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Israel: The Willing Executioner


The inhabitants of Aida camp, in Bethlehem, made this poster in memory of Abudrahman Shadi a few days ago. It stands at the place where the 13-year-old boy was shot, on October 5, by an Israeli sniper

By Barbara Erickson | Times Warp | Dec. 2, 2015

Rasha Oweissi, 23, was a good 30 feet back from a West Bank checkpoint when she was shot and killed, clutching a knife and a bag with a suicide note. Hadeel Awwad, 16, waved a pair of scissors at a Jerusalem security guard and was brought down in a hail of bullets. Ashrakat Qattanani, 16, was killed as she lunged at a woman near a military post.

Their names appear in a New York Times story today, which informs us that some 20 percent of alleged attackers in the past two months have been women, a new and surprising turn of events in the annals of resistance to the Israeli occupation. The article goes on to examine why so many young women in the current Palestinian uprising are “wanting to be killers.”

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Two Young Lives Cut Short by Israel’s Occupation Forces

 photo hassouna_zpsxpjl9r33.jpg

Marem Ramez Hassouna, 19

 photo khatib16_zpsedyw71zo.jpg

Mamoun al-Khatib, 16

Source: I am a Palestinian I am not a terrorist

Former political prisoner Maram Ramez Hassouna(19) was shot and killed at Israel’s occupation forces’ checkpoint between Nablus and Tulkarem, near the illegal colony of Enav on the West Bank.

Israel’s occupation forces claimed that she “had a knife” and Hassouna was previously accused and sentenced by Israeli occupation court for alleged attempt at stab Israel’s occupation
forces’ member at same checkpoint, but eye-witnesses claim that she was shot from occupation military tower without any occupation soldiers being near her.

Occupation forces denied medical aid for her, stopped Palestinian ambulance from reaching her and took her body away.

She was released a year ago after one year (according to another source, seven months) imprisonment, which itself indicates that the previous claim was a shaky, otherwise she would have faced up to several decades in occupation imprisonment.

No knife can be seen in photos of the scene of her death. She was from Rafidia in the larger Nablus area and had studied in university since her release from occupation jail.

Few hours earlier 16 y/o Mamoun al-Khatib was shot and killed by Israel’s occupation forces at a road junction in the illegal Gush Etzion colony bloc.

Israeli occupation claimed that the boy “had tried to attack a settler”, but the only illegal Israeli settler injured according to the Israeli occupation’s own account was a middle-aged man hit in arm by Israel’s occupation own forces.

The illegal Israeli settler was given medical aid, unlike the dying boy, who was left to bleed.

Mamoun al-Khatib was from the village of Doha near Bethlehem and was on tenth grade in school. He’s the 24th Palestinian minor to be killed by Israel’s occupation forces and illegal Israeli settlers during the uprising.


19-year old Palestinian girl shot and killed by Israeli troops near Tulkarem

Army Kills A Palestinian Teen In Bethlehem

Palestinian teen shot dead after alleged attack near Tulkarem

Palestinian teen shot dead after alleged knife attack in Gush Etzion

Palestinian young girl shot dead and another one arrested by the IOF, Tuesday morning

Two martyrs on Tuesday morning alone

4 thoughts on “Israel: The Willing Executioner

  1. In the past, the Jewish writer, Daniel Goldhagen, wrote a book with the title, “Hitler’s Willing Executioners. In it, Goldhagen claimed that every German who lived during the rule of Hitler had something of a war criminal inside him. The Jewish historian, Norman Finkelstein, a very courageous man, exposed Goldhagen as a liar. Nowadays, Israel is a Willing Executioner, killing many innocent Palestinians without any remorse. When we read in the lying papers as for an example, The New York Times, reports about “increasing anti-Semitism” (in wich no reason whatsoever is given for “increasing anti-Semitism”), think of this truthful report above….

  2. killing others gives jews satisfaction

    exposing obvious liars and crooks and frauds serves jewry

    finkelstein, leftwing
    foxman, rightwing
    same bird
    one destination

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