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Israeli ‘Lawfare’ Firm Loses BDS Case in front of National Labor Board

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[Ed. note – I’ve been saying for a while now that those trying to shut down the BDS movement are essentially waging a war against the First Amendment. Now it seems that a major labor union, the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America–and apparently even the National Labor Relations Board as well–agree with me. This is good news, not least because the ruling went against the litigious Israeli “lawfare” firm Shurat HaDin. ]

Middle East Monitor

An Israeli law firm with links to Mossad has lost a case it brought against the United Electrical, Radio and Machine Workers of America (UE), after the trade union endorsed the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement at its national convention in August 2015.

A report on the UE website states that, on January 12, the National Labor Relations Board dismissed an unfair labour practice charge brought by Shurat HaDin. UE, an independent union representing some 35,000 workers in a manufacturing, public sector and private non-profit sector jobs, was the first national US union to endorse BDS.

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7 thoughts on “Israeli ‘Lawfare’ Firm Loses BDS Case in front of National Labor Board

  1. More ammo for those trying to kill off all union activity in the USA. About 10% of American workers belong to unions and even that figure is too high for many multi-billionaires.

    This ought to get the COCK Brothers really PO in their never-ending quest to kill unions.

  2. I think the Koch brothers can bide their time until a Republican takes office next January. Or Hillary Clinton either one. She’d probably do just as well for them.

  3. This is interesting on DBS and the truth in general: https://www.knesset.gov.il/spokesman/eng/PR_eng.asp?PRID=11900
    ”Students who are exposed to this activity will be the next generation`s senators, and therein lies the great danger in the long term. In its report, the American Anthropological Association referred to us as universities of apartheid and decided to conduct a survey on whether the Israeli academia should be boycotted. We have to reach all 12,000 members of the Association. It is a symptom, and if we do not act now, it will spread. There must be one entity that will concentrate all the efforts related to this issue,” he said.

    Prof. Zvi Ziegler told the committee that there is a ”concealed boycott among members of the academia. It is still beneath the surface because they think it is not legitimate. We are unable to stop anyone with our meager resources. I am very concerned about the future.”

  4. Thanks for sharing this, Hevena. It’s actually quite fascinating. Israel vs. the World. Dismantling the settlements and making peace with the Palestinians never seems to enter their heads.

  5. $20 is too cheap. If he was genuinely sorry he would have at least given the guy a hundred. The homeless man was forgiving. It seems like all the Jewish guy cared about was trying to buy back his “good name” at the lowest price possible.

  6. I think it is bigger than israel vs the world, I think it is the jews vs humanity and the Palestinians are only one small part of the play.

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