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Jewish CEO Dances Naked for Camera

dovcharney“That is 100% him,”
says former company model.

With all the sadness and chaos in the world today, I thought it perhaps time to lighten up a bit. RT has published an eye-popper of a story–with video–concerning the CEO of an apparel company who apparently decided to let it all hang out one day in front of a couple of his female employees.

The video shows Dov Charney, CEO of American Apparel (well, it seems, actually he is the former CEO of the company at this point) talking on a cell phone as he dances around a room completely naked.

“I’m dancing right now for Daisey,” Charney says into the phone, the name “Daisey” apparently referring to the person filming the video. Another woman is also shown in the footage, at one point fondling Charney’s rear end.

American Apparel is known for its ads featuring scantily clad models, often in sexually provocative poses, (the RT story features a couple of examples), and according to Wikipedia, Charney has been directly involved in the company’s “design, branding, and advertising.”

Both RT and Wikpedia report that the former CEO has been the subject of sexual harassment lawsuits brought by former American Apparel employees, and reportedly a former model for the company has confirmed that the man seen in the video is indeed Charney.

“That is 100% him,” she is quoted as saying

I suppose, in a somewhat campy manner of speaking, it could be thought of as ironic–the CEO of an apparel company showing up in a video completely, totally sans apparel, but at any rate you can click here to access the full story and video from RT. Warning: the video is extremely graphic, with Charney displaying full frontal and rear nudity.

RT, rather tactfully, doesn’t mention that Charney is Jewish. But I’m obviously not that tactful, and the Wikipedia article informs us, moreover, that the not-so-gentlemanly exhibitionist grew up in Canada where he was “influenced heavily” by the local culture as well as “his Jewish heritage.”

4 thoughts on “Jewish CEO Dances Naked for Camera

  1. “grew up in Canada where he was “influenced heavily” by the local culture”
    That should be “local jew culture”.
    And, incidentally, if that is their colour we speak of “red” tomatoes not tomatoes which are “reddish”. On this analogy the man is “jew”, and not only a little “jewish” . . .

  2. I fail to understand why this naked chap,s jewish heritage has anything to do with his behaviour,many jews live a non religious secular life,aslong as the women were not offended,what is the problem?

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