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Israel Destroys 23 Homes in Two Villages, Leaving Children Homeless

“Israel Just Did Something Appalling, And Likely To Create New Palestinian extremists…”

So reads the subhead above an article here concerning the most recent Israeli home demolition operation. The Jewish state has reportedly demolished a total of 23 homes in two villages, Jenbah and Halawah, both located in the southernmost part of the West Bank, south of Hebron.

Some of the homes were more than a hundred years old, but Israel has declared the area a restricted military zone, and so I guess that’s that.

The article linked to above includes the following:

“Israeli media report that children were seen digging in rubble for their toys after the operation.”

Some of the buildings torn down were funded by the EU. The Guardian and the EU Observer have also published reports on the demolitions. According to the Guardian story:

The demolitions, one of the most significant in recent memory, occurred in a controversial Israeli-designated military area known as Firing Zone 918, which comprises approximately 115 square miles (300 sq km) and was declared restricted by the Israelis in the 1970s.

The action came despite a long-running and internationally high-profile campaign to protect the eight villages in the zone, including a petition signed by some of the world’s most famous authors.

Human rights groups have repeatedly challenged Israel’s claim to the land, arguing it is illegal to establish a military zone in occupied territory. Tuesday’s demolitions were described by the Israeli veterans group Breaking the Silence – which has long supported the villages – as one of the biggest demolitions in the past decade.

Perhaps senators such as Tom Cotton, in the unlikely event they get asked to comment on this, will tell us Israel was just defending itself. In addition to introducing a bill to end the labeling of products from Israeli settlements, Cotton also reportedly received nearly one million dollars to oppose the Iran deal.

One thought on “Israel Destroys 23 Homes in Two Villages, Leaving Children Homeless

  1. During Protective Edge I dreamed , in the dream an observer : A group of young boy-men were donning military gear to go into Gaza . They were full of cocky readiness . A Rabbi was among them and said to individuals and to the group , ” If you commit a crime , you are innocent ” . A commanding officer voiced his agreement .

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