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Nasrallah: Hezbollah Will Retaliate for Kuntar ‘Regardless of Consequences’ (5 Videos)

This speech, given by Hassan Nasrallah on Sunday, is part eulogy to Samir Kuntar, the Hezbollah commander assassinated by Israel one week ago, as well as a renewed promise that Hezbollah will retaliate. In video #1 (above) Nasrallah congratulates Christians on the celebration of Christmas, calls for Muslim-Christian unity, and discusses the “spirit of sacrifice” embodied by Kuntar, and his years in an Israeli prison.

In the next video (below) Nasrallah discusses negotiations with the Israelis for Kuntar’s release in a prisoner swap, and how the Israelis at first refused to release him, saying it was “impossible.”

In the next video, Nasrallah discusses Kuntar’s activities as  leader of a Syrian resistance movement against Israel operating in the Golan Heights, along with the problems and concerns it created for the Zionists. He also talks about Kuntar’s “complete confidence” in the ultimate liberation of Palestine.

In the next video, Nasrallah gets into the real “meat and potatoes” of the talk, you might say. He talks about how Israel has deliberately sought to foster “despair” among the Palestinian people, but says they have failed in that–Palestinians are fighting  the “battle of hope” in the current intifada, he says.

“If there is anyone who has miscalculated, or is miscalculating, it is the Israelis, not us,” says Nasrallah in this final segment of the speech. He says Hezbollah will retaliate for Kuntar’s death “whatever be the repercussions” and that “we will not be forgiving regarding the Israelis targeting our brothers and our colleagues anywhere in the world.”


Kuntar’s killing is also discussed in a post by blogger Richard Silverstein, who refers to it as an “extrajudicial execution” carried out by Israel. Silverstein additionally reports that the story that Kuntar killed an Israeli man and bashed in the skull of his four-year-old daughter back in 1979 is a fabrication concocted by Israeli authorities at the time. Here is a quote from the article:

According to Aviv Sela, a noted Israeli psychologist who served in that capacity for years with the police and Shabak, Kuntar did not kill the girl or her father.  Instead, he claims he had left the boat to help his comrades who’d been attacked by Israeli security forces.  The firing that killed the Israelis came via friendly (Israeli) fire and not the Palestinians.  As with so many ugly facts Israel tries to conceal in such circumstances, it creates comfortable narratives that obscure the truth.

The article also sheds light on why Nasrallah may have felt compelled to make the speech he made today. The Israelis, it seems, according to Silverstein, are planting false information in the press that Kuntar was a “ticking bomb” who was planning a major attack against Israel, and that the operation was necessary in order to save Israeli lives. Given that Hezbollah has its hands full fighting ISIS in Syria now, and that it would have no interest in carrying out such an attack in Israel at this time, the Israelis also seem to be trying to create the impression that Kuntar had gone rogue, in a manner of speaking, and was planning the attack independently of Hezbollah. Silverstein labels the report “fantasia.”

You can access the full article here.

2 thoughts on “Nasrallah: Hezbollah Will Retaliate for Kuntar ‘Regardless of Consequences’ (5 Videos)

  1. Hezbollah approves of Christmas. Now the Zionists are going to get REALLY mean. Actually, Hezbollah is getting a good workout fighting Isramerica’s Sunni terror-stooges. It’ll be that much more effective against Israel the next time Israel tries to grab S. Lebanon

  2. I knew that story about him bashing in the head of an Israeli girl was BS. The Israeli’s wouldn’t have let someone who did that to live, let alone go to prison.

    If he was using a cell phone, then the NSA had a fix on him and it was only time….

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