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‘I was severely tested by the plots of the Jews’


“I was severely tested by the plots of the Jews”–words of the Apostle Paul

Was the Apostle expressing something that millions–perhaps even billions–of people nowadays could easily relate to?

From Venezuela to Ukraine, from Iran to Occupied Palestine, from Syria to Russia, from Argentina to New Zealand—and certainly here in the US—there are, I suspect, quite a few people nowadays finding themselves “severely tested by the plots of the Jews.”

By Richard Edmondson

“I was severely tested by the plots of the Jews.”

Those are the words of the Apostle Paul from the New Testament Book of Acts, chapter 20, verse 19. I wonder how many people today might feel an affinity, or at least a measure of empathy, for the sentiments the apostle was expressing.

From Venezuela to Ukraine, from Iran to Occupied Palestine, from Syria to Russia, from Argentina to New Zealand—and certainly here in the US—there are, I suspect, quite a few people nowadays finding themselves “severely tested by the plots of the Jews.”

Paul was writing, of course, at a time when there was a semi-autonomous Jewish state (subject to the rule of Rome), with Jews additionally residing in virtually every other known part of the world. We now live in an era in which Jews, once again, have their own state, only this time subject to no curbs or rules imposed by any other state. And as in Paul’s day, Jewish populations, of varying sizes, can be found in numerous other countries, but with the important difference that today, through their organized lobbies, they wield enormous power and influence, corrupting governments, often to the extent of overriding the democratic will of the majority of their fellow citizens.

A War for ‘Democracy’

In 2003, a small group of Jews in America, known as neocons, decided they wanted a war with Iraq. Such a war would have been opposed by a huge portion of the American people, and the neocons knew it, so they enlisted the help of their friends in the mainstream media, who also happened to be mostly Jewish. (This is not an “anti-Semitic” statement, it’s simply a fact.) Saddam Hussein at the time had been paying out money to the families of Palestinian suicide bombers, in some cases $20,000 per family, but that aspect of the matter was downplayed. Instead, the Jewish neocons and their media friends were able to convince large numbers of people that the Iraqi leader possessed “weapons of mass destruction” and that he was intent upon blowing up America.

A war was thus deemed justifiable; the plunder and destruction of an entire nation took place, and millions of Iraqis found themselves “severely tested by the plots of the Jews.” And neither was it just the Iraqis. Thousands of (mainly non-Jewish) Americans died in that war as well.

One of the neocons who talked up the Iraq war in a really big way was Richard Perle, sometimes called the “Prince of Darkness.” Recently Perle confessed that he and other neocons never really wanted to bring democracy to Iraq, but instead were simply fooled by all the misleading “intelligence” information. Furthermore, he believes blaming neocons for the disaster that Iraq has become over the past 11 years is a pattern of behavior he ascribes to anti-Semites—in fact the very word “neocon” is seen by Perle as a “code word” that is “often used to describe Jewish Americans,” as he puts it.

Perle’s remarks were discussed in an article by Palestinian writer Ramzy Baroud, who duly quotes the former US official from earlier interviews, given during the days of the Bush administration, in which he spoke glowingly about the prospects for democracy in Iraq.

“Iraq is a very good candidate for democratic reform,” Perle once said. The Iraqi nation, he added, “won’t be Westminster overnight, but the great democracies of the world didn’t achieve the full, rich structure of democratic governance overnight. The Iraqis have a decent chance of succeeding.”

Baroud comments:

At the time of the 2003 invasion, Perle was one of the leading so-called intellectuals who was known for his strong support of right-wing Israeli parties, and for his particular closeness to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. He served as an advisor to the Netanyahu election campaign in the mid 1990s, and, along with other leading neocons, made Israeli security – read regional domination – a top American priority.

Controlled Demolition and the Counting of the Omer

Of course the Iraq war is not the only “plot of the Jews” that the world has had to contend with. No serious official investigation of 9/11 has ever taken place. The nearly 600-page 9/11 Commission Report curiously does not even mention the collapse of Building 7. That building, of course, wasn’t hit by an airplane, and there is considerable evidence, video as well as forensic evidence, that it was brought down by controlled demolition. And on that score, we even have the words of Larry Silverstein, the Jewish businessman who collected some $4.6 billion in insurance payouts after 9/11, and who in a 2002 PBS interview talked about having made a decision to “pull it,” referring to Building 7. How do we view Silverstein’s words other than as an inadvertent confession?

Silverstein secured a 99-year lease on the entire WTC complex on July 24, 2001, even though the buildings had been condemned for asbestos earlier that year. Now here’s something interesting you may not know. July 24 was exactly 49 days before the 9/11 events. Curiously, the Jewish holiday of Shavuot, or “Feast of Weeks,” takes place exactly 49 days after Passover. The latter holiday celebrates the exodus from Egypt; Shavuot, on the other hand, marks the divine dictation of the Torah to Moses, a happening which supposedly occurred on Mt. Sinai exactly seven weeks, or 49 days, later. On the first occasion, Jews were delivered from slavery—then on the second, according to Old Testament narrative, they were given the “law” that purportedly made them a “nation.” Shavuot means, literally, “weeks,” and each year observant Jews make a big to-do of counting the weeks and days between the two holidays, an annual ritual known as the Counting of the Omer.

Was Silverstein “counting the Omer,” so to speak, during the 49 days between July 24 and September 11? Hard to say, of course, but one thing we do know: normally Larry breakfasted each morning at the Windows on the World restaurant, at the top floor of the north tower, but on the morning of September 11 he didn’t show up—supposedly because he had to see a dermatologist. And oh yes, in addition to not mentioning the collapse of Building 7, the 9/11 Commission also never considered Silverstein, despite the financial motive he may have had for arranging the destruction of his heavily insured property, as a possible suspect. In fact the name “Silverstein” is only mentioned briefly in the report, on page 281:

Six weeks before the September 11 attacks, control of the WTC was transferred by net lease to a private developer, Silverstein Properties. Select Port Authority employees were designated to assist with the transition. Others remained on-site but were no longer part of the official chain of command. However, on September 11, most Port Authority World Trade Department employees—including those not on the designated “transition team”—reported to their regular stations to provide assistance throughout the morning. Although Silverstein Properties was in charge of the WTC on September 11, the WTC fire safety plan remained essentially the same.

That’s it. That’s the only mention of Silverstein in the entire report, and you’ll notice that it doesn’t reference him directly, but only his company—plus they got the number of weeks wrong as well, mistakenly reporting the property acquisition as taking place six, rather than seven, weeks before the attacks! So to reiterate: no mention of the collapse of Building 7 and no examination of possible motives of actors other than the 19 alleged hijackers, who were motivated solely by religious extremism. The report even tries to build a case that the hijackers were assisted by Hezbollah and Iran, and that “Sunni-Shia divisions did not necessarily pose an insurmountable barrier to cooperation in terrorist operations”, a view that flies totally in the face of the Sunni-Shia war we see engulfing the Middle East today, but of course maybe such a war was unimaginable to the members of the 9/11 Commission when they released their report ten years ago.

In either event, the 9/11 Commission Report obviously suffers from a number of glaring deficiencies. Why would that be? Maybe venturing into such areas of inquiry as the collapse of Building 7 was thought inadvisable by the commission’s executive director, Philip Zelikow, a US-Israeli dual citizen. One report, here, states that Zelikow “ran the commission and took charge of the writing of its final report.” ( And see also: Zelikow’s Key Role in 9/11Cover-Up, with Maidhc Ó Cathail, plus The Corbett Report, Learn History with Philip Zelikow! )

Aside from the activities of the 9/11 Commission, a 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund (VCF), set up by Congress, was also overseen by a Jew—Kenneth Feinberg—who decided how much, or how little, each claimant would receive, while a Jewish federal judge, Alvin K. Hellerstein, has presided over litigation brought by 9/11 victims. But in reality there have been very few lawsuits. In order to get compensation from the VCF, victims were forced to waive their rights to go to court. Of all those eligible to file claims, 97 percent elected for cash payment from the fund.

“I was told by an attorney that at my age (60) I would have to wait for possibly 20 years to recover any money from litigation,” said one 9/11 victim

“From what I experienced, the fund was shut up money,” said another.

The few who did elect to pursue legal action ended up in Hellerstein’s courtroom and basically got nowhere in their pursuit of justice. In July of this year, a sharp increase was reported in the number of 9/11 emergency responders who have contracted cancer, the number now standing at 2,518. That figure represents a huge jump from the 1,140 cases reported as of last year. Those newly diagnosed with cancer will have the same choice afforded to all other 9/11 victims previously—that is, of accepting a payment from the VCF or going to court and having their case presided over by Hellerstein. Both Feinberg and Hellerstein, you’ve probably guessed by now, have ties to Israel.

The 9/11 attacks provided the justification for America’s “global war on terror,” a war still raging to this day with no end in sight; as a result people in a host of countries—lands that have been bombed and ripped apart by US aggression—and yes, even Americans themselves, as we see, have found themselves “severely tested by the plots of the Jews.”

Argentina and Iran

If 9/11 was an Israeli false flag attack, and there is strong evidence it was, it would not by any means be the only such operation by the Jewish state. A newly-released documentary on the AMIA bombing in Argentina points to Israeli involvement in that episode as well. AMIA stands for Associación Mutual Israelita Argentina (Argentine Israelite Mutual Association). Basically it is a Jewish community center in Buenos Aires. The bombing there took place just over 20 years ago, resulting in the deaths of 85 people, and almost immediately following the explosion Israeli officials showed up on the scene to “assist” with the investigation.

The title of the documentary is AMIA Repetita, or “AMIA Again,” a reference to the fact that two mysterious terror incidents took place in Argentina in a space of two years: the bombing of the Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires on March 17, 1992 and the bombing of the AMIA on July 18, 1994. Both events were blamed on Iran and Hezbollah, yet as in the case of 9/11, the official version of the story has severely frayed and unraveled over the years.

In the early 1990s trade relations existed between Argentina and Iran. Negotiations had gotten underway also on certain nuclear issues, including the delivery of uranium and the training of nuclear scientists, and it is widely believed now that the disruption of these ties between the two countries was the motivation for both bombings.

Under pressure from the US, then-President Carlos Menem called a partial halt to some of the agreements, but declined to break off relations completely, and in 1993 Iran received a shipment of uranium reportedly enriched to nearly 20 percent—a level which would have made it suitable for nuclear medicine applications but not for constructing a bomb. The timing of that delivery is significant—one year after the embassy bombing yet one year before the AMIA attack. And even though Argentina was in the process of scaling back some of its commitments, Iran had nothing to gain by sponsoring a terrorist event inside a country with which it still maintained a potentially beneficial trade relationship. In fact, cordial relations between the two countries dated as far back as the Peron presidencies, and as one interviewee in the documentary mentions, in 1953 when Mosaddegh was nationalizing oil in Iran, Peron was doing the same thing in Argentina.

But the cordiality largely came to a halt in July of 1994 when Argentine government officials signed onto the Israeli narrative and accused Iran of the AMIA bombing, this after media reports, both local and international, began portraying the event as a rabid act of anti-Semitism. One of those interviewed in the documentary is Argentine lawyer Juan Gabriel Labake, who notes that both bombings, the 1992 embassy bombing and the ’94 AMIA attack, followed similar patterns.

“The building was being renovated, there were bricklayers inside, huge bags moving in and out. In both cases we were told about a car bomb, but no crater, no evidence, no remains (of a bombed-out car) were found,” Labake says. “Still in both cases, 24 hours later, the security chief of the Israeli embassy comes up to the police and says, ‘It was done with a car bomb.’ The Argentine government buys the whole thing. It is a turnover. Some official agents change their declarations, some experts too.”

The initial findings, including by firefighters who showed up at the scene, was that the blast had been an internal explosion, but it seems Israeli investigators were intent on portraying the event as a suicide car bombing, identifying the driver as a South American operative of Hezbollah supposedly acting under the direction of Iranian diplomats. But there were many problems with this story, one of which being, as Labake notes, that the explosion left no crater in the street. It seems also that the vehicle theoretically disintegrated entirely, or else it managed (as was later woven into the official fantasy-narrative) to get submerged underground by the force of the blast and then covered up with dirt again. In any case, the car, with the exception of what were purported to be small pieces of it, was never recovered.

“I interviewed Major Laborda (Osvaldo Laborda, called as an “expert” witness to prop up the official line) because he was a key expert,” Labake says. “And I asked him, in the AMIA case, where is the rest of the bombed car? I showed him photos of 14 attacks with a car bomb where the car remains almost destroyed—but the chassis remains. He said there was such an amount of explosives that the car was buried three meters under the pavement, which is just impossible. I said why don’t we dig? The damaged car will be an evidence. He said, ‘No need, it’s already proved.’”

In January 2013, Argentine President Cristina Kirchner announced a memorandum of understanding (MOU) under which Argentina and Iran would set up a commission to reopen the investigation. The commission would be made up of five independent judges, none of whom would be from Iran or Argentina. The documentary includes footage of Kirchner discussing the matter in a session of Congress in March 2013—and receiving a standing ovation for her words.

“We must try to find solutions! I reject cowardice!” Kirchner says. She adds: “I want to know who did it, who hid the evidences. We owe it to the victims. We owe it to the victims. And if nothing changes we will never know the truth.”

It was a fairly unprecedented step. Imagine if a future president of the US were to publicly acknowledge that the 9/11 Commission Report had been a whitewash and were to call for a new investigation to be handled by an independent international body. Large numbers of Americans would certainly welcome it, along with much of the world as well.

But the leaders of Argentina’s Jewish community vehemently opposed the setting up of the “truth commission,” as it was referred to, and Kirchner’s announcement was also attacked in a public statement by the Anti-Defamation League, which criticized “the shocking cooperation of the government of Argentina” with Iran—described in the same ADL statement as “the world’s most notorious state sponsor of terrorism.”

In a second statement, issued on February 13, 2013, the ADL called for the Argentine Congress to block approval of the agreement, and here it must be noted—the ADL is a US-based organization. So what is it doing interfering, and that in essence is what it amounts to, in the internal affairs of Argentina? But it did so…and things didn’t stop there either…

On March 1, after Argentina’s Congress disregarded the ADL entreaties and voted to approve the MOU, ADL Director Abe Foxman penned an article entitled An Unhealthy Nexux: Iran and Argentina that appeared in the Huffington Post and in which he called Kirchner “blind,” accused the Congress of “failing to act in the interest of the Argentine people,” and repeated long-since discredited accusations about former Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad calling for Israel to be “wiped off the map.”

A fourth ADL statement, issued May 23, 2013, commented on the MOU in the context of Iranian elections that were then approaching, while a fifth, on July 15, 2013, described the MOU as “a roadblock to achieving justice long denied to the victims.”

In fact, in the year 2013, the ADL issued a total of seven public statements concerning the MOU, all opposing the formation of the truth commission. Additionally that same year, letters were sent by the ADL to two Jewish leaders in Argentina (available in PDF here and here), in which the organization discussed the bombing, mentioned the MOU, and pledged to “continue to raise this issue at the highest levels in our meetings with the U.S. government and international leaders until justice is served.”

The efforts seem to have paid off. On May 29, 2013, Argentine prosecutor Alberto Nisman issued a written report in which he accused Iran of setting up “clandestine intelligence stations” in Latin America for purpose of carrying out “terrorist attacks.” Then in November of 2013, Nisman petitioned an Argentine Court to overturn the MOU, and on May 15, 2014, the court obligingly issued a ruling declaring the MOU unconstitutional. The case is reportedly being appealed to the Supreme Court.

Nisman, by the way, is described as “fanatically pro-Israel” in an interview, here, with Argentine journalist Adrian Salbuchi.

“At the end of 2007, for example, Mr. Nisman was a special guest at the Annual Meeting of the American Jewish Congress,” said Salbuchi. “In March 2009, he gave a presentation at the Queensborough Holocaust Library in New York City. At the end of 2008 he personally submitted a full report on the status of this case to the Supreme Court—not of Argentina, as you might expect, but of Israel in Tel Aviv. Clearly, Mr Nisman acts as Special Prosecutor not on behalf of Argentina but of the State of Israel!”

Apparently the only investigations allowed into events like 9/11 or the AMIA bombing are Jewish-approved, Jewish-supervised ones. Thus it would seem that the people of Argentina as well, for the last 20 years no less, have been “severely tested by the plots of the Jews.” Or as Kirchner said of the attack, “It has been a shock in Argentinians’ history.”

Is it “good for the Jews?”

The world is of course a wide place, and Jews make up only a tiny portion of its total population, so how many “plots” of this nature could there possibly be? Apparently more than you would think possible. Here are just a few others:

  • Also in Argentina, Jewish vulture capitalists, armed with a recent US court decision, are endeavoring to exploit the country’s national debt for personal profit; bankruptcy of the nation is said to be possible at this point;
  • In 1967 Israel carried out a false flag attack upon the USS Liberty;
  • In 2014 a Jewish employee of the US State Department instigated a coup in Ukraine, ushering in a regime that has killed hundreds of people in the eastern part of the country;
  • Under the guise of promoting “democracy,” the State Department has also been pushing for the overthrow of the government of Syria, financing terrorist groups that have killed and butchered thousands of Syrians; the overthrow of the Assad government has also been called for by Israel, which on several occasions has carried out missile attacks in Syria as well;
  • Somewhat similar efforts are under way in Venezuela, where the main opposition leader, the Jewish Henrique Capriles, apparently supports US regime change objectives;
  • Western media conglomerates, largely owned or controlled by Jews, have conjured up the latest “Hitler du jour” in promoting wars of present and past decades. Most recently their attacks have focused on Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Unquestionably the most catalyzing event of the modern era—‘catalyzing’ in the sense that it has caused the largest number of deaths (surely up in the millions by now)—is 9/11. Regardless of what you want to believe about who carried out that attack and why, the undeniable facts are these: that a Jewish-supervised 9/11 Commission conducted the investigation, and that what we have today is a Jewish-authored 9/11 Commission Report. And those of us who point to that report and say that it is inadequate or a whitewash are labeled “conspiracy theorists” by the Western media conglomerates. Are we conspiracy theorists? Was Paul a conspiracy theorist? What did the apostle mean when he said, “I was severely tested by the plots of the Jews”? The New Testament actually gives us an answer. Paul was met by hostility from Jews in a number of places to which he traveled. In Damascus they tried to kill him (Acts 9:23); in Corinth they went before a Roman proconsul and accused him of preaching a religion that had not been sanctioned by Rome, hoping to have him imprisoned; the Roman official denied their petition (Acts 18:12); in Ephesus they maligned the new faith he was preaching (Acts 19:9); and on at least five different occasions he was beaten and flogged by Jews (2Corinthians 11:24). But perhaps the worst ordeal of all was in Jerusalem.

Arriving back in Jerusalem following his third missionary journey, Paul came under attack by a mob of angry Jews who sought to surround him and kill him, creating a disturbance so tumultuous that the commander of the Roman garrison in the city was forced to intervene to restore public order (Acts 21:30-32). But the plot didn’t end there; it simply went underground. A group of 40 Jews got together and hatched a plan to murder Paul, taking an oath among themselves that they would neither eat nor drink until they had succeeded in killing him. But the son of Paul’s sister got wind of the ambush they were planning and alerted Paul, who in turn informed the Roman commander. And thus the plot was averted.

But why all this Jewish angst over Paul to begin with? Why so much hostility toward him from his fellow Jews? Because he was preaching the teachings of Christ, and in the process calling into question the validity of Jewish law. This was his great offense. Jews have traditionally blamed Christianity for a host of problems they have experienced over past centuries, but Paul’s story shows us that the animus that eventually developed between the two faiths did not initiate with Christians.

In Paul’s time a very key, very crucial role was played by the Romans in terms of curbing excesses by Jews and providing restraints upon Jewish behavior. This is a very important factor to consider. I say that because comparable such restraints no longer exist today. Where Western governments are concerned, there literally is no limit to what Israel may be allowed to get away with. The Jewish state could set up an interconnected system of guillotines and an assembly line for mass producing Palestinian beheadings, and the West would refer to it simply as “just defending itself.”

The checks once maintained by Rome are nowhere to be found. And perhaps not so coincidentally, the world finds itself on a dangerous precipice, with the Jewish-lobby-controlled US president seemingly doing all in his power to provoke a confrontation with Russia, and the Jewish-controlled Western media conglomerates egging him on in it, portraying the Russian leader as the latest “Hitler du jour.” At some point, however—if the world survives, that is—I suspect humanity is going to get fed up with being “severely tested by the plots of the Jews.” This has already happened on a number of occasions in history, and quite likely it will again, possibly on a scale not yet seen. When and if that time comes, how much of an effort do you suppose will be made to tell the “good Jews” from the “bad Jews?” Probably there will be some, but what is perhaps at least as predictable is that it will be an exceedingly difficult determination to make.

And I suspect that this is precisely what the “bad Jews” are counting upon.

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  1. It was just chance that i happened to have had a radio on this evening just as NPR was beginning a report on Argentina. It turns out the court refused to respect the debt agreements settled between Argentina and a large number of their debtors; Instead, US court today ruled in favor of a number of plaintiffs who refused to settle for “partial” debt recovery –instead they’d rather see Argentina go into default/bankruptcy which could well drive their economy into the dumpster and create massive inflation and potential financial collapse. Tonight the parties are meeting again to find an equitable solution. The Argentine govt had gotten 92% of their creditors to agree to a 70% reduced repayment but vulture fund manager Paul Singer (Elliot Management) who bought their debt for pennies on the dollar a few years ago was one of the complainants who rejected the deal, instead demanding 100% payment. Singer has made something of a career buying up sovereign debts and has been a heavy hitter for the GOP rewarded by George W.Bush who appointed him to arrange and accompany Bush & friends to Jerusalem in 2008.
    I’m still trying to figure out what the Jewish involvement with Ukraine and their apparently push for war with Russia is about… Thank you for the comprehensive round up…

  2. Everything you say reinforces the fact that the illegal geo-political entity of “Israel” must go so that Palestine will be free and the world will also be freed from the evil actions of a tiny Zionist clique.

  3. Thank you for this very informative report. The Jews’s moto is always my way or no way. I do believe that something very bad is going to happen to them but,as you said the good will be hurt too. God always extinguish their fires. Our prophet Mohamed suffered a lot from them and when they betrayed him by opening the gates for his enemies, he exiled them out of his city because they were a minority he saved them from being killed by Moslems.

  4. So Jews were expelled from Mecca too? Wasn’t aware of that. Guess you can add that to the list then. You know, it was several years ago I first read Surah #5, where it talks about relations between Muslims, Christians, and Jews. It seems the Prophet viewed Christians as falling into either one of two categories–those who were “patrons” of the Jews, and the ones who were not prideful and who were nearest in affection to believers. Or if you want to put it this way, the true Christians. It’s actually a quite accurate portrayal.

  5. Actually, when Medina was under siege, it was discovered that the Jews inside Medina were conspiring with the Meccans outside to overthrow Mohamed and the residents of Medina.
    Mohamed frustrated a Meccan invading force by digging a huge ditch around Medina which made it impossible for the Meccans to enter Medina and they were forced to retreat back to Mecca.
    Having learned of the treachorous nature of the Jews within Medina Mohamed ordered that all the males (a little under 1,000 from memory) should be executed and their families sold into slavery.
    The rationale for this course of action was that Mohamed’s protection had been extended to the Jews but their conduct was such that it was necessary to make an example of them.
    The same protection was allegedly extended to Christians and non-believers as long as they obeyed the laws of Medina and showed loyalty to Mohamed and Medina.
    That – of course – is if you believe that the mythical Mohamed ever actually existed and that the story about the unreliable nature of the Jews is true. I don’t believe in either.
    What is a fact is the vile set of beliefs encompassed by rabbinic Judaism and secular Zionism.

  6. the Zionist-Globalist wing of Organized Jewry is attempting to control the world – and does, at this moment, absolutely control Palestine, Western Europe, and the Anglosphere – via the Central Banking/debt finance racket. Along the way, Jewry intends to utterly exterminate the Whites who, in their view, first ghetto’d and then holocaust’d them; If present differential birth-rates (partly forced by the Kosher culture of Death) and insourcing of non-Whites continues, Whites will in fact be substantially extinct by 2100…though I’m sure the Jews will attempt to accelerate matters well before that time. In this context, Putin’s Russia is a large, White pebble in the Zionist/Globalist shoe. By seizing the Ukraine, the Jewish banksters and neo-conz hope to use it as a wedge against Russia itself. None of this is a deep secret: CFR/Bilderberg front-man Zbig Brzezinski laid it all out some years ago in his book, The Global Chessboard.

  7. The ongoing destruction of the Whites (via the 20th century, Jew-instigated revolutions and world wars, current attacks on White reproduction via KCD, and anti-White immigration rackets, with more of the same planned for the 21st) is in fact the largest coherent democide in human history. Here are the %’s:

    % of world population that was/will be White

    1900: 30%

    2000: 9%

    2100: gone.

    Gone also: the White’s individualist civilization, replaced by the Jews’ savage, Asiatic collectivism.

  8. ‘…is if you believe that the mythical Mohamed ever actually existed’

    You need to do some reading, John. Not much, and nothing taxing at all.
    You can start with the Wikipedia.
    Even from Wikipedia, which has the kosher seal of approval, you will learn that Mohammed was actually a living and breathing historical figure, not a ‘mythical’ character.


  9. They hate Putin because he imprisoned or drove out many of the most pernicious Jewish oligarchs who had looted Russia under their puppet Yeltsin. He’s also strengthened Christianity in Russia, passed laws weakening the homosexual lobby, supports a strong Russian identity, and sabotaged the Jews’ plans for attacking Assad’s Syria last year under the pretense of a false flag poison gas attack.

  10. Only if you are citing sources which date from well over a century after he allegedly existed.
    Actually, something like 180 years after he was said to have died.
    To put that into context, that would be like you commenting on events that took place in the year 1833. Are you up for that?
    Incidentally – as I am sure you know – I consider it equally likely that accounts of Moses and Jesus are largely fictitious too so no one should assume I am an Islamophobe or anti-Mohamedan

  11. Wise Cave Owl, I don’t think skin color is the issue. Why would Ashkenazi Jews want to exterminate whites when they are white themselves? There is no motive for people to slaughter or exterminate their own donkeys, and to quote the racist Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, Gentiles are donkeys:

    “They need to die, but [God] will give them longevity. Why? Imagine that one’s donkey would die, they’d lose their money. This is his servant… That’s why he gets a long life, to work well for this Jew. Why are gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat… That is why gentiles were created.”

    Israel has hundreds of Gentile donkeys working for it in the US Congress. Greater, not lesser, longevity is desired.

    In response to madams12: I think the interests of Israel and the interests of what might be thought of as “world Jewry” do not always overlap 100% of the time, and I think Ukraine is one of those instances. World Jewry sees Russia as a threat to its economic stranglehold over the world. The BRICS nations just formed their own equivalent to the IMF. At the same time, Russia maintains fairly cordial relations with Israel. While Israel has been mute over supposed Russian “aggression” in Ukraine, the Russian government has reciprocated by saying little to nothing about the slaughter in Gaza.

  12. John: you said
    “Mohamed ordered that all the males (a little under 1,000 from memory) should be executed and their families sold into slavery.”
    Please source your information. As an Arab and a Moslem I have never heard about that. Mohamed peace be upon him exiled the Jews who betrayed him out of medina city.

  13. Yes Richard,I really believe what the Koran said , there are the true believers among Jews,Christians and Moslems but , they are the minority. I hope we will be among them .
    It seems that zionism existed along time ago and these zionists were the people who apposed Mohamed as they did to Jesus . Mohamed exiled the Jews from medina not Mecca.

  14. @ RE: in the long run, the Jews do not need White donkeys. They intend to have plenty of brown/black donkeys, and are importing more every day. Whites might, just might, rise up and ghetto or holocaust them again. About lower IQ’d, easy-to-collectivize ethnics they have no such fear. Jews White? Ah, no that’s genetic protective coloration they garner by permitting a degree of (largely female, via the Seductive Jewess) exogamy at the ethnic border. Genetically, 90% of Jewry remain what it was since 700 AD: ashkenazic Khazars out of Central Asia. Which also explains the Jews (typically Asiatic) combination of high intelligence and savage collectivism. All this aside, simply extrapolate the demographic trendline and you will see where all this is going. Absent collapse of the Jews’ debtPonzi “economy”, by 2050 Whites in America will find:themselves treated like Palestinians in Palestine are being treated today. Also incidentally, I have Jewish relatives. And have discussed these issues with them at length. Their attitude toward Whites is equal parts fear, contempt, and mortal hatred..

  15. Well, they sure look white to me. I don’t think Benjamin Netanyahu would have the slightest problem convincing anybody that he’s white.

    “About lower IQ’d, easy-to-collectivize ethnics they have no such fear.”

    You may remember that years and years ago the UN General Assembly passed a resolution equating Zionism with racism–and it’s true; Zionists are some of the most racist individuals around. I just wonder if the thought has ever occurred to you that perhaps you share that trait in common with them? We are quite possibly, as you say, headed toward a police state in America that will bear a strong resemblance to Occupied Palestine. In fact, I would say this is an almost inevitable byproduct of having a Jewish-lobby-controlled political establishment. What I would think would be obvious, however, is that if we are ever going to defeat Jewish power, it will require ALL OF US working together. And with that being said, I would strongly suggest to you that alienating people of different races by referring to them as having inferior intelligence or substandard IQs is, generally speaking, about the stupidest thing you can do.

  16. The comparison with Moses, supposed to show your even-handedness, is a dud.
    No serious historian — make that ‘no historian ‘– claims Moses existed, and none denies that Mohammed did. Pull another.
    Unbeknownst to you, there are umpteen papyri, clay tablets, stone inscriptions, etc recording events and names of leaders loooooong after their existence. Closer to our times, chroniclers narrating events postfactum.
    Wikipedia is a good first step, but don’t stop there. Actual reading of history beats it.

  17. Imam – two points:-
    1. On the execution of Jews at Medina (formerly Yathrib) see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banu_Qurayza.
    2. On the topic of Zionism, it is a historically recent development, dating from the late 1890s. The first World Zionist Congress was held in Basel, Switzerland, in 1897 and this led to the start of the world zionist movement. Clearly, they were hugely influential, for in less than 50 years they had secured the Balfour Declaration from Britain, a reference in the 1919 Versailles Treaty, as well as a mention of a Jewish homeland in the San Remo Conference Treaty of 1920.
    By 1947, the Zionists had largely secured their goal of a Jewish homeland (or state?) in Palestine.
    Whatever you think of them, it has to be agreed that the Zionists have had a huge influence on world affairs and they have been largely successful in achieving their objectives.
    The Palestinians – and Arabs more generally – need to learn lessons from the Zionists, though – to date – there is little sign of this happening.

  18. As usual, you have produced nothing substantive at all to substantiate any of your claims.
    Don’t you have anything better to do with your time?
    There is a real life-and-death struggle going on in Gaza, with wholesale slaughter of families taking place.
    And what are you doing?
    Wasting everyone’s time with useless comments – that’s what you are doing.

  19. Facts, however unpleasant, remain facts. The blacks/browns will never “work with us”. The Jews have already seen to that. They would not have flung the borders open to them if they thought the slightest possibility of this existed. And you seem to labor under the delusion that the ZOG can be removed peacefully, by “politics”, “voting”, and the like. This will never happen. One point I will concede: the Day the Dollar Dies and the EBT cards stop working, the urban diversity’s most proximate target may well be the local Jews and White cosmics who led them around by the nose for so long. I hope so. Otherwise the odds against us will be impossible.

  20. Actually you got me pegged wrong. I do not labor under the delusion that voting will change anything. Democracy is dead in America. The chances of all this being resolved peacefully are slim to none. Nuclear war between the US and Russia is looking more imminent each day, and regardless of how or whether that evolves and materializes, one thing we can say for sure is that the world, America included, is headed toward something extremely unpleasant. What we can do, each of us individually, is try as best we can, in our own respective ways, to steer this thing toward a more positive, less destructive outcome. And that starts with learning to love your neighbor. Disparaging people on the basis of their race not only will not help, it will make the situation worse.

  21. ‘There is a real life-and-death struggle going on in Gaza, with wholesale slaughter of families taking place.’

    No kidding?
    Is it with that sense of urgency you keep nattering nonsense about religions?

  22. Dear John, if Wikipedia is your source then, I rest my case. i know that the Zionist were “successful”. Everyone can be “successful “as the Zionist if they have no god to limit their evilness.
    What are the lessons we need to learn from the Zionist ?

  23. Unity, solidarity and self-discipline in pursuit of goals.
    It is factually remarkable that the Zionists in just 50 years went from a largely minor and excluded group to becoming the controllers of a large part of historic Palestine.
    The lessons Palestinians and their true Arab supporters need to draw is just how the Zionists achieved their goals and to formulate a strategy based on the Zionists’ winning strategy, both to achieve their own goals and to frustrate the Zionists from extending their own goal of Eretz Israel.
    I am not a Palestinian or an Arab. Neither, I believe, are you.
    It is the Palestinians and their fellow Arabs and other supporters that must come together and learn to work effectively in achieving true and final freedom for the people and land of Palestine.

  24. I was responding to a request for information from another commentator.
    You, on the other hand, are so fanatical in your religious beliefs that the slightest mention of anything to do with religion sets you off down another fruitless path of nonsense.
    I respect Imam, who seems to want know more about the history of Mohamed and Islam.
    However, I will say to him – as I do to you – that while these analyses of the historic background to religious ideologies is of interest in understanding how the world came to be as it is, they are all based on falsities and deliberate fabrications.
    Religion is not part of the solution where the world’s troubles are concerned; they are a principal cause of the world’s problems. Religious fanaticism in the past and today has ruined and ended more lives than just about any other cause anyone can imagine.
    It is only when intelligent people learn to put behind them their ignorant superstitions and deliberate misunderstandings in the face of all modern scientific knowledge that the world will ever be able to live together peacefully and in harmony.
    I don’t doubt that once religion has ceased to exist that bad people with lunatic ambitions will still continue to emerge but they will have to be dealt with by future generations.

  25. You must also be aware that Israeli society is already divided along the lines you mention.
    The top class of Israelis are the Ashkenazim, the next class are Sephardim, the next class are Misrachim, and the final class are African Jews.
    In addition, they have migrant workers from Thailand (one was killed recently) and from many other parts of the world.
    They also have really cheap illegal immigrants as well.
    The Zionists do not need the Palestinians at all.
    That is the situation the Zionists have engineered.
    That is also why they are steadily committing genocide against the Palestinians.
    The Palestinians – from a Zionist perspective – are now redundant to requirements.
    I do not agree with the Zionist philosophy but we all need to be aware of it.

  26. Imam: Wikipedia is one source of information for me but it is not the only source.
    I have previously attended talks and public lectures on the subject in London and I have purchased and read comparatively a number of works on the general subject of religion and Islam.
    Here in the UK we sometimes get very good TV programmes on history, including religious history.
    A Pew study in the US found that humanists were far more knowledgeable about religion than vast numbers of self-declared religionists.
    There is usually a correlation between intelligence and absence of religious belief.
    I am not being vain in saying this but it is a fact that poor education and low levels of welfare provision – such as is found in the USA and other under-developed parts of the world – explains the high levels of religiousity that are found there.
    As a humanist, I believe all people are entitled to believe anything they like as long as it does not harm them or anyone else in particular.
    Of course, the whole history of religion is marked by unhappiness leading up to wholesale slaughter – just look at what the Islamic State have been up to recently.
    But they are just the latest chapter in such appalling behaviour.
    Israel’s actions against the Palestinians are also informed at root by religious hatreds.
    I repeat: religion is part of the problem of world troubles and not part of the solution.
    Hopefully, after it has gone, the world will be at peace and all will co-operate with one another.
    Ultimately we all belong to one species, humankind, and need to work together to survive together.

  27. “…they are all based on falsities and deliberate fabrications”

    John, why don’t you at least exercise the tact and diplomacy of saying “In my opinion they are all based on falsities, etc…” Not only would it be more tactful, but it would be more intellectually honest as well, because the fact is you don’t know. I can give you a list of scholars, employed in universities around the world, who have written books on Jesus and who accept that he was a real-life historical figure; and I’m sure there are probably just as many scholars who have written similar books on Mohammed. If you want to say you believe Mohammed and Jesus were fictional figures and elaborate on why you feel this way, then say, “I believe the stories about Mohammed and Christ are fictitious, and here are my reasons why…” But you make a mistake in assuming that everyone who has an opinion different from yours on this subject is automatically delusional or ignorant or uneducated, as you seem to believe.

    Also, like many atheists I have encountered, you point to wars that have been fought by people of different religions while at the same time disregarding all the good that religion and spiritual faith have brought to the world. People like Jesus, the Buddha, and Mohammed–they provided a moral underpinning for humanity. The fact that others came along later and perverted and exploited their teachings for their own political ends does not negate the original value of that moral underpinning or the effect that it continues having upon humanity today. Would charities like Oxfam exist today without the moral and spiritual foundation laid by Jesus? Would there be a Red Cross or a Red Crescent? There are Catholic charities in virtually every city here in America that provide food, shelter, and clothing for the poor and homeless. They are now stretched to the limit because the numbers of people living below the poverty level are growing exponentially. And look at Gaza. Once this insane slaughter there is finally over, the people still left alive are going to be in dire need of help. Do you suppose atheists will be lining up to give it to them? It will be Muslim charities and devout individual Muslims who will provide the bulk of this assistance.

    Yes, there are religious fanatics who cause a lot of harm, but there are also secular fanatics as well–people who believe in things like “American exceptionalism”, or also, yes, Zionism too, to the extent that we can think of Zionism as a secularized version of Judaism. I would even go so far as to suggest to you, John, that there are even atheist fanatics–i.e. people who go to ridiculous lengths mounting court challenges to stop things like the public display of Christmas trees each year. We all need to learn to live and let live, and that of course was the essence of Christ’s teaching: love your neighbor as you love yourself. It’s really not a bad teaching when you think about it.

  28. “found that humanists were far more knowledgeable about religion than vast numbers of self-declared religionists.”

    You are creating a false dichotomy here, and in the process are engaging in intellectual dishonesty again–implying that “humanists” (i.e. people who favor human rights, individual dignity, etc.) and those who hold religious views are opposites; they are not. The validity of the study you cite is perhaps questionable, I don’t know, but the correct antipodal construct is “atheist vs. religionist”, not “humanist vs. religionist.”

  29. No, Richard: humanism includes atheists, as well as agnostics, apatheists and – like me – ignostic humanists. Most secularists are also humanists but also include atheists.
    Atheists – to my understanding – are people who believe positively that there is no god.
    As an ignostic humanist, my position is very simple: there is no tangible evidence for the exisitence of any forms of so-called supernatural being – a category which is empty and meaningless – and, therefore, there are no gods, saints, angels, devils, fairies, pixies or any other kind of claimed “spirit” beings in existence.
    Any talk or debate about things that do not exist is a complete waste of time and energy.
    I therefore just dismiss talk about “gods” or anything else allegedly supernatural as being just a waste of time or energy to even consider or waste time thinking about.
    It is relevant to consider morals and ethics which is what humanists are truly interested in.
    Today, to be a humanist is to be a rationalist – and no religionist is capable of real rationality.
    I know many of your contributors look askance at Wikipedia but there is a useful summary on the subject of Religiosity and intelligence at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religiosity_and_intelligence.
    Further information is available at http://www.pewglobal.org/2008/09/17/chapter-2-religiosity/ and http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2395972/Atheists-higher-IQs-Their-intelligence-makes-likely-dismiss-religion-irrational-unscientific.html.

  30. You are free to hold whatever views you like–ig-ag-ath or otherwise–but if your contention is that people with religious convictions cannot possibly be humanists, that is stretching the definition of the word ‘humanism’ so as to make it totally synonymous with rejection of God. That is only one definition of humanism, but there are also others. Not all atheists are humanists, and not all “religionists” are non-humanist. To use the “humanist vs. religionist” dichotomy is to imply that people of religious beliefs are unconcerned about human rights, values, etc., which is disingenuous.


  31. Despite your diligent research efforts with wikipedia and self-improvent study watching popularized science TV programs, to say nothing of going so far as to ‘purchase’ books, John, your acumen leaves a lot to be desired if you take me for a ‘religious fanatic.’
    You also simply lie boldly when you claim that I react to ‘the slightest mention of religion.’
    I only attempt to correct a few of your errors of gross ignorance about Islam and Christianity, which you insist on displaying time and again like an ideology flasher, although you claim that talking about religion is a waste of time.
    “There is usually a correlation between intelligence and absence of religious belief.”–you say. Poppycock. Most towering intellects in history were not atheists, John. On the contrary. I could give you a very long list of eminent mathematicians, physicists, astronomers, biologists, philosophers, etc who held on to their faith, but I don’t want to make you hog the wikipedia for weeks.
    You present yourself as an even-handed atheist but you slip by harping on Islam. Why is that, John?
    Also, if you are such an avowed atheist who thinks religion is the source of all evil, how do you explain the Jews’ ‘success’ you so admire in Israel: is the rabid judaic fanaticism creating what you called ‘Unity, solidarity and self-discipline in pursuit of goals’ to be credited for it?
    If so, then in recommending that Arabs and Muslims emulate it you recommend rabid religious fanaticism.
    oy, John, your spiel needs work.

  32. I agree with every single word printed,another person,who’s name lives in infamy,is the Bush enabler,is Tony Blair,who had the charm and the ability to seduce with words,something Bush jr lacked,that turned black-white and white-black and he is a arch neocon,allied to the zionist ideology.

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