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Do These Guys Look Like They Were ‘Lightly Wounded’?

It’s interesting the way Israeli media have been reporting Palestinian attacks on police and soldiers. I’ve been noticing that a number of news stories have asserted that those being stabbed or rammed with vehicles have been only “lightly wounded” as an outcome. The video above would suggest that at least some of the Palestinian attacks are taking a heavy toll–perhaps heavier than the media are letting on. There are a lot of vehicular attacks going on now, and it’s hard to say which one is which, but it looks like, possibly, this report at Y-Net may be referring to the incident seen in the video above, though it is of course difficult to say for sure. But the story, at any rate, is ten paragraphs long and contains four instances of the phrase “lightly wounded” or “lightly wounding.” You can also find, in the same story, the words “light-to-moderately wounded” in reference to a police officer who was stabbed. It does seem like a concerted effort is being made to play down the severity of the injuries.

3 thoughts on “Do These Guys Look Like They Were ‘Lightly Wounded’?

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  2. You have to wonder how many Palestinian children they killed between the four of them. Quite possibly all were/are veterans of Gaza wars.

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