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Israeli Facebook Depravity Climbs to New Heights


The above photo was posted on an Israeli Facebook page. The page is mostly in Hebrew, and I cannot tell you where or when the photo was taken, but in a comment beneath it, posted at 9:32 a.m. on Wednesday, a fellow Israeli wrote to the site owner, “Do me a favor and ditch these shocking photos now!”

It seems to be the latest expression of Jewish hatred for Palestinians to hit the Internet since the denouement to the missing teens story. But it is by no means the only one.

Several reports have come out in the past 24 hours or so  (here, here, here, and here, for instance) concerning a Facebook page entitled “The People of Israel Demand Vengeance.” Facebook is not known for taking down pages put up by Israelis, even when they advocate violence. Last month I reported on a FB page calling for the murder of Palestinians at the rate of one per hour. FB allowed the page to remain online and it is still viewable today.

But apparently the “People of Israel Demand Vengeance” site is so depraved and over-the-top that even FB felt compelled to take it down. The site doesn’t seem to be available at any of the links given for it in any of the articles that have been posted, and here is what Ma’an News is reporting on the matter:

A Facebook page entitled “The People of Israel Demand Vengeance!” gained over 36,000 likes in just under two days before being removed, as users posted pictures of themselves holding signs demanding revenge.

While it lasted, however, the site seems to have been popular with Israeli soldiers and civilians alike. And though it is gone, some of its contents were captured and preserved. Here is a photo from the site. The man is wearing a beret of the Israeli Border Police, and the sign reads “Death to Arabs.”

And here is one of a soldier with  “revenge! 97” written on his chest. The number 97 reportedly is a reference to the Netzah Yehuda Unit, of which he apparently is a member:

Postings by Israeli women in some cases seem to be even more bloodthirsty than the men. Here’s one that was posted on an Arabic website. The same photo is also posted by the Times of Israel, only with the faces cropped out. The sign reads: “Hating Arabs is not racism; it’s morality!”

And here’s one that reads: “The nation of Israel demands vengeance! Death to the whole Arab nation!”

And then there is this one: “Let’s mow them down!”

A large collection of additional photos from the “Vengeance” FB page is archived here.

There is also this FB page, in Hebrew. I can’t decipher it for you, but it looks equally as demented. Here are a couple of images from it:

 photo fbp2_zps7179d0fa.gif

 photo fbp22_zps374fa75f.jpgIn addition to that, the director of the Bnei Akiva youth movement has reportedly called on the Israeli military to murder over 300 Palestinians & keep their foreskins as trophies.

And finally this video uploaded July 1 showing Israelis marching through central Jerusalem screaming “Death to Arabs!”

Several days ago it was reported that Congress is targeting the Palestinian Authority with a cutoff of funding due to the unity government that has been announced between the PA and Hamas. The bill stipulates that in order for any further funding to the Palestinians to be approved, Obama must certify that the new government, a) recognizes Israel, b) renounces violence, c) commits to honoring previous agreements, and d) acknowledges Israel as “a Jewish state.”

“Funding for the Palestinians is off the table until it is clear that the unity government is committed to peace and security,” said Rep. Kay Granger (R-Texas), chairwoman of the House Appropriations subcommittee.

That of course is peace and security for Israelis, not Palestinians.

While the pathological depravity of Israeli society is on full display for the world to see, Congress remains, or pretends to remain, oblivious to it.

15 thoughts on “Israeli Facebook Depravity Climbs to New Heights

  1. So the best you can come up with is to show Israelis demanding death to terrorists – that means death penalty to specific people who have been tried and convicted of intentional killing of israeli citizens (I.e. murder).

    Here is the count so far from the arab side (and I’m sure I’ve left out many more)

    One israeli-arab teen was murdered by his own family for being gay intentionally during a tense time to look like it was Israeli revenge killing. Apparently his own family kicked him out of the house a while ago for being gay.

    Apparently it is quite common for arabs to kill their own family members – almost every week I hear about an arab women killed by her family for disgracing them. Or some arab man who purred acid on a young arab girl for refusing to marry him. Tel Aviv is filled with gay arabs who escaped gaza and the west bank fearing for their lives.

    “death to the jews” writings and drawings of swastikas have appeard in almost every arab town in Israel and in major highways. if they are so innocent and just want justice, then why do they demand death to all jews collectively ?

    The train station in Jerusalem was burned to the ground by the arabs living there. There is no way out of it – if you don’t build them a train they scream apartheid and if you do build a train they burn it down.

    here are some pictures of these writings and the train station for your pleasure:

    An Israeli-arab medical student was expelled for celebrating the murder of the three Israeli teens on his facebook page. You would think that for any medical student in the world life is sacred. But I guess that doesn’t apply to arabs so even an arab doctor is happy when children die.

    He was admitted to the Technion – one of the best medical schools in the world. I don’t understand – if he hates Israelis so much, why would he live in Israel and study in an Israeli university on the expense of the Israeli tax payer. He probably went to school every day wishing to kill jews while working with his fellow jewish students in a jewish teaching hospital.

    A TV crew was almost lynched to death in jerusalem. saved by by the police.
    if they just want justice, why would they attempt to kill anyone that just passes by?

    over 50 rockets were launched on Israeli towns in south Israel. many were intercepted by iron dome. some got though and landed in Sederot and in the kibutzim near by intentionally targeting civilians.

    a shout out to Richard Edmonson who insisted a few months ago that iron dome is either a sham to get money from america or an offensive tool.

  2. This israeli chap,the loaded this awful picture,’is obvously gets some sort of twisted pleasure from seeing dead arabs,’the pic is probably from recent conflict,’there seems to be some sort of exstreme racism,festering in Israeli society,’its the kind of pics that white supremists put up,for enjoyment,’of old klan lynchings,’there are some jews of a racist bent,’akin to neo nazism,this does not bold well for any reconciliation..

  3. And God said to Moses, “Pursuing the path of settlement building, rather than of peace, and then pleading with the world to have sympathy for you, is a bit like demanding to have your cake and eat it too.”

    There are a few wise souls amongst your own people who have repeatedly tried to point out to you the folly of your ways, but they seem to keep getting lowered by ropes into muddy cisterns.

  4. Oh, and one other thing. How many hours per day do you generally spend writing stuff of this sort and posting it at various websites? Imagine if, rather than spreading hasbara and incessantly trying to fool people, you poured all that time, effort and energy into acting with justice and righteousness–imagine how different your world and your life would become.

  5. once again, pete, i agree with you.
    the jew who publicized this terrible photo must be very sick indeed because such things do a lot of damage
    — they harm the peace process that has been going very well for 66 years and soon will encompass all of palestine;
    — they make the israeli jews look bad when in fact the very few of them who occasionally misbehave are those infected by the mentality of white supremacists among whom they lived so unhappily for hundreds of years;
    — they make us believe that there is a troubling pathology at the core of jewish identity when in fact very few jews — you can count them in the fingers of one hand — believe, for example the sick inventions of the fauxlocaust myth –the soap from jew fat, the lampshades from jew skin and the tallest tale–the 6 million gassed.
    what deranged necrophiliacs came up with all that…
    good points all, pete.

  6. The link on your page to the Seattle newspaper would seem to confirm that you are right, or at least that the person being pulled is not a Palestinian. To avoid misleading anyone, I am removing the picture. That being said, if you’re in the business of debunking false information on the Internet, you might want to reconsider your assertion that there are “NO Palestinians in that picture.” There may be a “high probability” that that’s a correct statement, but unless you personally know each person who appears in the photo, or unless you’ve spoken with the photographer and he is personally acquainted with each, then it would seem that you are making an assertion based upon an assumption.

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