series of photos uploaded showing mass killings, apparently carried out by ISIL against Iraqi soldiers. The  photos are quite graphic, as you no doubt would expect, but one part of the article which especially caught my eye is not one of the photos, but rather a comment regarding a  Twitter post by Human Rights Watch Director Kenneth Roth:

Meanwhile, Human Rights Watch Director (and unofficial al-Qaeda spokesman, it seems) Kenneth Roth is watching ISIS’ back. He is full of praise for the head cutters/ mass executioners.. Below is his Twitter post:

The post kind of got me curious as to what exactly Human Rights Watch actually has been saying about ISIL/ISIS. So I did a brief search and turned up the following:

Fighters from the extremist Islamist group Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) appear to have executed at least 15 civilians in northern Syria on May 29, 2014. Local residents told Human Rights Watch at least six children were among those killed after ISIS raided the village of al-Taliliya, near Ras al-‘Ayn.

Residents and local officials said the victims were Syrian Arabs who had been displaced from the countryside around the city of Aleppo.

“While everyone is focused on ISIS’s advances in Iraq, they’re also committing atrocities in Syria, including gunning down civilians,” said Nadim Houry, deputy Middle East and North Africa director at Human Rights Watch.

All well and good so far (the report, that is, not the executions), but then we get this additional quote from Houry:

“ISIS flouts the law, executing civilians at will, while Russia and China paralyze UN Security Council action.”

Quite suspicious, don’t you think? As I have said repeatedly, and as the analysts at Global Research have also concluded, the ISIL terror organization is being trained and supported, at least covertly or indirectly, by the United States. And it is quite interesting that HRW, which seems to maintain remarkable adherence to US foreign policy objectives, would now be pointing to ISIL atrocities, apparently for purpose of justifying another US humanitarian intervention in the Middle East.

How all this ultimately plays out should be very interesting, but I would look askance at anything Human Rights Watch has to say about the situation. Yes, it’s true, the organization released a report earlier this month on the killing of two Palestinian teenagers by Israeli soldiers, and I put up a post about it at the time, but such reports have little effect on Israel, and my guess is that its release was more or less for cosmetic purposes. Without occasionally criticizing Israel, HRW would not be able to retain a shred of credibility.

For more on HRW’s rather dubious record as a champion of “human rights,” see the Keane Bhatt article, The Hypocrisy of Human Rights Watch, which I posted back in February of this year.

One thought on “Mass Execution Photos Published

  1. You’re doing a good job in pulling back the curtains and exposing these vile vicious creatures..

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