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Jewish Groups Back Obama’s Gun Control Measures

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Jewish groups in America are reportedly coming out in favor of Obama’s gun control steps. The following comes from the Jerusalem Post:

Representatives of the National Council of Jewish Women, Jewish Women International and the Jewish Council for Public Affairs, the umbrella body for Jewish public policy groups, were present at the announcement of the initiatives. They were among an array of groups including the Reform movement’s Religious Action Center and its Central Conference of American Rabbis that praised the actions.

With his executive actions, Obama is directing federal agencies to take the steps he proposed.

“These proposals are a step forward,” said Jared Feldman, the JCPA’s Washington director. “They are clearly insufficient to the magnitude of the problem. We’re going to need Congress to engage – and engage substantively – on these issues.”

I’m guessing that all of these civic-minded Jews support gun control in America, but of course not in Israel. We also certainly might wonder about the timing of all this, occurring, as it does, simultaneous to the takeover in Oregon and the accompanying demonization of the patriots or militias or whatever you want to call them. Paul Craig Roberts has posted an article commenting on events in Oregon and making a number of salient points in the process, among them that the “rule of law” no longer exists in Western civilization. Here is a brief excerpt:

The position of the “progressive left-wing” in the United States is perplexing. Here are Americans, immersed into a police state, as are the Hammonds, and the progressive left-wing wants to disarm the population.

Roberts also includes a link to an article giving an in-depth history of the dispute between the Hammonds and the federal government. He comments that he “cannot attest to the accuracy” of the information given on the site (and neither can I, for that matter), but assuming there is some measure of truth to it, the article would seem to provide the side of the story that we’re obviously not getting in the mainstream media. Roberts’ article is here, the article on the Hammonds here.

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