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A Journalism Award and a Jewish Justice Dept. Official

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Lanny Breuer

[ Ed. note: Perhaps it’s irrelevant (and certainly in a perfect world it would be irrelevant), but Lanny Breuer, the former Justice Department official who just couldn’t seem to find any criminal wrongdoing on Wall Street worth investigating, is Jewish. I mention it because the authors of the otherwise very informative piece below have omitted to.]

PBS Producer Who Toppled Eric Holder’s Criminal Chief Gets an Award

By Pam Martens and Russ Martens

Martin Smith, producer extraordinaire of some of the most riveting documentaries for the PBS program, Frontline, has received the 2014 John Chancellor Award for Excellence in Journalism, presented by the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism.

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5 thoughts on “A Journalism Award and a Jewish Justice Dept. Official

  1. The world is as it should be, perfect or imperfect isn’t relevant. It simply is. This is what we must come to accept because to deny it is to deny reality/truth and reality/truth can not be denied for long without catastrophe. The jews are a race. They are neither good or evil, they simply are and we must accept/understand all that they are or catastrophe awaits us. They have their own self interest as all races have and all other races must truly understand this. We mustn’t project our own way of thinking on them because they do not think like us. What they think of as “good” isn’t what we think of as “good” for example. Hypocrisy is not problem to the jews. Jesus thought this was their greatest sin.

    BTW, I had an Episcopal priest tell me hypocrisy was no big deal also.

  2. I should add that this priest was tickled because he was “”converting some jews to christianity. I saw it more as the jewification of the episcopals or rather all of the west. america is jewified.

  3. You might be interested in this, Helvena, posted by Nahida today at her website:


    The article deals with Jewish hatred toward Gentiles–one is tempted to say, maybe, that this is “smoldering underneath the surface,” but actually the hatred is expressed openly on a number of Jewish websites, and Nahida provides links to them. She also publishes screen shots (lots of them!) in case the incriminating material is removed. We often hear of “anti-Semitism” as being this terrible, widespread problem that supposedly is on the rise, and in certain countries in the world–France in particular comes to mind–you can even get thrown in jail for statements perceived as “anti-Semitic”–but never do we hear about “anti-Gentilism” (the term coined by Nahida) which seems to be a far worse problem. Not only is this hatred for Gentiles extremely widespread in the Jewish community, but it is openly and blatantly expressed–by individuals and even by “respected” organizations such as Chabad–with no one ever calling them on it. It’s an important article and deserves to be distributed widely. I’ll probably post an excerpt and a link to it later today.

  4. Thank you Richard. Jews don’t have a problem with “hate” in the way we interpret hate. As long as they can survive first, dominate second the ends justify the means. They aren’t going to be talked out of it, Jesus tried. Understand genetics and you can understand hardwiring.

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