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Israel Once Again Boiling Mad Over Comments By Swedish Foreign Minister

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Audacity and a sense of humor? Swedish Foreign Minister Margot Walström

Hooray for Margot Walström! I’m starting to think the Swedish foreign minister perhaps all along, out of a sense of humor, has been dishing out public comments deliberately designed to tick the Israelis off…

Back in November Walström triggered Israeli indignation when she suggested that the Jewish state’s treatment of Palestinians might be a factor in the spread of takfiri jihadism and that it could have conceivably played a role in the Paris attacks.

Then in December, Israeli officials blew their lids once again when she made the charge that Israel had carried out “extrajudicial executions” of Palestinians.

Now here we are in January and Walström has hit the Zionist hot button for a third time, causing Israeli officials to gnash their teeth over her call for an international investigation into the aforementioned extrajudicial killings.

“It is vital that there is a thorough, credible investigation into these deaths in order to clarify and bring about possible accountability,” she insisted.

Walström, of course, is smart enough to know that Israel has the political muscle to crush any investigation, either in Geneva or at the UN, for it has done such before, and I’m guessing she doesn’t have any realistic expectation things will go much differently this time. So why is she issueing such a call? The only answer I can come up with is the satisfaction to be derived from seeing all the mounds of Zionist dander raised.

Maybe it’s instructive also for us to look at the escalating heatedness in the reactions voiced over Walström’s comments over the same time period.

Back in November, when the official was asked whether or not she was concerned over the possible radicalization of young Swedes who might be tempted to travel to the Middle East and join ISIS, she responded:

Clearly we have a reason to be worried not only here in Sweden but around the world because there are so many who are being radicalized. Here again, you come back to situations like that in the Middle East where not least the Palestinians see that there isn’t any future (for them). (The Palestinians) either have to accept a desperate situation or resort to violence.”

Israeli Foreign Ministry spokesman Emmanuel Nahshon called the comment “appallingly impudent,” while Foreign Minister Dore Gold summoned the Swedish ambassador to Israel and expressed his displeasure.

Then in December, when out came the comments about the extrajudicial executions, Benjamin Natanyahu seethed that the remarks had been “scandalous,” while Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely deemed it a “defamation of Israel” and charged Sweden with crossing “all red lines” in its relationship with the Jewish state.

Now we come to the latest remarks–the call for the investigation–and clearly the Israelis are seeing red.

A formal statement from the Israeli Foreign Ministry labels Walström’s call for an international investigation “irresponsible and delirious,” while Hotovely herself has jumped back into the fray, accusing the Swedish foreign minister of “folly and diplomatic stupidity” and announcing that “Israel will close its door to official visits from Sweden.”

More fury and eternal damnation came from Cabinet minister, Yuval Steinitz, who accused Walstöm of “being pulled after an anti-Semitic sentiment”–which presumably is his way of  calling her an anti-Semite–while perhaps the most fustian response of all came from the former foreign minister, Avigdor Lieberman, who suggested that Walström might be planning to “physically join the Palestinian terrorists and stab Jews” as her next step.

“We need to hope that this will not happen,” Lieberman asserted.

I don’t know how Walström’s comments are playing out with the Swedish public, but they certainly are winning her lots of admirers here in America.

You go, girl!!!!

10 thoughts on “Israel Once Again Boiling Mad Over Comments By Swedish Foreign Minister

  1. From what I gather about the domestic policies of European governments, its really only logical that the Swedish people should speak up. They’re mostly from the Middle East and Africa, right? That was a joke, but the more universalist a position is the more it should conflict with the essentially exceptionalist nature of Israel, Judaism and Jewishness.

  2. You are not allowed to challenge the politically correct narrative without running into difficulties in your work as well as in your private life.

    The media is now attacking Margot Walstrom regarding the way she got her apartment in Stockholm. It’s her word against her accusers. Someone is lying. I am willing to bet the Swedish Foreign Minister is speaking the truth here as well. She will probably run into more harassment, unless she comes out with an apology regarding her repeated comments about the Palestinians.

    Here she is being bombarded by the print-media as well as TV and radio reporters;

    Btw. Dagens Nyheter is one of the biggest News Papers in Sweden and wholly owned by ‘the you know who’

    Sorry I don’t have a link in English.

  3. Thanks for sharing, Siljan. I did a machine translation of the article. One paragraph that kind of puzzled me is this one:

    “Margot Wallström said that she was told by Annelie Nordström to Municipal follow all the rules and policies applicable to the disclosure of apartments for the housing. In addition, she should have been informed that she would not be allowed to go ahead in the queue for the apartments that Municipal has to rent to people who work for a shorter time in Stockholm.”

    I’m not sure who “Municipal” is. Is that the city of Stockholm? “Rules and policies applicable to the disclosure of apartments”–not sure what to make of that either, or exactly what the improprieties are they are accusing her of. It does make sense, for sure, that she would come under attack, though. Certainly the timing–just a few days after the flare up over her remarks–is very suspicious. I hope the people in Sweden will rally around her and support her.

    I did post the article about her at Veterans Today, which gets considerably more traffic than this blog. Maybe I will do another one. Certainly will if the Zionists keep attacking her. Blessings to you, and if you would, please keep me informed about this case.

  4. ‘Municipal’ is Kommunal which is one of the biggest unions in Sweden with connections to the Social Democrats. They own apartments in central Stockholm which are mostly used for big wigs in the union and Government people, belonging to the party. But the rules stipulate that the union have to rent out these apartments to ordinary people as well. Many are waiting in line for a long time. Most people suspect that union big wigs and Government people jump the queue. Walstrom is looking for a permanent place in Stockholm and took this apartment while she was waiting. Walstrom said she was told by the CEO of Kommunal that everything was in order, she had not jumped the line.

    But it now looks like she has. Margot Walstrom went to the attack and told the media that she was lied to. It is portrayed in the media in such a way that no one wants to own up to the fact that certain people have privileges, ie; if you are a union heavy weight or a Minister in the Social Democratic Party, you can jump the queue. At the same time it has come to light that big wigs in the union have been wining and dining at the unions expense for a long time. Visits to strip clubs and all expenses paid trips abroad are some examples. I want to believe that the Swedish Foreign Minister is telling the truth, but I have no way of knowing.

    Is it a coincidence that it was Dagens Nyheter and Aftonbladet, the two biggest dailies who broke this story at this particular time? They are both owned by Ashkenazis. We can all clearly see who we are not allowed to criticize.

  5. Well thanks for explaining it. It’s much clearer now. What’s the situation there now? Are they still attacking her, or has it died down? Also, just out of curiosity, what were Dagens Nyheter’s and Aftonbladet’s editorial positions on the slaughter in Gaza during the summer of 2014? Did they support it?

  6. So far it has not died down, Still front page news. As far as the slaughter in Gaza and other atrocities inflicted on the Palestinians, the Swedish papers are an echo of what you would find in the US, or in Canada where I live; “The israelis have the right to defend themselves”
    That right does not apply to the Palestinians it seems. Not even with stones or home made fire crackers.

    Here is a link to an interesting article from Israel on the topic of Margot Walstrom;

    Please check the comments. Some of them pretty hateful stuff. I am a bit worried about a hit on Sweden next. The Social Democratic Party of Norway were speaking out about the plight of the Palestinians in a similar way a few years back and we had the Brevik massacre.
    ‘The lone gunman’ of course.

  7. Yeah, you’re right to be worried about that, and more than a “bit.” I don’t know who’s on that “security” delegation mentioned in the YNet story, but if Sweden gets hit with a false flag attack they’d be my first suspects.

    I’m still not clear on what it is they are accusing her of that’s so terrible. She rented an apartment. Like wow. Some crime! I guess there must be a shortage of housing in Stockholm. Maybe that’s why they’re making such a big deal over it. Even so, what do they want her to do? Is she supposed to live in a tent? When she gets off work is she supposed to go spend the night sleeping in the back seat of her car?

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