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Palestinian Woman Kicked in Head as Jewish Mob Debates Whether to Kill Her

Whatever else the Palestinian intifada may be accomplishing, it does seem to be driving average Israelis into a frenzy, apparently even triggering hallucinations in their heads in some cases. In the above video we see a young Palestinian woman being held to the ground while a mob debates whether or not to kill her. “Why are you playing around? They are coming to murder our children!” one of them screams at one point–while at another the young girl is kicked in the head. The incident apparently took place on October 12. Today it was reported that the young woman did not have a knife after all. The whole thing was for nothing. This of course comes just a day after Israeli forces shot to death an unarmed Eritrean man in the mistaken belief that he was a Palestinian.

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41 thoughts on “Palestinian Woman Kicked in Head as Jewish Mob Debates Whether to Kill Her

  1. While reading this, a Pink Floyd song from “Dark Side of the Moon” came to mind. The song is called “Brain Damage.”

    Brain Damage by Waters 3:50

    The lunatic is on the grass.
    The lunatic is on the grass.
    Remembering games and daisy chains and laughs.
    Got to keep the loonies on the path.

    The lunatic is in the hall.
    The lunatics are in my hall.
    The paper holds their folded faces to the floor
    And every day the paper boy brings more.

    And if the dam breaks open many years too soon
    And if there is no room upon the hill
    And if your head explodes with dark forebodings too
    I’ll see you on the dark side of the moon…

  2. The Jews are such scum. Their imaginations run wild and make fiction into fact. Where is the knife she had? Get it? No, instead they run their big Jew mouths off. This is how they created the holocaust fantasy.

  3. Gaza epitomizes the epicenter of the harrowing ethos and pathos of human conscientiousness — the thesaurus to every psychological algorithm imaginable or inflictable upon a dispossessed people.

    For more than 60 years and several generations going forward, the people of Gaza — who were culturally and ancestrally uprooted from their homeland — have since steadfastly endured the abysmal scourge of survival and strangulated coexistence.

    The credibility of today’s psychology, therefore, cannot be given a conscientious accreditation if its corpus utterly lacks any or all substantial reference to the psychologically inherited traumas of Gazans and the corresponding physical catastrophes they have been continually subjected to.

    The paintings below reflect the devastatingly political impact of the world’s calibrated indifference not only to the plight and suffering of the Palestinian people, but of all people displaced through the sanctification of corporately-funded-warfares.

    To profit from the proliferation of mass suffering, devastation and death is a war crime of the most heinous nature. Uncondonable in perpetuity and a damning stigma on and of our presence in time’s athenaeum!
    -Dom Martin


  4. Yea . . . a good way to make people stop attacking you is to stop attacking them, unless you are an Israeli. In that case, another person NOT attacking you is no guarantee that you will be attacked. Imagine this girl’s relatives and how angry they must feel by these actions! Israelis expect Palestinians to do NOTHING while abusing them while at the same time they react in the most disproportionate way to even ALLEGED “misdeeds” by Palestinians! Want to see the real enemy Israel? LOOK IN THE MIRROR!

  5. “Yea . . . a good way to make people stop attacking you is to stop attacking them, unless you are an Israeli.”

    I meant- “unless the other person you DON’T attack is an Israeli.”

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  7. The Israelis have no self reflection,especially as they constantly probogate stories of the crimes and racial violence of nazis Germany,that Israelis woman yelling for that unarmed Palistinian girl to be murdered ,proves this…

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  9. It is a pity the world does not recognize the fact that Israel is only stolen Palestinian land and that Israel has continually abused their Palestinian victims for 68 years. It is way past the time for BDS.

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  11. Racist statement. This is not about hating Jews, it’s about defeating Zionist fascism. There are tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of Jews fighting for the Palestinian cause. When you group all people of one creed, color, or culture into one group, you are the problem. Not them.

  12. Dieu vous répondra israel car malgré tout , je ne peux que honte soit sur vous à jamais ,
    les leçons que vous nous reflétait , je comprend que vous n’avait jamais rien fait de bon sur terre
    vous êtes des bons a rien ,

  13. People, NOBODY can CHOOSE their birth parents or a place where one is being born. We don’t choose our skin color, our race, ethnicity,country of birth, financial stauts, inteligence, genes etc., BUT we can choose, we can decide how we behave, what moral values are we following. That much is under our control. To some degree at least.
    Jew are NOT GUILTY of being the Jews, but of the way behaving as they do.
    Nobody condemns them for being Jewish, but FOR THE WAY they treat other, goyim/Arab people. The same basically goes , at least it should go, for each of us.
    Our actions, our thoughts, words speak of us. Big time.

  14. everybody has to take responsibility for his/her own words , thoughts and deeds.
    We’ve lost this basic requirement. We’ve become generations of ‘blamers’, of self-nominated ‘victims ‘of circumstances, history, other people actions, etc.
    People stopped accepting responsibilty for what they do.
    Instead, they ‘ve learned how to point their fingers at others.
    ‘They’ve made me do it . They’ve made me think that. They made me say it.’.
    “.. I confess that I have sinned against Thee in thought, word, and deed…”.

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  16. Absolutely amazing how even such obvious sentiments of compassion and reason can be twisted into a damnation of Israel. Except for one crazy asshole who kicked her (who was immediately screamed at and run off by the crowd), the people here are gently detaining this alleged attacker while waiting patiently for the police. We can not tell at ALL from this video what the attack was, if any, that premeditated her detention and whether it was justified or not. But according to the racist, judgmental comments here, even if she DID have a knife and if she DID attempt to kill someone, you would STILL be angry at the Israelis for refusing to be stabbed. Astonishing.

  17. Jonathan Boxman : ” Mostly they are asking what happened, while she is demanding to be released so she can call her brother. It is asked whether she attacked tyhe man with a knife. One person insists she never had one, then someone else begins muttering that she did. The person holding her tells everyone to wait until the police come, a hysterical woman begins screaming the “they” want to kill us all and that she saw a knife.

    Anyway, it’s a mess. The person who kicks her does not do so after a discussion regarding the desirability of her death but while everyone else is distracted and discussing what actually happened. As far as i can see no one expkicitly calls for her death, and the first one to mention death is a man who says “what are you trying to do? to kill her? wait for the police”. the term death and killing afterwards are used negatively to shame the kicker and those who support him.

    towards the end the same hysterical woman (I think) does call for a lynch and asks “where are our men”. She is largely Shushed.

    the dominant discourse after the kick seems to be vilification of the kicker and calls to wait to the police and not to descend to “their” level. SOme people reassure the assailant that “no one will hurt you”

    I would describe this incident as a crowd displaying some responsibility and restraint- which is not to say that other crowds have not behaved far worse.”

  18. I know, I know. The poor Jews. Virtuous to a fault, and constantly misjudged for 2,500 years–victims of nothing more than fallacies, misconstrual and misunderstanding. And now here it is happening again! Maybe Israel should put more effort into public relations.

  19. I could not agree more with you Richard. But the PR should be done well and carefully screen out blunderers like AB Landis who have such embarrassing slips of tongue like:
    “what the attack was, if any, that PREMEDITATED her detention” (emph. added).

  20. Yes, I see “responsibility and restraint” there too: after all they did not kill her, did they? The woman was just kicked in the head, big deal, and some judicious opinion about the desirability of her death was expressed. The crowd did not get hysterical about the kicking, in fact, someone reassured the kicker that he would not be hurt. I see a civilized and humane crowd there, that’s what I see.

  21. Well Mr. Landis, sometimes we must be “racists” but in the good sense of the word. Suppose, we didn’t judge anyone, what kinda world would that be? Suppose, I would say, for example, “all Jews are good and all Gentiles are in one way or another “anti-Semitic” (as many Jews are saying), then this too is judgmental! Isn’t this so, Mr. Landis! And isn’t this racist too? Of course it is! I suppose, you are born out of the womb of your precious lovely mother just as I was born out of the womb of my (german) precious and lovely mother. So, what is the difference? Maybe you will say something like, “There is no difference” and you are correct. But when I hear some Jews talking about their race, there ís a difference, a difference between Jews and non-Jews. Are they racists too, Mr. Landis? Our do you have another opinion? And what is your opinion about the Khazarians? You see, Mr. Eran Elhaik, a DNA researcher of renown has by his own DNA study discovered that 98% of the current Jews aren’t Jews at all. They are the descendants of the heathen king Bulan and his Khazarian people! Their true homeland is not Israel (Palestine, in fact!), but in what now is current South Russia. Is this courageous researcher judgmental too by saying this, Mr. Landis? Now, what is one of the results of Mr. Elhaik’s study? It means that the phrase “anti-Semitism” is an empty word without any meaning! So, all the Khazarians who have accused critics of Israel during the centuries of “anti-Semitism”, are themselves the greatest judgmental people themselves! And not only that: they themselves don’t know who they really are; they think they are true Jews but they aren’t. Another result of Mr. Elhaik’s research is this: The current Jews have no blood connection whatsoever with Abraham, Izak, and Jacob! So, how can they have a claim on Palestine? Now, might it be that you have another opinion of this, I like to hear from you…

  22. Yeah, and the guy holding her to the ground with his knee to her back didn’t try to fondle her breasts or buttocks, at least not while the camera was rolling. So I guess that was responsible and restrained, too.

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  25. That’s a load of crap. They are on “occupied” territories illegally building homes and ignoring all UN resolutions to get out

  26. This was very disturbing to watch. Makes me sick to my stomach to see other human beings ( especially that is someones little girl) treated like this because they are the “other” ,not part of their tribe. Not much different than what whites did to blacks in the south. Cursed is the concept of tribalism.

  27. Dit is niet minder dan Joodsisraelische fascistoïde bezetting in zijn meest barbaarse aard. Van mij mogen de Joodsisraelische sionisten de zee ingedreven worden. Indien God dit zooitje imbecielen als zijn uitverkoren volk beschouwd. Dan was hij of stom dronken. Of knetter onder de drugs.

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