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Christmas in Palestine–Death, Crazed Mobs, and Aerial Spraying


Christmas does not seem to have brought peace to Occupied Palestine, if anything the opposite. Four Palestinians were killed in the West Bank yesterday, and news has emerged of a mob of crazed Israelis stabbing a photo of 18-month-old Ali Dawabsha, the toddler killed in an arson attack back in July…

arsonbabyAli was an innocent baby who died on July 31 because of the hatred burning in the hearts of a group of Israeli youths who crept up to his house in the middle of the night on July 31 and threw firebombs through the windows. Ali died instantly while his mother and father were fatally injured, and succumbed to their wounds later. His older brother has survived, but is still undergoing medical treatment. I’ve discussed the case in numerous postings, most recently here in an article about the arrest of four youths by Israeli authorities–authorities who seem to have dragged their feet insofar as launching a serious investigation of the case and bringing perpetrators to justice.

Now a video has surfaced on the Internet showing Israeli youths dancing and apparently stabbing a photo of young Ali. (H/T to Helvena.) The video is in Hebrew, but RT has published a report in English, which I’ll quote below…

According to RT

The video showed a number of youths with ear locks and wearing skull caps dancing. One person could be seen with a Molotov cocktail, while others were brandishing knives and guns. However, most shockingly, a person is seen stabbing a portrait of Ali Dawabsheh, the toddler who was killed as he slept earlier this year in the town of Duma…

The footage was shown on Channel 10 in Israel, while the broadcaster added that some of the guests at the wedding were known to be friends of those accused of the murder of the Dawabshehs.

Police say they are investigating the incident and will look to question those brandishing weapons and will revoke their gun license.

 photo photostab_zpsdrwhn33q.jpg

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his disapproval of the behavior exhibited in the video by referring to the images as “shocking,” and said they show “the true face of a group that constitutes a danger to Israeli society and to the security of Israel.” But of course one wonders why it took Israeli authorities three months to make an arrest in the arson case when the identities of the attackers seem to have been known right from the start.

The RT report also includes quotes from a couple of “good Jews,” I guess we might call them, who perhaps were a little more sincere in their comments than maybe Netanyahu was.

“The Judaism of those who dance on the blood of babies is not my Judaism,” said Zionist Union Knesset Member Tzipi Livni (the RT report refers to her as “Living”, but I’m assuming it’s Livni). “This is a group that wants to destroy Jewish Israel, to destroy this country from within, to turn it into a state of hatred and to destroy the regime from within.”

One might argue that the “state of hatred” is already in existence. Religious Jews in Israel have for years now been calling the Palestinians “Amalekites” and advocating their murder, so I’m not real sure why Livni would regard the stabbing of the baby’s photo as anything other than a logical outcome of that.

Also quoted is a theology professor named Menachem Friedman, who offers the salient observation that, “When you talk about Jewish extremism, you’re not talking about a group isolated from other groups in Jewish society that are less violent, who are in the margin.” Friedman adds that “some of these people are part of legitimate circles, such as religious community leaders.”

If we look at the reluctance clearly shown by Israeli authorities to arrest settlers for acts of violence against Palestinians, Friedman would seem to be right. Violence is a component of daily life in the Jewish state, and this seems to have been the case ever since its founding. This is not to say that violence isn’t a problem in other countries, including America, but at least here police, as a general rule, will make an effort to arrest, rather than protect, the perpetrators of violent acts.

Moreover, as we see from the video below, the violence has not even let up for Christmas.

That soldiers enforcing an illegal occupation are legitimate targets for people resisting that occupation is a point I’ve made before, so I won’t go into here. That the occupation is the cause of the violence is clear to anyone with eyes to see.

And the violence is continuing today, on Christmas day:

Israeli Forces Kill Palestinian in Gaza Demo for Third Friday in a Row

Israeli Police Kill Palestinian After Suspected Vehicular Attack

But apparently Israel’s campaign of genocide (if we can call it that) is taking on a new dimension–in the form of chemical spraying by Israeli planes on Gaza farmlands. The Press TV team in the following video seems to have gotten a few terms mixed up. “Pesticides” are intended to kill insects. What the Israelis seem to be spraying are “herbicides” intended to kill plants. The journalists also seem to be making incorrect use of the term “crop dusting.” But at any rate, what appears to be occurring is aerial spraying of a chemical of some sort, apparently in a deliberate attempt cause the withering of crops that are an important source of food for the Gaza population:

It’s hard to tell from the above report whether the planes are entering Gaza airspace in order to drop the chemicals, or whether the chemicals are being sprayed from the Israeli side of the border and the wind is carrying it. I kind of gather that, at least for the past three days, it has been a matter of planes directly entering Gaza airspace, although the presenter is kind of vague on that point. Either way, it is a development that does not bode well for the people of Gaza.

One thought on “Christmas in Palestine–Death, Crazed Mobs, and Aerial Spraying

  1. a mob of armed jews against a photo of a palestinian baby.
    bet they were also clothed in astronaut’s diapers
    olive trees, goats, soil, babies require an army
    of armed squats

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