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California Congressman Says Russia Should Be Applauded

“Russia should be applauded,” says Republican Congressman Dana Rohrabacher in an article posted at Global Research. “Instead, it is being castigated for doing what our government is unwilling to do to confront the terrorist offensive now butchering innocent human beings from Africa, to the Middle East, to the streets of Paris.”

See the full article here.

2 thoughts on “California Congressman Says Russia Should Be Applauded

  1. The Congressman is not wrong,Russia is giving these cannibal terrorist a bloody nose, unlike the US,whose strategy is a joke,with its crazy regime change,the US still thinks it can ride the dragon that is ISIS.Russia brings a focused goal, that is kill the beast..

  2. We already live, NOT in the so -called Western, Christian civilisation ,BUT in the luciferian civilisation. Proof?
    Let’s imagine for a moment that there would be some kind of a MIRACLE and POOF !!, all of a sudden all the threat of globalists, NWO, WW3 and what have you would be gone. Would the Western wolrd change after that? No. Would the Western world become more pious, more righteouss, more God -oriented, more modest, more just and peaceful??
    NO, no and no!!
    People would still love to have their full acces to abortion , anti-conception , pornography. People would still like to have their divorces, fornications, adultery, sex without any obligations, sex prior to marriage. Women would still love to dress daily like some cheap hookers and guys taking full advantage of an easily available ‘flesh’. People would
    still love to have all their “rights’ , right to get drunk, to get high, to get stupid, to get obnoxious, get dishonest, to lie , etc.
    The Western world is totaly permeated by the demonic spirit , with gloablists OR without them. Judeo-masonnic groups orchestrated, for decades , building of this new, luciferian civilisation, but majority of people went along with this. And MANY LOVE IT , and would
    not exchange it for anything. I mean, they do not like the idea of a possible annihilation of the human kind altogether,WW3 , slavery, full control and depopulation, BUT they definitely LOVE many other aspects of this NEW civilisation. We ,as the group, as the human race are doomed, with globalists or without them. We cut the branch on which we were sitting for centuries, and now there is only one way .
    To go down with a big CRASH….

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