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A Theological Response to Christian Zionism


Rob Dalrymple is pastor of the Northminster Presbyterian Church in Bakersfield, California. He is a former Christian Zionist who finally came to his senses and rethought his views on Israel. There have of course been others, but so far as I know Dalrymple is the first to write a book on the subject. His book documents the story of his own spiritual journey out of Christian Zionsim while also providing scriptural refutation of this modern day heresy. In Dalrymple’s view, Christian Zionists have forgotten or lost track of key teachings of Jesus, such as the commandment that we be peacemakers. The antidote to this, he says, is to refocus people’s attention back on Jesus, his teachings and his sayings.

You can click here to access a podcast of an interview with Dalrymple that was conducted last month. (H/T Mystery Worshiper’s Blog).

10 thoughts on “A Theological Response to Christian Zionism

  1. I don’t think they have forgotten or lost track, but have been intentionally misled away from the message of Christ. Looking forward to listening to the podcast.

  2. In other words I am a subscriber to the Essene Jesus who said, choose life, not the dead words of dead men and dead books. The Christos is in very man, it makes the heart beat, causes the cell to divide, forms the baby in the womb and when the two poles of the Christos unite in the sky, (positive and negative energy) it causes lightning. It is the two most powerful forces in the universe.

    Some are more in touch with that source than others and some reject it altogether.

    • Hi Mick, I think the main thing, if you are practicing meditation, is just to love God and/or Jesus. Focusing your efforts on raising kundalini or developing psychic powers, etc, is self-defeating. Your first and foremost desire needs to be God. Be a child. Seek him only. Once you make him your whole focus, other benefits, like heightened creativity, raised awareness, etc. will start to come naturally. But it’s a natural process. That at least is my take on it.

      I don’t think Tantric sex leads to anything other than sexual gratification, but I know there are those who would disagree.

  3. Real ‘Christians’ would use the New Testament, not the old, for their faith. Like this little bit of wisdom:
    “He will reply, ‘Truly I tell you, whatever you did not do for one of the least of these, you did not do for me.”

    But that kinda of charity doesn’t put shekels in the collection plate, and is only for wussies, not the new Christian who backs up his Bible Thumping with threats.

    • “Real ‘Christians’ would use the New Testament, not the old, for their faith…”

      You would think so, wouldn’t you? If nothing else, the word “new” should be the tip-off, and where one testament contradicts the other, the new one would logically take precedence, but apparently not so. Too many years of Zionist propaganda.

  4. yes , those anti Christ zios have forgotten everything except old testament hate and ignorance.
    possess the old testament desire to kill
    there are maybe 6 real Christians in the west.
    familiar with donald wagner?
    if memory serves he was an Israel supporting evangelical, Illinois, then saw the light.

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