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Madaya Starvation Story is Quite a Scam

The Madaya starvation story currently being hyped by the media–it translates something like this: the West funds terrorists groups like al-Nusra; the armed groups enter Syrian towns and begin terrorizing people, creating dire conditions of deprivation for the local populations; and then the Western countries, feigning outrage, point self-righteous fingers of accusation at the Syrian government as being the party at fault.

It’s a grand charade. The West wouldn’t be able to get away with it but for the mainstream media, who of course are more than willing to parrot the evil-dictator-starving-his-own-people line, and even to run pictures of emaciated drug addicts and and skin-and-bones anorexia patients and present them as images taken in Madaya. Over the past week or so the scam has been exposed in videos like the one above, as well as in reports on RT and other channels. People have done image searches and found that the images being presented not only were not taken in Madaya, but that some of them are from as far back as six years ago.

But yet still the mainstream media–even though the lie has been exposed now–continue hammering out the story: Bashar Assad has used “starvation” as a weapon of war against the people in Madaya. Just today, CNN has published such a report–again–only curiously, this time, there are no pictures with the story. But there are plenty of verbal accusations: “The starvation here is no act of God — not the result of drought or flooding or crop failure,” fumes CNN. “This famine is man-made. And it is drawing international condemnation.”

Well technically that’s true. It is man-made. But the West has nothing to do with it. No. It’s all Bashar Assad’s fault. He’s the dastardly fiend responsible. The ever-cooperative and ever-useful Ban Ki-moon also lends his imprimatur to the accusations. In fact, the CNN piece is headlined, “Starvation in Syria ‘a war crime,’ U.N. chief says,” and includes several quotes from Ban. This one, for instance: “Let me be clear: The use of starvation as a weapon of war is a war crime. All sides — including the Syrian government, which has the primary responsibility to protect Syrians — are committing this and other atrocious acts prohibited under international humanitarian law.”

In other words, Ahrar al-Sham and al-Nusra are sorta, kinda, somewhat responsible too, but of course it’s mainly the Syrian government you should really hate. And that’s the way it invariably gets presented, not just at CNN but throughout the mainstream media.

Numerous attempts are being made on blogs and websites to present the real story of what’s happening, but of course blogs can’t match the decibels of the major media. Yet still people keep trying, and it’s a good thing they do, because if the West and Israel prevail in this conflict and the current Syrian government is replaced with a Western puppet, the people of the region and the wider world in general will ultimately be the losers.

One blog which does a reasonably good job of placing it all into perspective is In Gaza, which is maintained by Eva Bartlett. In a post put up today, Bartlett notes the UN involvement in the campaign of deception, and provides some interesting information about the fate of a previous shipment of aid sent to Madaya back in October. At that time, the terrorists looted the entire shipment, appropriating most of it for their own use though selling what food they didn’t consume themselves off to the townspeople at exorbitant prices. You can access the full report here. Bartlett also put up a “propaganda alert” five days ago, notifying readers about the phony pictures. You can access that post here. But below are a few quotes from today’s post.

Bartlett starts off by discussing the northern Syrian villages of Foua and Kafarya, where terrorists have also taken over and created conditions similar to those in Madaya, but in the case of Foua and Kafarya the media have downplayed the story, presumably because the inhabitants are mainly Shia. The author mentions that the UN didn’t even tweet the name of the two villages until December 28, even though the villages were seized back in March of last year:

The belated December mention is in spite of the fact that the two villages of around 30,000 people have been locked under siege by terrorist factions Jebhat al-Nusra (al Qaeda in Syria), Jaysh al-Fattah (the so-called “Army of Conquest”), and Ahrar al-Sham (Liberation of the Levant Movement), among other terrorist factions, since March 2015. The siege has meant that the isolated villages have had limited to no access to food and medical supplies since then. Additionally, terrorists have been daily firing rockets, mortars and hell cannons at the villages, killing and maiming residents, destroying homes and infrastructure.

In October, 2015, the ICRC reported that al-Foua and Kafarya were among several areas to receive humanitarian assistance…

Consider that the areas that the UN’s OCHA did tweet about–Yarmouk, al-Waer, Zabadani, Madaya, to name but some–are occupied by terrorists as criminal as Da’esh which the west purports to fight. All these factions are terrorists, none of them moderates.

Somehow, the UN is able to visit Madaya, al-Waer… but cannot get to al-Foua and Kafarya. Defies logic. If the UN representatives are able to enter into terrorist hotbeds, they can exert pressure on the western-backed mercenaries to allow them into civilian areas surrounded by the terrorists. IF they wanted to. Which they don’t.

The post also includes a lengthy but rather interesting quote from Bashar al-Ja’afari, Syria’s ambassador to the UN:

The Syrian government has already requested, through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, from the office of resident coordinator of the United Nations in Syria, by its note #3746, dated 27th December, 27 December, 2015, to URGENTLY deliver humanitarian assistance, including medical assistance and fuel, to al-‪#‎Foua‬ and ‪#‎Kafraya‬, in the governorate of Idlib, and to ‪#‎Madaya‬, in the governorate of Damascus countryside.

We would like to highlight that the humanitarian assistance sent to Madaya in mid-October was sufficient for two months. And this testimony was corroborated by the representative of the ICRC in Syria a few days ago.

…The Syrian government aproved the requests of the resident coordinator of Unicef, WFP and ICRC to deliver humanitarian and relief assistance, including medical assistance, to Madaya, al-Foua and Kafraya, on 8 January, 2016.

…The Syrian government previously approved the requests of the United Nations and ICRC to deliver humanitarian assistance to ‪#‎Zabadani‬, Madaya, al-Foua and Kafraya on 18 October, 2015. We would like to add here that some of the humanitarian assistance sent to restive areas has been looted by the armed terrorist groups on several occassions. And this is exactly what happened in Madaya and al-Zabadani.

Furthermore, the Turkish authorities hindered the delivery of humanitarian assistance through the borders to other restive areas.

…On October the 18th, we sent enough humanitarian assistance for more than 2 months, and the representative of the ICRC corroborated this 2 days ago on Syrian TV saying that there is no starvation problem in Madaya.

December 27th, we asked the resident coordinator to send immediately convoys of humanitarian assistance again to Madaya, and to Kafraya and al-Foua. The UN did not send. When we asked them why you didn’t, they said ‘we were facing logistical problems. We are not responsible of this.’

…There is a problem, yes. But the problem is this. The terorrists are stealing the humanitarian assistance from the Syrian Red Crescent as well as from the United Nations, and they are keeping this assistance in their warehouse, and then they use it as a leverage of political and financial gain for them to survive.”

Bartlett also includes some tweets from RT’s reporter Murad Gazdiev, reporting from inside Madaya:

-“More on :  military sent 42 tons of food there on 27 november. All of it was seized by Islamist rebels; the are reselling aid”

-“#madaya civilians say rebels charged 100,000 SP ($250) for kilogram of rice”

-“Many #madaya civilians weeping for joy at finally leaving this place. Say #ISIS in town, fight together with rebels”

-“Fleeing #madaya civilians blame rebels for cruelty, theft..”

Note the price of the rice: $250 per kilogram. Between the stolen oil and the stolen food, sounds like the terrorists have a good racket going.

It is not a good idea to place too much faith in the mainstream media these days. In fact, if the mainstream media tell you the sky is blue, you’d better check outside for yourself just to be sure.

3 thoughts on “Madaya Starvation Story is Quite a Scam

  1. The UN’s up to something or maybe just responding to their Master’s call to squawk about Syria and Assad, because they sure were oblivious to the misery in Syria for he last four years.

    No president or even dictator could fight a four year+ battle against invaders wanting to topple him if that leader was hated as much as the Jew MSM tries to portray Assad. He’d been assassinated a long time ago by his own people, but the usual suspects in the MSM tend to ignore that fact.

  2. Assad is extremely popular with the Syrian people. Since the conflict began, not only has the Army stayed loyal to him, but thousands of civilians have volunteered to serve in the National Defense Forces. This is why the country has survived.

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