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5 thoughts on “The Dirty Game: Imported Mercenaries

  1. Jordan must be the terrorist training capitol of the NWO. In the morning, they’d teach them how to shout ‘Allahu Akbar’ in a menacing way, along with grooming tips on how to look threatening.
    In the afternoon, it’s off to the shooting ranges, grenade pits and how to build an IED.

    Big bonus, Israel gets to portray Palestinians to be like the CIA/MI6 trained thugs so the next time Israel goes on another blood soaked rampage in Gaza, the world will cheer approvingly instead of hissing.

  2. Richard –
    I found this video to be nothing more than scapegoating.
    The UN estimates that around 15,000 fighters have come from around the world to join ISIS, most of whom trickled-in late in the 4 year conflict. And their numbers are declining.
    The established ISIS forces are all Arabs from around the region and current estimates are close to 100,000 fighters.
    For those Imams to blame ‘foreigners’ for committing most of the atrocities is faintly ridiculous.
    It’s an Arab civil war, but they don’t want to admit it.
    Arab fighting Arab has been going on for centuries, and yes, Israel is taking full advantage of this disunity by fanning the flames of war. It’s all in the interests of a ‘greater’ Israel in the long run. This is the main reason that Daesh have left Israel alone: They don’t want to give it a pretext to grab even more territory.

  3. I don’t know if I would call it scapegoating or not, and I definitely don’t see what’s going on in Syria as a civil war, or at least not a “Syrian Civil War” (although the term you use, “Arab Civil War” might be more accurate). This is a war in which countries other than Syria, including the US, have funded terrorist proxies to fight in their behalf. How many of these recruits are coming from outside the Middle East would be hard to say, and I’m not sure we can trust UN estimates, but it has been pretty well documented that there are people fighting with ISIS who have come from the UK, Australia and a variety of other countries.

  4. bernard, you comment as if you know something.
    but that is the way with state propagandists and cubicle jews collecting shekels from the benyammerin nuthinyahoo

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