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Report: Zika Virus Available for Sale on the Internet

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Throw a party and poison the cheese dip?

[Ed. note – Care to purchase an actual, replicating, infectious specimen of the Zika virus? According to the report below, there’s a way to do that: simply order it online. ]

By John Vibes

Recent outbreaks of a sickness known as the Zika virus have sparked hysteria across the globe, and many reports have actually indicated that this is likely a man-made disaster, as the origin of Zika itself is somewhat strange.

The virus was “discovered” in 1947, however, it was not discovered in the wild nor did it spontaneously arise. In fact, it was discovered by Rockefeller Foundation scientists in a monkey that they had in captivity, leading many to believe that this was the result of some type of experiment. Since then, cases of Zika have been extremely rare, but in the past few years, outbreaks of Zika have been on the rise, especially in South America and specifically Brazil.

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Brazil has been all along the epicenter of the Zika outbreak, but according to a report published today at NPR, there may also be a large number of cases now in Venezuela. A few things need to be said about that report, however, before you go jumping to any conclusions. First of all, it seems to have been written with a clear bias against the Venezuelan government. Secondly, the source NPR relies upon for every bit of the information presented in the report clearly is a government opponent, so let’s assume his estimate of 400,000 Zika cases is grossly over exaggerated for propaganda purposes. Perhaps the number is closer to a half or a third that much. That would still be a lot of cases for such a small country.

The US has interfered in the internal affairs of  Venezuela and Brazil by supporting opposition parties and candidates in both countries–in apparent bids to effect regime change. And now both are being hit hard by the Zika outbreak. Is it just a coincidence? Recently a Russian MP suggested that the US may somehow have been the cause of a flu epidemic currently sweeping Ukraine and parts of Russia. It was only one parliament member sounding off, and the accusation is not, at least as of yet, the official position of the Russian government, but all of it does underscore the extremely chilly relations now existing between the US and Russia as well as between the US and a number of other key countries, including Brazil and Venezuela.

When John Vibes, the author of the report above, says Zika may have been a “man-made disaster,” that doesn’t necessarily mean it was a deliberate biological attack. It could, as I noted in a recent post, simply have been a genetic engineering experiment gone awry.  But one thing is for sure: unlike the initiators of nuclear wars, the initiators of biological wars are extremely hard to trace. And as long as the US continues going to great lengths to try and overthrow governments it doesn’t like, the more it will come under toxic suspicions of this nature. We need to get out of the regime-change business. Unfortunately, the presidential election later this year is not likely to produce anyone with the coherence and sanity necessary to grasp that.

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