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Hurricane Quenelle has been Cancelled

 photo hurrq_zps1e830419.gif

By Ariadna Theokopoulos

Attention people of Réunion, Comores, Maurice, Madagascar and Zimbabwe: Hurricane Quenelle, scheduled for the 2014-2015 hurricane season has been cancelled!

It will not be permitted to do its thing under this name, but only following a rebaptizing and the acquisition of a name that is not offensive to Jewish sensitivities.

Hurricanes, according to custom, are named two years in advance by local meteorological services in alphabetical order. Number 16 had to start with the letter “Q” and Madagascar had chosen the name Quenelle.

A complaint recently lodged by CRIF (Conseil représentatif des institutions juives de France) — The Representative Council of Jewish Institutions of France — to the World Meteorological Organization convinced the local meteorological services to “withdraw this highly polemic name.”

q1The newspaper Quotidien de la Réunion reports that this is the first time ever that a hurricane’s name has been changed at the last moment, which is surprising in this case since the same newspaper had published caricatures and commented on the appropriateness of the name given the fact that Dieudonnee himself (the originator of the Quenelle salute) has proven to be something of a hurricane in the political life of France. Ask the Prime Minister, Manuel “Through-My-Wife-I-Am-Eternally-Tied-to-Israel” Valls. Ask the Union of Jewish Students in France. 

Was CRIF sleeping on the job? Why did it take them so long to discover this meteorological anti-semitism? So little time, so many to watch, so much censorship to apply. Even the weather is no longer safe from “polemics.”

3 thoughts on “Hurricane Quenelle has been Cancelled

  1. The man giving the quenelle salute in the photo is Anelka, outstanding French footballer (striker) who played for Arsenal, Chelsea, Manchester and also for the French National team to international acclaim.
    In 2013 after scoring in a game while playing for West Bromwich Albion, he performed the quenelle salute as an homage to Dieudonne, a gesture that led to his suspension for five games. He was also fined £80,000 and ordered to complete an educational course. His club cancelled his contract. In September of this year he joined Mumbai City of the newly formed Indian Super League but “the quenelle affair hounded him all the way to India”: FIFA insisted that the suspension applies not only to games under the umbrella of the English Federation but also to all international games. The Indian Football Federation obeyed and did not allow him to play for his new team, Mumbai in the opening game. Mumbai lost 3-0.
    Not only Mumbai.

  2. The french comedian Dieudonne,challenges,through his comedy, civil power structures and questions those in authority,who happen to be jewish,i have heard the joke translated to english about jews heading the victim olympics,’so if a hurricane is named after him ,i say good luck,”real satire can’t always be sugar coated”, (pro zionist jews people are a little overrepresented as a minority community in the civil hierarchical structures in western countries) ,with a pro-zionist agenda..

  3. As a Arsenal fan,i had a low regard for Nicholas Anelka,leaving Arsenal in the lerch but respect the older Anelka,rather than younger version of himself because he almost destroyed his career due to his bad attitude but anyway the Arsenal ended up with a far superior player in Thierry Henry 🙂

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