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Erdogan, Baghdadi, Both Make Vacuous Announcements on the Same Day

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It is as if the puppet masters pulling the strings of both men finally became aware of a certain fact on virtually the same day: that if they wish to continue maintaining a credible charade, they will need to adopt a new public relations strategy.

For a good long while now writers and analysts on Middle East issues have been pointing out that ISIS has never attacked Israel, nor has it even voiced any threats or hostilities toward the Jewish state. But no longer! ISIS front man Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi has finally issued a threat against Israel!!! And it’s making a splash in the mainstream media!!!!

Also for a good long while now, writers and political analysts have pointed out that Turkey is contributing to sectarian tensions in the Middle East by lending its support to the terrorist jihadists pouring over its border into Syria. But now, lo and behold, we have Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan publicly warning against “sectarian divisions” in the Middle East!

The story on Baghdadi can be found here, while the article on Erdogan may be viewed here. Both are dated December 26.

In what is being described as “a 24-minute audio posted Saturday,” Baghdadi reportedly warns Israel, “we are getting closer to you.” The audio is said to have been “posted on ISIS-affiliated websites and Twitter.”

Erdogan’s call for sectarian unity–made over a Saudi TV channel no less–comes as the Turkish government has heightened its repression against Kurds in Syria and southeast Turkey.

“There are intentions in the world to divide us and we need to join our efforts and come together,” said the Turkish president. “Look at what is happening in Iraq, Syria, Palestine and Libya … we have to overcome these problems and if we manage to do so, the Islamic world will be more powerful.”

Is Erdogan trying to imply he intends to unify “the Islamic world” (or does he perhaps really mean “the Islamic State”?) in a fight for Palestine?–this coming less than a month after he made peace overtures to Israel?

The words of both men would appear to be rather vacuous, that is to say idle and empty of any meaning or content.

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