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Choking with Tears, Dying Syrian Boy Says, ‘I will complain to God about you’


While in the hospital, the little Syrian boy felt that soon he would give his soul to God…

[Ed. – The article below is from a Russian language website here. It has been translated into English by Nina Sidorova ]

War is a destructive force that spares no one and nothing in its path. Especially scary when the war takes lives and distorts the fates innocent civilians.

Willy-nilly, one wonders: Who gave the right to political leaders to solve their conflicts through ordinary civilians? Why hundreds, thousands, millions of people have to die because of that insatiable politicians who want to catch and take more and more from the world pie. What is terrible in this creepy, inhuman, bloody cycle that this often affects children …

On this sentimental picture shows the three-year Syrian boy. He has received numerous severe injuries that led to internal bleeding. Doctors desperately fought for his life of the crumbs. But, unfortunately, those injuries that this little child received were incompatible with life – to save the baby’s life failed …

While being in the hospital, the boy felt that soon would give his soul to God. Dying, he uttered the words that hooked not only the hospital staff, but also shocked the world.

Choking with tears and exhausted from the incredible pain, the little boy said, “I will complain about you to God; I will tell him everything!”  Shortly thereafter, the baby’s heart stopped beating … Many believe that this cry from the heart a little sacrifices great misfortune was a kind of sign from above that people have thought again. After all, as they say, truth is the mouth of babes.

39 thoughts on “Choking with Tears, Dying Syrian Boy Says, ‘I will complain to God about you’

  1. Just another day in the life of those under the gun in Africa and the ME, courtesy of that nation of blood-thirsty psychos and religious maniacs, Israel, who gets the USA to do most of their dirty work, brought about by hiding behind religion, corruption of the Congress and WH and of course, the world’s biggest con, the Holocaust™.

    Check out this video showing Jews terrorizing the Muslim Quarter of the Old City.

    In addition to “death to the Arabs,” the marchers’ repertoire of cries and songs included: “revenge,” “may your name be wiped out,” “may your village be burnt down,” and the anti-Muslim chant “Muhammad is dead” –- all heard by the police and occupation forces who secured the event, Kifaya says.


    Pam Gellar would feel right at home..

  2. Inshallah Allah will compensate him for what he endured. Am sure that there are a lot like him and there will be more unfortunately.

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  4. So instead of saving the boy. Your God allowed him to be fatally injured and to die.

    Nice god you got there.

  5. I’m kind of fond of Him, yes. Of course if we started blaming God for all the crimes committed by human beings, then the only crimes he wouldn’t be guilty of are those committed by mammals, reptiles, and birds.

  6. How very sad that in a world of war he has been brainwashed into religion poor child nothing left to turn to but a false friend

  7. I disagree. The saddest aspect of this is you guys starting to disparage religious belief, when in fact the most horrid thing is the lust for power of the big nations of this planet which wage a war by proxy in Syria, killing hundreds of thousands of people. And you worry and about a small victim belief, or otherwise, like typical affluent Western navel-gazers.

  8. and
    god allowed you to make a stupid comment
    a snidely yid sort of comment
    blame, attack god
    we make the decisions for good, evil, stupidity

  9. How low humanity has fallen, to allow this to happen. Eye for an eye creates more problems.Lets learn the lesson.

  10. Yes-they may say “Muhammad is Dead”. Ah Ha! Yet even though he left over 14 hundred years ago- He is Even More Alive Today, as, Listen to You- He just left Left left the tips of their tongues!!!!

  11. You sick idiots-The sadist aspect of the story is Him Being Killed by a Cult of Zionists thinking God made them Superior to other people, so spitting, hitting, removing, and shooting anyone not one of “THEM” is justified to them.It’s not the child brainwashed- even little children have a feeling that their is a God, no it is the Brain Contaminated, as Helen and Dick head here, who need their Brain Washed as they are filthy.

  12. The blind ignorance, is almost as staggering as the misplaced arrogance of the ‘So sure about everything atheists’! God is with this child forever. Children, don’t dismiss God so easily. all the crimes blamed on God are the crimes of man…Religion is man made. God has no religion. To what do atheists see, when they question their existence??? Do you think you came from….. Nowhere. do you think ‘matter’ which simply appeared out of nothing , could form something as weird as consciousness?? War, and every war fought in Gods name, has been perpetuated by….man!

  13. People blame God for everything that goes wrong, and when things go well, it’s seen as luck, but remember there is also satan, people forget this aspect, and also God gave us free will, it is up to us to choose right or wrong, without free will, what would be the point of living, as we would be no different from the robots we create.

  14. When thing go wrong it is always God that is to blame, when things go well, it is seen as good luck/fortune, but remember there is also satan, unfortunately people forget this. People do right or wrong due to the free will God gave us, if not for free will, what would be the point of being alive, as we would be no different from the robots we create. People doubt Gods existence, but when you see a building you don’t wonder how it got there, you know somebody had to have built it, same goes for the universe and all it contains.

  15. Was going to write “such childish comments by most of you”….But the Childish Comment is the most telling… Who cares if he believed in god or not (I don’t); but the fact that he knew the behaviour of “adults” was wrong. Telling it to “real” people would have it falling on as deaf ears as those of his imaginary friend. The fact that he knew his life was wrongfully shortened because of the choices made by “leaders” who will never suffer, is very poignant and very sad. Poor little boy, he deserved better.

  16. This is not the act of God, this is the act of humans. God is not a puppet master, we need to take responsibility for our actions and stop blaming.

  17. That child was innocent and yes he will be safe and well with his God. This is very stupid to blame God for crimes committed by humans. He will take care of him there better than these evil monsters on this planet!

  18. You miss the meaning of this sad and atrocious injustice by a mile, Helen. This child is dying because a whole gang of sociopaths have been brain washed into believing they are “chosen” and act out their delusional, hate-filled supremacism, sowing death and destruction around them to grab more land, more resources, more power.
    Sad for you to be unable to see neither the pure spirituality of the child nor the stone-age barbarity of the perpetrators dehumanized by their greed and cruelty cult.

  19. amore di mamma… dio se esisti prenditi cura di lui come non siamo stati in grado di fare…

  20. This is What we are……. Are we human?, I doubt why we have civilizations to live and Why we came into Existence? Thanks to each other : That we kill each other with no reasons to explain, that we are prospering the human kind.

  21. Helen, do understand that in religion we believe that we have nothing; we only borrow them, God is more than entitled to have them back. In a life where only bloodshed and rubbles exist, our belief to God is the only thing to keep us going.

    They have tanks, drones and snipers. All we have is God.

  22. ‘God does not exist’ , proclaimed by supporters of Israel ; since God is used as a sort of ultimate real estate authority for the state of Israel , perhaps they should have more respect . The athiests who believe in ‘global warming ‘ , ‘ carbon footprint ‘ laws being enforced , ironically do not realize that ultimate authority of Law as proclaimed by the Vatican Western Roman Law , is Divine , with the Vatican standing in for God and claiming to represent the Divine .
    In Christianity and religion being criticized , I so rarely see Satanism being mentioned as a religion . It is in every country . If believing in Christ , and following the precepts of Christ is so very wrong , why are the worst people in the world attacking Christianity ?
    Blessings upon the soul of this innocent little boy , wherever he may be now .


  24. oh dear god, make the pathway to heaven smooth for this dear little guy, the people to blame is the leader of Syria, a complete mental case trying to wipe out his whole country with the help of the Russians. now Iran has joined in. when will we ever have peace in the world again, and stop killing innocent children and babies. what do people get out of killing , torturing and maiming others. in 1977 we drove form UK to Iran, not one problem, no fear, loved the drive and all we met en route, no matter what race or religion everyone was wonderful, honest and very friendly, but now all the countries we drove through are killing one another and doing the same in Europe, what happened, like everywhere in the world, the new youth, un disciplined, selfish, and with blood on their hands, God said he will let man destroy the world the next time, and they are doing a pretty good job doing it. No where to run no where to hide, but to live in fear the rest of our lives.

  25. I assume you are either writing satire or putting out a press release for the Aleppo Media Center.

  26. Allah or as HE told Moses in the Bible when Moses asked HIS name I AM has said that HE THE MOST HIGH cares as much about the life of this world as the wing of a fly. One day if GOD WILLS that child will be in paradise among tents of pearls. Remember GOD gives to the believers as well as the disbelievers. In death that child gave credit to his creator. Don’t fear for the child o disbelievers , look at your children as they sleep and give thanks to the ONE who gave them to you. I pray that I’ll be as trusting as that knowledgeable soul was when death comes to me. He was a prisoner here anyway. Salaam.

  27. @Wut, if believing in god, and if believing that telling god about the attrocity commited against him, helped this child to deal with his suffering, then that is all that matters..

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