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Gog, Magog, and Skunk Water

By Richard Edmondson

Over the past weekend I posted an article about an attack upon the home of an elderly Palestinian woman by Israeli forces who employed a skunk water cannon upon her. Rubhiya Abd al-Rahman Darwish, 75, (photo below) was resting upon her couch when a high-pressure blast of the foul-smelling stuff came bursting through her window, drenching the inside of her house in stink and putridity.

 photo rubdarwish_zps49a614cd.jpg

“I went to the hospital and they gave me a shot, but the poison started coming out of my mouth and nose. I started screaming because my back was hurting, and it hasn’t stopped,” Darwish said.

If you haven’t checked out the post yet, the full article is here. The lady’s clothes were ruined, and other items from the house had to be thrown out as well. It got me to thinking: what kind of beasts would be capable of doing something like this to a 75-year-old woman?

And then like a flash of lightning it hit me: Gog and Magog.

What’s that? You’re not particularly religious? That’s fine. Bear with me anyway…just for a bit.

Gog and Magog are mentioned in two different places in the Bible—the Book of Ezekiel in the Old Testament, and the Book of Revelation in the New Testament. The more “in-depth” treatment, you might say, is found in Ezekiel—in chapters 38 and 39. Now it just so happens that these very two chapters of Ezekiel are particularly popular with Christian Zionists. But is it possible that they’re looking at the text upside down? Are you listening Christian Zionists? Pay attention, you might learn something.

What Ezekiel tells us is that enormously destructive forces of evil will at some point descend upon the land of Israel (or Occupied Palestine as we refer to it today), and that these forces will come out of the far north. The prophet basically describes this as an invasion and refers to the invaders collectively as “Gog and Magog.” Ezekiel 38:2-3 articulates the following:

“Son of man, set your face against Gog, of the land of Magog, the chief prince ofMeshech and Tubal; prophesy against him and say: ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: I am against you, Gog, chief prince ofMeshek and Tubal.’”

And a little bit later, in verses 14 and 15, we get this:

“Therefore, son of man, prophesy and say to Gog: ‘This is what the Sovereign Lord says: In that day, when my people Israel are living in safety, will you not take notice of it? You will come from your place in the far north, you and many nations with you, all of them riding on horses, a great horde, a mighty army.”

The word “Gog” is apparently a reference to a leader or king, while the Hebrew prefix ma can mean “place of.” We apparently, then, are talking about “Gog” and “Land of Gog.” Yet equally worth considering is that one of the sons of Japheth (who is the son of Noah) is named “Magog” as well. And two of Japheth’s other sons are named Meshech and Tubal. Are you with me so far, Christian Zionists? Now Japheth, who seems to have been a rather fruitful individual, also had yet another son (he had seven altogether) worth mentioning—Gomer—who in turn had a son of his own, named, rather curiously, Ashkenaz. Got that?


Keep in mind that when we speak of Noah and his sons and grandsons, we’re talking about pre-Abrahamic times. There are no such things as “Jews” or “Israelites” or “chosen people.” They haven’t come along yet. That’s something important to remember.

Now the genealogy of Japheth comes out of the Book of Genesis, but let’s return—shall we?—to Book of Ezekiel and Gog and Magog. What the two words, Gog and Magog, could in essence be referring to—again keeping in mind the many names…Japheth, Gomer, Magog, Ashkenaz, etc.—is in essence a nation or tribe of people. Well, what do we know about this tribe? Not much, other than that they come from the north—but here again, that geographic reference is strongly emphasized by the prophet. The following comes from Ezekiel 39:2:

I will turn you around and drag you along. I will bring you from the far north and send you against the mountains of Israel.

Well, it can’t be much clearer than that, can it? Gog and Magog come from the far north.

Now Christian Zionists have traditionally viewed this as meaning Russia. That view was of course popular during the Cold War, especially with such noted Christian Zionist “thinkers” as Hal Lindsey—Russia and Red China, along with all the other evil hordes from the north and east, posed the greatest threat to Israel, and when the Gog/Magog invasion finally comes, and the Battle of Armageddon is finally fought, those surely are the forces that would be descending upon the poor, defenseless little Jewish state. This has been the thinking of Christian Zionists ever since the mid twentieth century.

But most Christian Zionists, I would dare say, have never heard of the Khazar Kingdom, or if they have, they’ve probably bought into the hasbara talking point that the Khazar ancestry of Ashkenazi Jews has been “debunked” or “discredited.” Au contraire. It has not. The works of Shlomo Sand, Arthur Koestler, and others who’ve researched the Khazar history have stood the test of time. Wikipedia has an article attempting to explode the “myth” and relegating it to “Internet anti-Semitic websites,” but as has been documented recently (here, here, and here), Wikipedia has become little more than an Israeli propaganda outlet—and the fact remains: the Khazar empire existedit underwent a mass conversion to Judaism in the eighth or ninth century—and after the kingdom’s fall in the eleventh century many of these people migrated into eastern Europe.

In short, there has been an invasion of Israel, and it has come from the far north. It kinda boils down to who you gonna believe—Wikipedia or the prophet Ezekiel?


In his book, The Invention of the Jewish People, Sand describes the Khazar kingdom as “a vast landmass, stretching from Kiev in the northwest to the Crimean Peninsula in the south, from the upper Volga to present-day Georgia.” He also informs us that it “dominated the Volga and Don rivers, which were major transportation routes.”

And here is what Johannes Botterweck and Helmer Ringgren, in their Theological Dictionary of the Old Testament, have to say about scholarly speculation on the geographic territory that may have comprised the land of Gog/Magog. Kind of a lengthy quote, I know, but please, persevere and read through it:

As far as the interpretation of the names Gog and Magog is concerned, the names of the nations in Gen. 10 (where Magog is mentioned) and the names of the nations that are a part of Gog’s military forces in Ezk. 38 have focused the attention of scholars on the northwest, on Anatolia and the regions north of Mesopotamia. The picture is uniform if we disregard the soldiers from Persia, Ethiopia, and Libya in Ezk. 38:5, who certainly come from 27:10: with a considerable degree of certainty, Meshech can be located in Phrygia, Tubal in Cilicia, Gomer in the Armenian mountains, and Togarmah in the territory east of Cilicia, (38:2,6) Most of the other nations mentioned in Gen. 10:2-5 (as far as they are known) are also found in this part of the world (the Ionians, the inhabitants of Tarshish, the Kittim, the Medes, etc.)

Even when the geographical location of Gog is determined, very different interpretations have been offered for the names Gog and Magog. An old interpretation, which is found as early as Josephus, that Gog represents the Scythians, is still advocated by Wellhausen. The usual interpretation in more recent times goes back to Delitzsch, etc.: Gog is the Lydian king Gyges (Akk. Gûgu), who dates ca. 670 B.C., and consequently the land of Magog is Lydia. Other scholars keep to the same time period, but think that Gog has reference to the dynasty of Gagi, in the territory north of Assyria, which is mentioned in a text of Ashurbanipal. Still others think it refers to a territory called Gaga mentioned in an Amarna letter (I, 38), which, according to the context (Hanigalbat and Ugarit are also mentioned), was located north of Syria, perhaps around Carchemish. Among scholars who regard Ezk. 38-39 as totally postexilic, Messel, e.g., attempts to interpret Gog as an officer in the army of the younger Cyrus (ca. 400 B.C.), and Winckler assumes that the old name Gog (derived from Gaga in the Amarna letter) was used as a pseudonym for Alexander the Great. In most of the attempts to explain Gog historically, the term Magog is interpreted either as an artificial form (“land of Gog”), or as a “Hebraizing” of an Akk. mātGog (= ᵐᵃᵗGaga in an Amarna letter). On the other hand, some scholars think the name of the land came first, and that the name Gog was derived from it.

Or to put it more simply, there is no scholarly agreement on the matter (to say the least!). But just to clarify some of the ancient place names mentioned by Botterweck and Ringgren, and where they were located, here are a couple of maps. The first shows (starting in the west and moving toward the east) Lydia, Phrygia, Cilicia, and Armenia:


As you can see, all are south and southeast of the Black Sea. Ah, but in the next map we see Scythia, located to the north—resting squarely, smack dab in what later would become the Khazar kingdom:


It was Wellhausen, you’ll recall, who pinpointed Magog as being Scythia. Well, who was Wellhausen, and if his Magog-Scythia analysis is on the money, is there anything else he got right?

Wellhausen refers to Julius Wellhausen, a German scholar who lived 1844-1918. This of course makes him a contemporary of Theodore Herzl and means he was around as the Zionist movement was gaining steam in Europe. I just mention that as an aside, though. Wellhausen, who was a Christian, is most famous today for having been the first scholar to propose the “documentary hypothesis” of the Old Testament. That theory states basically that the first five books of the Bible, rather than having been written by Moses, were actually derived from four separate text sources—a Yahwist source, usually abbreviated as J; an Elohist source, or E; a Deuteronomist, D; and a Priestly source, or P. These were the original textual antecedents of the first five books of the Old Testament. It was later redactors and editors who came along, spliced them all together in convenient ways, and produced what is today known as the Torah. That is the documentary hypothesis in a nutshell, and it, too, is a theory that has stood the test of time.

Another thing you’ll notice from the Botterweck/Ringgren quote is that there is no general agreement on who “Gog” was. Some think he was Gyges, the King of Lydia, while others posit Alexander the Great or various other names from history. What this could mean, of course, is that “Gog” was such a minor, obscure historical figure that no one today remembers him. But there are a couple of other possibilities to consider as well. One is that the prophet simply made him up out of whole cloth. That could be true. People certainly weren’t adverse to making things up in ancient times, nor in later times as well. In fact, it is a proud tradition carried on by today’s mainstream media owners.

The other possibility is that Ezekiel was speaking of someone who was to come along in the future. That is, of course, what prophets do—talk about the future. Good work, I suppose, if you can find it. But here is something I’ll throw out, more or less as my own not-so-scholarly theory on the subject. The leader of the Khazar kingdom was referred to not as a “king,” but rather was addressed by the title of “Kagan.” If you take the word Kagan and chop off the last two letters, you end up with:


Kag is very similar, phonetically speaking, to:


But one thing I can state for sure—something in fact most of us, scholars and non-scholars alike, would probably agree upon—is that spraying skunk water upon Ms. Rubhiya Abd al-Rahman Darwish was a totally evil thing to do. Take a good look at Ms. Darwish again:

 photo rubdarwish_zps49a614cd.jpg

She has about her a certain biblical look, doesn’t she? But of course, she’s “just a Palestinian,” which means she’s not one of the “chosen.” Or is she? If the vast majority of Jews are descended from the Khazars (and Ashkenazis do comprise the overwhelming majority of the world Jewish population), then is there any group of people today we can look to as possibly having descended from the biblical Jews? Sand tells us that the Romans “never deported entire peoples,” and that after the suppression of the Jewish revolts, many Jews, rural peasants in the main, remained on the land. Large numbers of these converted to Islam in the seventh century, but still they continued to till the soil, the am-haaretz, or people of the land. Sand also notes that in Palestine “many Hebrew place names have been preserved,” and that “the local Arabic dialect is strewn with Hebrew and Aramaic words, distinguishing it from literary Arabic and other Arabic vernaculars.”

In other words, what appear to be remnants of the ancient Israelite culture can still be detected in Palestinian culture today. In fact, when some of the early Zionist pioneers began settling in the area in the late nineteenth century, they were convinced they were meeting “a good many of our people…our own flesh and blood,” as one of them put it. Of course that view vanished rather quickly from the dominant political narrative when Palestinians began resisting the theft of their lands.

It may be a moot point—for naturally over thousands of years people of various cultures and ethnicities will always have a tendency to intermarry—but if you had to stand the two peoples side by side, the Ashkenazi Jews and the Palestinians, and try and render a verdict as to which had the most plausible, the more believable claim to the title of “direct descendants of the biblical Jews,” the winner most likely would be the Palestinians.

And if we go by Genesis 12:3, then whoever curses them will be “cursed by God,” as it were. Are you paying attention, Christian Zionists?

One other little thing I’ll mention. Gog and Magog, as I said above, are also referenced in the Book of Revelation. The specific passage in question is Revelation 20:8, but we find a curious little twist on the theme: here the Gog/Magog invasion is said to be coming not from the north but rather from “the four corners of the earth.” It seems that at some point along the road, between the time prophesied in Ezekiel and that prophesied in Revelation, the tribe has undergone a dispersion, or “diaspora,” if you will.

Before closing, let me return briefly to the subject of Ms. Darwish. The story of the skunk water attack—upon her own home and others in her area—was posted by Ma’an News. The incident took place on Sunday, June 22. The writer, Alex Shams, mentions also that the fetid substance causes nausea and vomiting, particularly among children and the elderly, and that the soldiers were laughing that day as they went about firing the cannon in various directions.

Nidal Al-Azraq, a volunteer at the Lajee Center, told Ma’an that the soldiers were “having fun” throughout the raid, mocking residents as they shot the cannon into homes and even taking pictures of themselves beside it.

“There was a dog above one of the walls on the street where they were spraying houses, and so they aimed at it and started shooting the water,” Al-Azraq said.

“After almost hitting it twice, the dog started barking, and on the third time the soldiers hit the dog straight on with the water cannon and they all started laughing,” he added.

Nobody seems to know what skunk water is made of. For some reason, the Israeli government refuses to divulge the contents. After the raid was over, residents emerged from their homes to find streets and alleyways covered with the fumy mess.

“For the next few hours locals attempted to clean it up, and while they managed to get rid of the worst of the smell, when a Ma’an reporter visited the scene three days later, the smell still hung heavy in the air,” Shams writes. He also quotes Ms. Darwish:

“Why do they do this to us?” she asked.

So tell me, Christian Zionsts—do you have an answer to that question? Do you still believe Ashkenazi Jews are “chosen”? You poor Racas have got it all wrong. You need to read your Bibles again, and do so with an open mind this time.

And here’s another newsflash for you:

Spraying skunk water on a 75-year-old woman is an abomination unto God.

59 thoughts on “Gog, Magog, and Skunk Water

  1. So the term ‘anti-Semites’ truly and fully applies to the Ashkenazim. This is another one of those superb articles that make this site a must read for thinking people. As for the secret, undisclosed chemical content of the ‘skunk water,’ perhaps it does not lend itself to chemical analysis any more than the analysis of a molecule of carrion gas can tell what animal it once was. Perhaps it is the the ineffable, unique fragrance of ‘Jewish identity.’

  2. As you know, I do not hold religious beliefs and I find the Torah, Bible, etc. frankly unbelievable.
    One possible explanation behind this Gog and Magog is the invasion of the Mongols, which also had a profound impact upon the Muslims too, even though the Mongols were held for a while.
    Another potential interpretation of what you are saying is that Netanyahu and the Zionists are part of an Anti-Christ movement. They have assembled a nuclear arsenal and have openly declared what they call the Sampson Option, i.e. if they go, everyone goes.
    Is that not an open declaration of complete evil?
    Does that not qualify as them being agents of the The Great Deceiver?
    Right now, many innocent Palestinians are being held captive in Megiddo Prison (with the assistance of G4S). Is that not where Armageddon is predicted to take place?
    I do not believe in biblical prophecy, but if I did I would say the US neo-cons have got everything in place to bring about the “end of days”. Maybe Bush, Cheyney, Bolton & Co. are just waiting?
    Perhaps this is why they so assiduously assist the Israeli Yenon strategy ?

  3. Thank you for this informative report. Our Quran mentioned agog and Magog .”Until, when Gog and Magog are let loose, and they hasten out of every mound”. Al-Anbiya 96. Maybe you are right they are these Israelis who invaded our lands and mind you they brought with them all the Jews of the world , the Indians,Africans,Persians and Chinese. Maybe it’s the end of the world. Regarding biblical Israelis . Real Israelis are immediat cousins of us the ishmaelis Arabs . They should look like us . Since the Palestinians are a mix of Arabs” Ishmaelis , Israelis, southern Arabs, Egyptians , Babylonians , Aramians, they will always be the rightful biblical people not the ones living now in Israel pretending to be Israelis.
    Your report made me question the real reason for the Jewish American efforts to control Ukrain.

  4. Yeah, it looks like they’ve been “let loose” alright. You know it’s a funny thing. When Ukraine popped into the news late last year and on into the early part of this year, we kept hearing reports about Israelis being in the Maidan square fighting on the side of the protesters, and the question many people were asking is why? Looks like maybe in a sense it was a return to their real homeland.

  5. I know you’re not religious, John, but what’s important is that you recognize the existence of evil, and that many people in this world are drawn to it for one reason or another.

  6. You could be right. While they have refused to list the ingredients, they have described it as “organic.”

  7. Jews have been poisoning wells for thousands of years. That they shoot toxic water cannons at old ladies simply reminds us that they are, indeed, truly evil and have not changed their ways.

  8. The christian palistinians are also the deecendents of frankish crusader/arab christian inter ethnic marriages aswell..

  9. It’s not a bad argument, Pete, and it is used with some success by ‘progressive’ Jews, the anti-Zionist Zionists, many a lot craftier than you. The problem is that it can only be used on an audience that is totally unfamiliar with the Talmud, and that audience is shrinking. The tale of the noble, humanity-loving ‘Judaic faith’ people does not play in this neighborhood. This tough crowd reads and is hard to intimidate by being called ‘racist’ or by that old misnomer ‘anti-Semitic.’

  10. That may be, but I also suspect that some of them are descendants of the earliest followers of Jesus. One of the early church fathers, Justin Martyr–who was indeed martyred for his faith as the name implies–was born in Nablus.

  11. skunk water is jew sweat.

    composition of jew sweat is jew hate of everything.

    just pours from their pores.

  12. My good man,’i do believe mongol invasion was in the midieval period,’er the bible is based on mythology,’also the early israelites were a people of polythiestic religion,’much like the ancient Greeks,’monothiesm(belief in one God) began with the Persian Zoarostrians,’duality,the belief of good and evil,’it is the Iranians who first believed in one God..

  13. My dear man,’any encouragment of any form of regressive racism is a bad thing,’a zionist can be of w.a.s.p. Persuasion,+n fact of any back exstreme christian belief,’you know some christians believe ,that messiah,will return,’once the 12 tribes of the Israelites return to the holy land,’you should read the history of english puritans,’who were very much zionist..

  14. Are you forgetting about Akhnaton (previously Amnehotep IV)?
    He introduced a form of monotheism and Sigmund Freud believed that Moses/Osarseph was a former Egyptian temple priest who took the concept of a single god to Palestine.
    I agree with you to an extent; even the name Is-Ra-El is somewhat of an indicator of the trinity of gods the early Hebrews believed. The present-day claims that they always believed in a single mountain god – Yahweh – are yet another fabrication of history.
    All religions are literally unbelievable for any rational person.

  15. I reject the idea that evil exists in nature. The natural world is what it is – nothing else.
    The idea of evil is a solely human one. I assume it is defined as doing bad things for the pleasure that such bad actions provoke in certain individuals. It may even be subjectively based, for example while some individuals may believe other individuals are acting in what they would define as an evil way, the people actually carrying out the actions may not believe they are acting in an evil way.
    Heinrich Himmler, after witnessing the work of an Einsatzgruppen on the East Front and being physically sick afterwards, lectured the SS men on the need to follow the “highest moral law of the Party” in carrying out their tasks (source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Holocaust) – Gilbert, Martin (1986). The Holocaust: The Jewish Tragedy. London: Collins, p.191. Was he being evil when he said that?
    Evil resides within individual psyches, not in any external phenomena.

  16. you’re barking at the wrong tree, pete, making irrelevant noise.
    i am not talking about zionism, a project already fulfilled by supremacist jews like you. it is only you i am talking about — supremacist jews, whether you claim to be marxists, neocons, neoliberals, zionist, or anti-zionists.
    btw, whoever taught you the phrase ‘my dear man’ was likely an idiotic blowhard, an impression you don’t need to enhance so drop it.

  17. I didn’t say evil exists “in nature.” I said it exists. Period. If you don’t recognize that, then you have no of explaining why people commit mass murders and other atrocities. Everything is simply relative. “I did it because I thought it was right” doesn’t explain somebody repeatedly plunging a knife into another person’s chest and dismembering the body afterward.

  18. You are barking up the wrong tree with your example of someone repeatedly knifing someone else and then dismembering their body. Such a person would by most people’s definition be considered insane – not evil. In the USA – where else? – a mass murderer killed his victims and kept their body parts in his freezer. When questioned as to why he had done this, his response was that he deeply loved all his victims and wanted to show his love towards them – by defrosting, cooking and eating them. Is such a person to be considered evil – or just very sick in the head?

  19. So everybody really means well. There are just some people who have wrong, muddled ideas, and that’s why we have all the wars and the world is in the sad shape it is presently in…you are very naive, John.

  20. John says,
    ‘I reject the idea that evil exists in nature. The natural world is what it is – nothing else. The idea of evil is a solely human one.’ You almost had it there, John, but did not recognize it, and it got away from you. No, evil does not exist in nature. Animals kill to eat. They do not kill wantonly, en masse. Humans have a conscience, a moral code –‘don’t do unto others’ –which is why what goes against the very core of their humaneness they consider ‘evil.’
    Conversely they may consider the perpetrator insane. there is a bit of a debate, for example, as to whether Netanyahu is evil or insane. Would like to hear your verdict on him. For that matter also your opinion as to whether a whole society/tribe/cult community can be collectively evil and/or insane.

  21. Richard,
    I am not at all naive. The reason we experience wars and large-scale suffering is because unscrupulous individuals manipulate ideologies such as religion, ethnicism and nationalism to motivate others to behave in ways they ordinarily would never dream of behaving.
    Insanity is not just restricted to individuals but can be extensible to whole groups and nations.
    The role of propaganda can also be devastating too, as it can over time be drip-drip-dripped into people’s consciousness. Ultimately, are people responsible if their conventional standards of morality are then abandoned or is it the responsibility of those who created the propaganda?
    The obvious examples to refer to are Nazi Germany, Apartheid South Africa and Zionist Israel.
    Of course, there are exemplary individuals such as Pastor Niemoller and Nelson Mandela one can point to but it is the very fact that they are so outstanding that highlights the fact that most ordinary people have a fear of thinking for themselves and an inability to think for themselves.
    Our daily newspapers and other mass media carry a substantial share of the responsibility too.
    Ultimately, it is the pursuit of power which – as Lord Action once said – tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.
    How naive is that – would you say?

  22. “The reason we experience wars and large-scale suffering is because unscrupulous individuals manipulate ideologies…”

    So there is “unscrupulosity” to be found “in nature,” as you put it–but not evil. Are we arguing about a difference in degrees? If a president orders prisoners to be tortured does that count as being “unscrupulous”?

  23. Richard: are you being deliberately obtuse? I never claimed that “unscrupulosity” is to be found “in nature,” – but not evil. I described human individuals as being unscrupulous, i.e. lacking in scruples. Scruples – or the absence of them – clearly do not exist or not exist in nature. The natural world simply is what it is. Natural processes simply take place without any concept of morality or ethicality being involved. As human beings, we may make of natural processes what we wish and undertake actions to alter natural processes if we so wish. It is our actions that involve moral or ethical approaches. It is up to us, for example, as to whether or not certain other species are allowed to exist or not, for example should we eliminate permanently certain viruses or bacteria? It is not natural that these species should cease to exist unless it occurs naturally.
    As for presidents ordering torture, it could be argued – as have many of those who have participated in the activities of torture – that it is counter-productive in that does not produce any worthwhile inteligence. It also debases the persons involved in torture and – arguably – that it undermines any claims of decency on the part of the institutions allegedly being defended.
    As for Netanyahu, look at his upbringing. His father – who only died in the last year or so – acted as a secretary to Jabotinsky and was a massive supporter of Revisionist Zionism. Netanyahu’s brother died commanding the rescue mission in Entebbe. Arguably, the brain-washing Bibi received from his own father coupled with the undoubted bitterness Bibi continues to feel about the death of his brother have warped and twisted his outlook. He is not a wholly rational person.
    Therefore, I do not consider him evil but insane. His sanity has been affected by his father’s mind-washing and the events of his brother’s death. If any evil exists, it exists in the minds of the people of Israel for having elected such a person to a position of power, from where Bibi has been able to impose ruthless and inhumane actions against the Palestinians.

  24. I’m not being obtuse, at least I don’t think I am. You said you “reject the idea that evil exists in nature.” And you also said that “the idea of evil is a solely human one,” which I assume means you don’t believe evil really exists (other than maybe in people’s minds). But then you seem to allow for the existence of unscrupulousness. So if one can exist, why not the other? They’re different from each other solely in degrees; one is bad, the other is worse. How am I obtuse for pointing out the inconsistency in your logic? Now you’re carrying the inconsistency a step further by saying evil may exist “in the minds of the people of Israel for having elected such a person to a position of power, from where Bibi has been able to impose ruthless and inhumane actions against the Palestinians.” But the only reason he can impose these things is because of Zionist/Jewish supremacist ideology. So then are you at least allowing that evil ideologies can exist?

  25. when exactly did the Children of Israel turn into the “biblical “Jews” ”

    specifically ?

    to argue that Jesus was a self Hating “Jew” when he delivered the VERDICT for
    the “MONEY CHANGERS” and “PHARISEES” in John 8:44…means that the “person”
    making that argument is a doubleminded “JEW” worshipping “Zionist-Xtian”…
    and is a babbling idiot…to boot.

    without a POLAROID PHOTO of a WHITE / “ISRAELITE” whore from
    the tribe of Judah snorting Cocaine through a plastic straw from Mcdonald’s with
    an “African American” Dallas Cowboy at the Alamo, it is impossible to get a
    modern day so called “Jew” into the Old Testament….where the “TOE of Ra” did
    not exist…..Jesus admonished to Love One another,
    and BEWARE of the LEAVEN of the “PHARISEES”…
    Lying Murderers & Hypocrites…!
    Adam….”Man” was not a “human”…!

    is the “Jewish” – GOG & MAGOG – so-called “Media” not inherently “evil” ?

  26. Zionism, like Nazism, Fascism and any other form of ideology taken to an extreme extent, can result in what might be defined as evil outcomes if subscribed to and practiced in an extreme form.
    The evil flows from the ideology or set of ideas subscribed to by individuals. I would argue that some religions – if taken in a literalist way – are also responsible for evil ideas and practices.
    The claimed god of the hebrews allegedly issued thoroughly evil edicts, urging his followers to murder, rape and loot people from other tribes which – according to the Torah/Old Testament – the hebrews did on a massive scale. To my knowledge, no Judaic authority has ever condemned or retracted these appalling sentiments so it is little wonder that significant elements within Israeli society are so utterly warped and twisted as it is that they can behave in the evil way they do.
    The same thing happened in Nazi Germany and, to a much lesser extent, Apartheid South Africa.
    In the USA, Jim Crow ideology cast a malign shadow over American society and arguably continues to do so to this day. How else can the murders of the freedom riders at the hands of racist supremacists in the South be categorised as other than pure evil? Even then, I cannot find the individuals involved necessarily to be wholly complicit. They too were victims of insidious ideology and mind-washing. Their ideas were widely held – and not just in the Deep South.

  27. I don’t necessarily disagree or take issue with anything you say here, John. The only thing I would add is that if evil ideologies exist, then it follows that there are evil people who create and continue to propound and propagate those ideologies, and that evil, therefore, exists. It is real.

  28. Well done Richard, Pleased to see that someone is reading the old testament thoroughly.

    Genesis Chapter 4 Verse 7 If thou doest well, shalt thou be accepted? and if thou doest not well, sin lieth at the door.And unto thee shall be his desire, and thou shalt rule over him.

  29. My good man,’i never said there is evil in nature but there is a primale rage,’that does exist in humans but contained through a natural process of higher cognitive reasoning,’which has evolved through evolution,’its the reason why most normal people are not killers,’why else do we have man slaughter laws,’when young men on a saturday night wanting to fight,’we humans are full of primitive passions,ie if you find a man finds a another man in bed with his wife,’he could murder,’all my arguments are connected to said story,’i just look at human violence philosophicaly,’we all have the potential for violence..

  30. Its just amazing to see how similar the Christian point of view and the Muslims point of view of “Gog and MaGog” is. Sheikh Imran Hosein has been talking about this for many years now, You should check out his Youtube Videos about this topic and see how similar your Views are.

    It is also predicted in the Qur’an that when the End Times comes, the Alliance of Islam and Rum (True Christians) will defeat the Gog and MaGog

  31. Mr. Edmondson, thank you for your insightful post. I, and many others including Texe Marrs have also been saying the same thing. Zionist Israel is Gog, but it is much more. What is Gog? Antichrist (in place of Jesus Christ), the Little horn of Daniel the prophet, the great whore of Babylon (the mother of harlots, abomination of the earth), the Image of the beast created by the lion/bear/leopard in 1948 (beast power Great Britain, Soviet Union and Germany and USA), the beast that ascends out of the bottomless pit and goes into perdition. These are the entities of the beast and false prophet which includes his 2 horns (Vatican and Israel, old and new harlots and those who follow them). These go into the lake of fire when Christ is finished with them. These are the world powers that men worship or give their allegiance to (their strength – right hand; and mind or thinking – forehead). Those who support them will perish forever. This is the hideous power and deception that is cast over all the nations to deceive them. The head is the City of London, Fleet Street, Guildhall, where GogMagog is located showing their complete understanding of the evil they have perpetrated upon the world.

  32. I probably wouldn’t take issue with anything you say. I’m also inclined to believe the establishment of the state of Israel was the “powerful delusion” Paul talked about in 2 Thessalonians.

  33. Yes, that is what I meant by “the hideous power and deception that is cast over all the nations to deceive them.” Taking the deception further I doubt that 99% of Christians realize what “calling down fire from heaven” means. In its fulness of the false gospel, the false Christ, but most of all it lying doctrines of men who are possessed of devils. This is what the false prophet does. Demonic doctrines taken from the what ‘appears’ to be scripture, corrupted and turned into truth by those with no discernment, inculcate and spew forth like robots to others, destroying souls. These are the lies ‘false doctrines of demons’ that have deluded Zionist Christians and Zionist Jews who promote their Pharisaical doctrines. These men and women ‘refuse’ to search out the truth for themselves but become unthinking parrots for liars. Millions perish because of their lies and they think they are doing God’s work…truly amazing when you think about it. I myself was deceived because I listen to men rather than the still small voice of the Holy Ghost. Only those who love and do truth, who love righteousness will make it. For those still trying to learn, the Dragon is the City of London and the monetary system. The Dragon give power to the beast nations and the beast in turn give power to the false prophet to resurrect the beast by the little horn who is the Image of the Beast. All who resurrect and empower the Beast with deadly wound will perish.

  34. Richard, I hope you do a short piece on Wellhausen, JEPD. I’m sure it would ruffle more than a few feathers. I looked and could not find anything on your site concerning the warfare that developed within Israel by the PTB in the Old Testament, especially in the beginning. Most people are not aware that the Pentateuch was written and pasted together during and after the Exile to Babylon. This is also when the Pharisees gained control after consolidating their writing in the perverse Talmud. So too did they incorporate Babylonian Mysticism in the form of the Cabala during this period. Lights begin to go on when we realize the struggle for power between the Ruling Priest of Israel to gain ascendancy over the good simple godly people (burdens to hard to be borne). They took the kingdom by force, but Jesus said that will not happen among true Christians. Judeo-Christianity is also doing practicing this same abomination to bring silly Christians back under bondage to the Law! The Levites gained control eventually turning into pure Pharisees, Scribes and Hypocrites to control the people. Quote from Wellhausen: “What D (Deuteronomists) began was carried through with greater force in P (Priestly). Here Wellhausen saw priests run amuck, making all sorts of regulations for what should be sacrificed when, how many, and for what reason (see Leviticus). We are a far cry from Abraham building altars out of devotion to Yahweh who had appeared to him there. P is legalism pure and simple and, according to Wellhausen, would eventually give rise to Judaism, a religion completely contrary to the spirit of free religious expression of J (YHWH) and E (ELOHIM). The priestly legislation and the Judaism that arose from it were a different religion altogether from what the Old Testament itself really described—provided one knows how to decipher the clues left in the text.” From simplicity to legalism. This is the exact same condition that has overtaken Christians. They have been conquered by the priests, preachers, evangelist through the same corruption of the simplicity that is in Christ Jesus. They have added to and changed the Word of God, corrupting it. Why? Because they received not a love for the truth they have been given the delusion. What is left of true Christianity can be summed up by looking at the True Prophets of Israel who continually warned…but the people did not listen and their leaders led them to the slaughter like the Judas Goats they are. God provides us with teachers and with the ability to sharpen each others understanding but few will receive these truths opting instead to be tickled by Elmo.

  35. Pete, no matter how much grace Richard uses in answering you, you will always have some vain and philosophical answer. You have chosen your path so keep it in your backyard and share it with your friends who will likewise perish if they do not repent and turn to Jesus Christ. You have a rebellious spirit in you.

  36. Well it’s a good idea for an article. I don’t know as I’ll get time to write it any time soon, as I’m kind of swamped with multiple, ongoing projects at present. Maybe you ought to think about writing it yourself, since you seem quite knowledgeable on the subject.

  37. One other dimension to what you say is the Samaritans – the real ones who still live in the Nablus area and parts of northern Palestine. I believe that one of the reasons the parable of the good Samaritan was cited was because the other non-Samaritan Jews waged a propaganda campaign against the Samaritans who refused to accept the rabbinical teachings and have – to this day – only ever accepted the original Pentateuch as their religious guide.
    When the present-day Zionists in “Israel” talk about Judea and Samaria they conveniently forget that it is the Samaritans alone who can arguably have any claim over the area of Sumaria.
    If you or any other readers of this blog ever visit the “West Bank” area of Palestine, try to get a tour of the Samaritan areas included in any tour plans you may have. It is truly educational.

  38. I had the misfortune to briefly see John Hagee discussing this and immediately had the same sort of thoughts regarding Khazaria? Too bad the OT never mentioned a Zog (Zionist Occupied Government) to go along with Gog and Magog….

    Or perhaps the canonical status assigned to the OT by the early Church is actually the first evidence of ZOG. Whether you look at the OT’s prophecy, history, morality or metaphysics, it requires tremendous feats of mental gymnastics to escape the deafening cognitive dissonance.

    The teachings of Jesus, on the other hand, are like listening to our own conscience. Propping him up on the Old Testament is like Crucifying him again.

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  40. Reblogged this on Tinthor's Blog and commented:
    Gog from the land of Magog (Ezekiel 38 and 39.) This was always the conception of the Christian Zionist movement, namely that Gog was a leader from the North (Russia.) On a future date, Russia will invade the tiny nation of Israel in the Middle East, they claim. But the reality is very different from what we think that it is; the truth is: Gog has already arrived and dwells today in Israel! The invasion took place in 1947-48; on May 14, 1948, Israel became a state. Now, that what was (and still is) considered as a fulfillment of the old prophecies in Ezekiel 38 and 39, is true. but in a completely different way than the Christian Zionist movement thinks that it is! It is the Palestinians who are the true Jews! And Gog who has already conquered Israel (Palestine, in fact!), is oppressing the Palestinian Jews to this day. And Gog is no one less than the Synagogue of Satan; they pose as Jews but aren’t. Now, here is a dire warning to all Christian Zionists: Stop with denouncing and condemning the Palestinian Jews and don’t support Gog anymore; because you ought to know: He who touches the Palestinian Jews, touches the apple of God’s eye!!!

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  44. I am interested in the reference source of the Cythia – Persian Empire map which includes the year when Cythians invaded the region.

  45. Just saw this post for the first time. Very well written, informational post. It shows that more and more people are slowly beginning to awaken to the truths which are written in the Bible than the ‘holy’ jew wants to have known. there is just one problem with most of the information which is written concerning the ‘jew’ empire — the dates are all wrong. That is due to the ‘holy’ jews perversion and abuse of history, and everyone still being ‘mind-controlled’ by these ‘holy’ jews. It is difficult to know the exact dates of their ‘MUCH smaller than what they want you to believe’ empire, but the exact date is BCE (BC) not ACE (AD).
    Until we quite wrapping our heads around what they want us to believe and the actual truth of history we may never know the exact dates.
    Again, great post!

  46. Gog and magog are Celtic! Ancient Celtic!

    (Anglo-Celtic) The consort of Gog. They were two mountain deities of which she was the more important. Britain’s Megg’s Hills are named for her, and several hillside chalk effigies portray her. She is usually depicted as a four-breasted woman astride a horse. Some speculate that he name may mean “mother deity” and that she was once a fertility and mother Goddess. In patriarchal times she became England’s St. Margaret.

    Japheth is who the white race, which the ancient cells are the progenitors off

  47. Sorry! I pressed something and it was too late to rectify my crazy syntax. Anyhow, I meant to point out..Japheth is the progenitor of the white race (which the celts are. They archeology shows they worked with the scythians, which they are also descended from.)

    Tubal, is the tubal cain from freemasonry.
    Who is based upon ancient phoenicians, which in turn themselves are also descended from the scythians

  48. I’d also like to add that this John on here commenting is a bloody ignorant, brainwashed idiot.
    The eradication of Christian religion and it’s good vs evil is an ongoing assault by Satan’s chosen. The satanic Marx, a plagerising inbred son of a generational rabbi and Sabbetean Frankist, got the ball rolling. This followed organised jewry assault on Jesus, with them in 1850, for the first time pretending that he was not a real historical figure! (See Tacticus).

    Further, in my view evil is a sociopath, which John posits are “mentally ill”. Obviously, he’s too stupid to know that ALL serial killers are sociopaths. Cluster b personality disorders are not classified as a mental illness.

  49. Hippolytus of Rome, one of the most important Christian theologians of the third century, in his Chronicon, connected Magog to the Galatians in Asia Minor, modern-day Turkey……..again…the Galations are celts! The celts trace their history back to Japheth..

    The gog and magog war were both world wars.

    A gog and magog is found also in the City of London. ..as in financial district. And as the celts are the progenitors of the entire white race, it ties into “the four corners of the world ” prophecy .

  50. Methinks that people have difficulty governing their religious fervor with reason.

    One thing is for sure: the Jewish revolutionary nature is incompatible with Christian civilization. Christian Zionists cannot come to terms with the harm that the subversive nature of Jews has done to the Christian nations in the past 100 years. Their destructive influence continues almost unopposed.

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