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America Delivers “Three Ultimatums” to Russia

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[Ed. note – Pravda has  published an interview with a Bulgarian political analyst who poses the theory that John Kerry basically delivered “three ultimatums” to Vladimir Putin during his recent visit to Russia. The name of the analyst, Pamen Paskov, is a name I’m not familiar with, and an Internet search doesn’t turn up much. But the comments are interesting, and the fact that they appear on a prominent Russian website like Pravda is probably significant to some degree. All in all, it’s a rather sobering analysis. For one thing, he posits that the war in Ukraine is about to reignite, and he also notes a number of troubling developments in countries that have traditionally been Russian allies. Here is an excerpt with a link below to the full article. ]

Russia has lost Argentina, because Cristina Kirchner is no longer the president. The new Argentine president swore an oath to the United States. Everything is now happening on the American scenario. Colour revolutions are brewing in Latin America. Now they’re trying to impeach Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff. She cannot help and assist Russia because she has to deal with serious problems in her own country. 

In Venezuela, the ruling party has lost the elections as well. The same is happening in Cuba. Everyone is eagerly waiting for Castro brothers to die. There is every reason to believe that Cuba will become a colony of the United States soon. Look at the Balkans. Serbia, Russia’s long-standing friend, was lost a few months ago. The country seeks NATO and EU membership. The Serbian administration has been completely Americanized. Montenegro is joining NATO. There were protests in Bulgaria in Serbia and in other countries, but no one is paying attention to them. No matter what people may say, politicians follow instructions from Washington. As a result, we only have China left from BRICS countries. 

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One thought on “America Delivers “Three Ultimatums” to Russia

  1. Zionists, taking their cue from Brzezinski and his global chessboard, want to encircle and destroy Russia…because it’s a large White pebble in their globalist shoe. Evidently our neo-conz have forgotten that you cannot corner a state that his nuclear weapons. My message to Putin: if, at some point , you have to nuke Sodom-on-the-Potomac, please do it when Congress is in full session

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