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Poison in the Water Tank: Israel’s New Racist Cabinet…Plus, a Proposal for a New Political Party in America

Israel’s new cabinet was sworn in on May 14, just over two weeks ago. Its members include people who are overt racists, such as Ayed Shaked, who once included extremely disparaging comments about Palestinians in a Facebook post. Shaked, ironically, has been appointed to serve as the “minister of justice” of the Jewish state.

What the new cabinet will mean, in practical terms, for Palestinians is the subject of  discussion in the video above. Suffice to say, initial indicators are not promising. Just last night, Israeli settlers set fire to the home of the Abu Shamsiyeh family, in Al Kahlil, or Hebron, in the West Bank.

The husband/father of the family, Imad Abu Shamsiyeh, woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of stones being thrown at his house. Making his way outside, he saw six young Israeli settlers escaping from his roof. Turns out that after gaining access to the roof, the intruders then poured a steady stream of gasoline off it and down the side of the house. Then they set the whole thing alight. Shamsiyeh was able to get his family out of the burning building and, with help from his neighbors, put out the fire. You can go here and read a report about the incident.

When Shamsiyeh complained to Israeli soldiers about the arson attack, they accused him of setting fire to his own house. This, by the way, is not the family’s first experience of settler violence (nor will it likely be the last). According to the report linked above, just two months ago settlers poisoned the water tank on top of their house.

It’s quite likely that under the new Israeli government, incidents of this nature will be carried out more and more frequently and with greater and greater impunity. The guests on the video above see this as not necessarily a bad thing. They think that in electing what is possibly the most overtly and virulently racist government the world has ever known, at least the most racist in recent history, that Israel has in a sense “unmasked” itself.

It may well be that the Jewish state has unmasked itself, as it were, but I’m not sure this is going to result in any substantial improvement in the lives of Palestinians, certainly not in the short term. It is not, for instance, going to result in a cut off of US aid to Israel.

In fact, just a few days ago it was reported by Reuters that a deal is very close to being finalized in which US aid, beginning in the year 2017, will increase from the current level of $3 billion per year, up to anywhere from $3.6-$ 4 billion annually.

“They (the US) are trying to douse the fires after our flare-up about the Iran deal,” an anonymous Israeli source is quoted in the article.

I have often thought that what we need in America is a new political party, one dedicated specifically to stopping the flow of billions of US tax dollars per year to Israel, and that this goal of cutting off the spigot should be explicitly stated in the new party’s name: The End Aid to Israel Party.

The advantage in having a political party by that name, of course, is that it would leave little to no doubt in anyone’s mind as to where the party stands on what is perhaps the most crucial issue facing America–and the world–today, and that is stopping an important flow of money to the apartheid, nuclear-armed rogue state in the Middle East.

I suspect that The End Aid to Israel Party would attract a large number of supporters. Initially the mainstream media would ignore it, of course, until it got too big to ignore anymore, at which point Zionist media conglomerates would unleash frenzied accusations of “anti-Semitism.” But I suspect this too, much like the explicit name, would work to the party’s advantage. And party members could easily counter that whatever “anti-Semitism” they may or may not be guilty of does not come even remotely close, in any event, to the shocking levels of racism on display in Israel, including in the country’s cabinet.

By consequence, the Zionists running the US could well likely be faced with the prospect of having to take a step never before taken, by any congress or presidential administration in the history of America–of having to outlaw a political party. Such a step would probably be a very dangerous one for them, for it would serve as a glaring and graphic illustration, in a way that people could easily fathom and understand, of how unfree and undemocratic the nation has become. And it could easily bring down the whole house of cards.

The End Aid to Israel Party–is it a party whose time has come?

3 thoughts on “Poison in the Water Tank: Israel’s New Racist Cabinet…Plus, a Proposal for a New Political Party in America

  1. overt, covert, judaism is racism, creates racists
    you can lie but you cant hide
    your true self

  2. “racist and racism” are weaponized jewish dreamt up words. Races exist and they have characteristics. This is reality and balanced thinking people acknowledge it. So stop playing with jewish cards.

    Now here is a haunting little piece that could very well stand in for the jewish anthem

  3. Israel does seem to be more outlandish in its overt racism,though i have noticed a racial caste system within their own people,”er it is not alone,probably quite similar to Mexico..

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